Thursday, September 3, 2009



@piecemealmage: a bird, - wings held close, may find warmth - but never flight #haiku

@Bill312: cricket lullaby -- / cicada soprano makes her shrill debut #haiku

@tellitquick: each word colors the / perception of you - we are / truest in silence #haiku

@Adamfyre: Because I love you / your smallest thoughtless gesture / is the hand of God. #haiku

@urbancrafter: I go to the sea / to feed it my salty tears, / one more little drop. #haiku

@urbancrafter: every time you / break my heart, I glue it back / together stronger. #haiku

@simonscotland: As I looked backwards / I did not pay attention / to the road ahead #haiku (with thanks to @innocentsmith)

@poetwist: ~ ~ beneath wet petals / scent of rain follows thunder / feathered farmers sow ~ ~ #poetwist #haiku

@Etsujin_Haiku: Women of the world / I bow down to your power / you authors of life #haiku

@urbancrafter: If today is black / and you see no hope for light / reach and feel your way. #haiku

@tydalforce: #traffic #haiku A long two lane road. One slow driver in each lane. Nobody can pass.

@jenni_jackson: In a pool of light / an avalanche of music / spills from his guitar #haiku #jazz

@urbancrafter: I float on my back / and let the current take me / where it wants to go. #haiku

@franscud: Taxed computer fan / choked by age and dust, labors / with more clunk than whir /// #haiku

@morganabag: dark morning / my dog oversleeps / no birds call #haiku

@opprecht: broccoli bolting ~ I move in to make the cull ~ but the bees love it #haiku

@poeticmindset: Her stars become my / Tomorrow after sunset / Beyond horizon #haiku #poetry

@urbancrafter: I went to the woods / to listen to the secrets / only nature tells. #haiku

@Adamfyre: Oh beautiful you / I thought I smelled you just now / wide awake dreaming.. #haiku

@mehtoole: :::: soulmate mindmeld stew ▫ heart salad fourstar review ▫ love dinner for two ▫ ::::: #haiku

@carltonhalpert: The reign of lizards // extinguished by a profuse // rain of asteroids. #haiku #poetwist #haikuchallenge

@KrisLindbeck: Shiny gold sandals / a Dunkin Donuts bag / her umbrella | #haiku #senryu

@hermonhermit: lifting a tent / full of ideas / september wind #haiku #dolectures @dolectures

@alotus_poetry: morning alarm / a crow caws / piercing my dreams #haiku #senryu

@Adamfyre: All I wanna do / is to sit on my little / butt and write haiku. #haiku

@SoVoillot: Au bord d'un ravin / la sauge et la verge d'or / poussent entre les rails (At the edge of a ravine / sage and goldenrod / grow between the rails) #haiku

@monkeybrew: leaving work early / sitting a top the dumpster / a murder of crows #haiku #poetry

@thaleia: I have one more day / I want to spend it looking / at you and me: us #haiku

@piecemealmage: maple tree - leaves lit by morning sun - stirring shadows #haiku

@onlyhaiku: The slamming of doors. / Someone's been betrayed and they / want you to know it. #haiku

@DougCrowell: Hey arecibo!/ you keep me waiting too long/ I'm warning you now. #haiku

@simonscotland: Clydesdale horse in field / dwarfing other equines there / a gentle giant #haiku

@TheGrinningFool: guitar solo twists / winds and twines throughout my mind / "jimmy? oh jimmy!" #haiku

@JustGer: Cat has good new home / a new sister will greet him / fur will likely fly #haiku

@Lawrencejiko: Birds chirp/ @cats and @dogs / Rain. Fall #haiku

@DigitalSalon: single blade of grass / poking through the gray concrete / awaits another #twaiku #haiku

@haicai24horas: Quinta caiu | Caqui | no quintal. (Thursday fell | Persimmon | backyard.) #haiku

@hedwyg: grey, dreary day; will / we have thunderstorms today? / blow! rain! flash! boom! yay! // #haiku

@duffybatzer: Dog puke on the bed/ cat vomit in the hallway/ Good morning to me #haiku

@Christwitery: A full moon rises / through cloudy southern heavens / mirrored in puddles /// #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "In that other place - mirrored in puddles ... sparrows in the rain." - #haiku #poetry

@exp123: chasing clouds/at icy altitudes/waiting for the light #haiku

@eemalevanah: a romp after rain :: creates muddy collage of :: decorative paw prints #haiku #furbabies

@mouseofzen: ºoº cobble stone courtyard | its serenity welcomes | viking ships returned ºoº мσυѕє σƒ zєη #haiku #disney

@dahliapkitten: Minicat haiku: autumn days approach / snuggle time is drawing near / feline paradise #haiku

@Dr_Wes: discouraged morning/ reading sincere profuse praise / weary wes restored #haikuchallenge #haiku #psyku

@kkish: Tail slapping the floor, / my dog reaches up to me. / We say "Good morning." #haiku

@eemalevanah: searching photographs :: chasing after memories :: of forgotten faces #haikutherapy #haiku @Dr_Wes

@AshiAkira: Hot tea in the cool/ of a calm autumn evening/ What more do I want? #haiku #Zen

@Christwitery: A thousand rainbows / each reflecting weeping sky / and dreams of summer /// #haiku

@wqueens7: this last summer week/ hangs by a thread to this warmth/ that has grown so old/ #haiku #do-over

@ErinTrix: sunrise with cricket / song and a lovely book 'neath / blue snuggle blanket #experimonth #haiku

@omewan: friction between us / those still rugs burn deep / carpet diem #leeku #haiku

@wqueens7: who starts out to be/ a dirty old man's desires?/ (world gives her no choice)/ #haiku #senryu

@Christwitery: English teacher said / may metaphors be with you / you can move mountains /// #haiku #metaphor @poeticmindset

@AnthonySouls: Kissing up arm like / playing 'cross piano keys / notes written on skin #haiku #poem #poetry #poems

@wqueens7: I saw dawn arrive/ Through the broken cameraphone/ My children lent me/ #haiku

@pablodf76: Luces de sodio / Hay charcos en la calle / Retorna el alba - #haiku para los que tuvimos que salir temprano a la calle. Buen día! (Sodium Lights / There are puddles in the street / Returns the dawn - # haiku for those who had to leave early to the street. Good day!)

@verycosmic: heavy summer air // weighs on each strand of my hair // and pulls me down, still. #haiku #poem #poetry #goodnight

@Christwitery: Silver moon dances / across a southern dance floor / stars all pirouette /// #haiku

@Christwitery: Litter hides in sand / like a trove of buried treasure / hungry seagulls dance /// #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "He, just he - only now, he alone ... is the night passing." - #haiku #poetry

@alotus_poetry: same color / sky and water / in Vietnam #haiku #senryu

@DigitalSalon: slender dusk window / dividing the day from night / perfect clairity #twaiku #haiku

@Pookandgrace: Laughter filled playground / truth, I really miss this sound / when the school bell calls #haikuwordgame. #haiku

@wqueens7: Pools, at season's end/ Have a desperate sorrow/ Hiding 'neath blue skies/ #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Nature abhors a // vacuum. This makes vacuum sad. // Nature is sorry. #haiku

@Jemfyr: Crystal, rock sugar / blush lips you will never kiss / lighted candle, melt /// #poetwist #haiku

@KrisLindbeck A pillar of lightning / inscribes the evening sky /Doves flying home #haiku