Sunday, September 13, 2009



@hannahsforcina: She stands on soft sand, / balancing on his sweet words / as the tide rolls in. #haiku

@ChainOfWords: The soft grayness descends/ the heavy winged clouds descend/ starlings fall silent #haiku

@carltonhalpert: The demagogue roared // "foreward!" "no, you mean onward." // said the pedagogue. #haiku #haikuchallenge

@alotus_poetry: one-year anniversary / of Hurricane Ike / my excuse / to drown myself in sangrias / and grief #tanka

@wqueens7: - Opportunities,/ Primary or ultimate/ Come at strange times/ #haiku

@Adamfyre: Love makes eye contact ~ Forever sees forever ~ In pupil's blackness.. #haiku #senryu

@haikunut: The haiku taunts me, / waiting in smug nowness for / me to stop trying. #haiku

@Adamfyre: In the eyes of God ~ This lifetime is but a blink ~ I am an eyelash... :) #haiku #senryu

@BurningHawk1969: Rainy Sunday nights / Make me miss you, long for you/ Though we've never met. #haiku

@Adamfyre: In your smiling eyes ~ All the world is reflected ~ Smiling back at you #haiku #senryu

@ChainOfWords: This first night promises/ rain laden clouds and cold breezes/ one extra blanket #haiku

@morganabag: cricket / chirping in the corner / conjurs the night inside #haiku

@urbancrafter: I am in love with / everything and everyone; / my infinite heart. #haiku

@haikugirlOz: i melt into you / molecules transform - we part / with super powers... #haiku #transformation #superpowers

@ChainOfWords: Egg white omelet/a fresh sliced tomato/the promise of rain #haiku

@urbancrafter: Let us meet out there / where the walls are torn down / and we are open. #haiku

@urbancrafter: I'm just another / soul on this journey called life, / tattered and torn too. #haiku #senryu

@ChainOfWords: Sky heavy with rain/ sound of plastic wheels outside/ the end of summer #haiku

@poeticmindset: Love in glass bottles / for sale in the antique store / untouched on the shelf #senryu #poetry

@wqueens7: sky over the courthouse. Skies over courthouse/ Are open and free of rules/ Unlike the tenants/ #haiku (pic)

@Jemfyr: Tinky piano / petal perimeter path / ivory trail of love /// #haiku

Tetsubishi: Already withered / when all around it are green - / I wonder which way / that old oak tree will fall / and what it will take with it? #tanka

@aflow: golden-glowing clouds/dissipate over mountains/fresh, clean sea breezes #haiku

@Yojinbo: Seeds of injustice / Grow best in the quiet shade / Of a fearful heart. #haiku //Here's the haiku i composed for the protest//

@Tobuno: I rather stay in bed/ dreaming about dreamer deaming/ than being the dream itself. #haiku (re to @ruinedXfinery)

@lswriter: Same black and white cat / stalks along the winding path / ears and tail just so #haiku

@studio_gal: #haiku the passing of time: / once-treasured kitchen towels / now laundry room rags.

@wdnwtw: Organized, focused / constant hum of window fans / and chickens. Whirl. Scratch. #experimonth #haiku

@Christwitery: Indigo lining / the widening horizon / Adelaide morning /// #haiku

@Tobuno: God thinks I exist/ how existentialist of him?/ somebody wake him up! #haiku

@juanlumora: verbo callado / amor en plena muerte / luz de una vela (verb silent / love in the middle of death / candlelight) #haiku #poema

@Christwitery: Re-reading your words / over and over again / blue crinkled paper /// #haiku #haikutherapy

@dgdreamin: Afternoon snack time / a big red fuji apple / so crunchy and sweet #Haiku

@wqueens7: Women I crush on/ Never find me attractive/ (Except for my wife)/ #haiku

@Tetsubishi: Sometimes my thumb strays / to twist the absent ring / that was my shackle - / no trace remains on my hand / but my soul is callused #tanka

@mehtoole: double desire ~ madness mere moments after ~ sexy seconds ago #haiku #kaihu

@CharlieClose: dog day / a chain collar clinks / on the water dish #haiku #vss

@thaleia: When my sun rises / you can see the stars shining / apart together #haiku

@slimvolumes: #poem #haiku - the green chair absorbs / perfectly my shape and weight / now my mind can drift -

@JiminAlaska: Behind blue-green spruce/Touch of yellow peeking through/The birch's swansong. #haiku

@ChainOfWords: Breeze bordering cold/ simple day passing quietly/ the secrets of life #haiku

@dengary: when true lovers love,/ their flames defeat the night/ but if one is false/ the fire of base passion/ creates more heat than light | #tanka

@concisionflux: Petals On The Ground: / garden cascade / carried through tattered colours / blossoms the iris / #haiku /

@justkel: Baby, you call this-/a Relationship? no... it's/a convenience store #Haiku #Senryu #twitterdating

@twitwrit: demagogue stirs hope / "Our 'rents know squat! Pizza rules!" / "Sit down. Eat your peas." #haiku #senryu #haikuchallenge 'demagogue' #teens

@DavidLeeK: dandelion seeds/scatter at my foot's nudging/and quickly vanish/once I was bursting with hopes/how quickly the years have flown #tanka

@justkel: Glints of diamond shards /pierce my heart, too small to bleed / too many not to feel #Haiku

@morganabag: labrador / howling / clutch my racing heart #haiku #senryu

@gennepher: 10am - Spider waits / Motionless in web all day / 5pm - no victim. #haiku

@weshagen: Fog hangs low upon/Golden hills like ghost fingers / seeking Pacific. #harvest09 #haiku #poetry

@mzzlee: wings all a flutter :: the children swarm back to school ::learning as nectar #haikutherapy #haiku *wings all a flutter*

@wqueens7: - Saturday ev'ning/ Park-bench sunday morning nap/ Pause that refreshes/ #haiku

@JiminAlaska: Ice on the puddles/ Yellow leaves on the birch trees/ Cranes flown, to Japan #haiku

@wannahaiku: she steps in water-to feel her haiku, to write-her whole world in print #haiku

@urbancrafter: I count my life by / the steady beating of my / heart, in time with yours. #haiku

@KrisLindbeck: Waning moon light / silvering my pillow / Breathing deeply / drifting, wondering / why I ache on this soft bed |#tankachallenge light #tanka

@Etsujin_Haiku: The rain keeps falling / and the dirt has turned to mud / the worms are swimming #haiku

@tiny_epic: Tiny little cake/ eyed with curiosity/ smashed with eager hands! #haiku for my sweet nephew who turns 1 today ;)

@verycosmic: lavender sunrise // moody Sunday clouds rest on // indigo mountains. #haiku #poem #poetry #micropoetry #arizonasunrise #tucsonsunrise #color

@haikugirlOz: heavy mangos fall / tanned feet hang over the pier / white pointer sighted #haiku #summer

@bonshaiku: Ices floes of blood :: bludgeoning baby harp seals :: mammal atrocity. #haiku

@poeticmindset: hang the clothes to dry / scrub the floor on hands and knees / sweep hearts beneath rug #senryu #poetry

@my_haiku: Cloud cannons firing, mountain the antagonist, then hidden from view (Peach) #haiku #tanka

@bpende: Some days you wonder / if the butterflies were real. / Was it all a dream? #haiku

@SirWumpus: sunny silence / shines through the window / solitude #haiku

@wqueens7: - Every noplace/ Happens under deity's sky/ We just have to look/ #haiku

@wqueens7: - Flat like a fossil/ A recently flying bird/ Caught in no-where Queens/ #haiku

@wqueens7: - "Can't go to Zion/ With your M-Sixteen" he sang/ Prophetically/ #haiku

@edoowado: daring earthworm went / emulating the rooster / and he flew away #haiku

@misteranono: you'll still be waiting - for the light of prophecy - that won't come from here (at least I'm honest #haiku)

@FLWine: My tiny airplane, flying through the morning clouds, is my Subaru. #haiku

@Christwitery: Piping shrikes diving / from their perilous perches / swift flashes of light /// #haiku

@Christwitery: Icy smiles / cut / deep /// #haiku

@kaolinfire: whatever you think / there is another with you / thinking just the same ## #senryu #poem

@Christwitery: Far away glances / reflected in your tear drops / like stars on a pond /// #haiku

@mehtoole: 2 sides 2 everything ~ 1 side soft 2nd side sting ~ dirt or diamond ring #haiku #kaihu

@lastsurvivor: Full moon at midnight / Waiting for a guest at graveyard / Boy practices sprinting #haiku

@sevenlives: Overcast sky / no rain / sound of thunder .. #haiku

@flimonitter: A snake of an ache / slithering casually / into my tired head #haiku #poetry