Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alexis Rotella


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Alexis Rotella

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"Purple" by Alexis Rotella

In the first grade Mrs. Lohr
said my purple teepee
wasn't realistic enough,
that purple was no color
for a tent,
that purple was a color
for people who died,
that my drawing wasn't
good enough
to hang with the others.

I walked back to my seat
counting the swish swish swishes
of my baggy corduroy trousers.
With a black crayon
night fall came
to my purple tent
in the middle
of an afternoon.

In second grade Mr. Barta
said draw anything;
he didn't care what.

I left my paper blank
and when he came around
to my desk
my heart beat like a tom tom.
He touched my head
with his big hand
and in a soft voice said
the snowfall
how clean and white and beautiful.


After writing to each other / for thirteen years / we meet at a cafe / so disappointed you were / to see the grass stain on my jeans #kyoka

@mamasanta: Heavenly blue morning-glories / and this sky / that goes on forever-- / I could sit here in silence / for the rest of my life #tanka

@mamasanta: My 70 year old husband / his new young boss / says she's going to / whip him into shape / what would the Dali Lama say? #kyoka

@mamasanta: Her son tells her / he's gay--/ all the baby clothes / she kept in a drawer / dropped off at Good Will. #kyoka #tanka

@mamasanta: Like old mother Hubbard / I go to the cupboard / one can of sardines / and a slice of stale bread / not even the ants are interested #kyoka

@mamasanta: changing my mood / from complacency to gloom / a stranger's perfume #senryu

@mamasanta: Why cry? / no one hears / the angels / are too busy / playing their harps #kyoka #tanka

@mamasanta: Always ready / to get up and go / my Mother / who lives / in her coat. #kyoka

@mamasanta: Free advice / only the wind / takes it #senryu

@mamasanta: This head cold / has lasted too long / I clean out drawers / throw out junk / hoping this will unblock my ears #kyoka

@mamasanta: a mattress of herbs / from our garden / and lint from the dryer / finally someone has moved in / to the bluebird house #tanka

@mamasanta: Another night / lying in bed /listening to / the poetry / in my head. #kyoka #tanka

@mamasanta: A beautiful woman / dips her toes / into the water/ as the swans glide toward her / as if on ice. #tanka

@mamasanta: The velvet chairs / in Starbucks / burgundy and gold / waiting for an old friend / who simply forgot. #tanka #kyoka