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"The Dragonfly Archives!"

The Dragonfly Collection is now "The Dragonfly Archives!"

I have a new format which makes the haiku much easier to read, and also
gives them in chronological order with dates at times attached. I have found
a much better way to hunt them, using an advanced Twitter search which
makes it much easier to find and copy.

I hope you enjoy the new format, and I hope to do a much better job
of archiving the dragonflies on Twitter. Thanks for supporting my
blog and for supporting haiku and poetry on Twitter.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009



@andy_lamb: I pass sleeping trees / Orange lamps against deep blue / poisoning the sky #haiku

@hungrydragon: Monsters, beasts and things /Scary, hairy, big sharp teeth - /Unleash inner wild. #haiku

@bluenettle: wide awake / on a December morning -/ far away traffic #haiku

@CaroCrow: Sometimes I forget ~ why goddesses seldom love ~ mortals are so frail. #haiku

@TranscendInside: The truth whispers at us when we are with others / It shouts at us when we are alone / It brings us peace when we accept it #Haiku

@Spiderdruid: moon and stars appear / bringing colder feel to dawn / beautiful sunrise awaits #haiku #micropoetry

@omewan: simple, yet hard to learn / love is a way of life / be it, and then share it #haiku #lowku

@Adamfyre: Monk sits silently ~ listening to the sound of ~ one raindrop falling. #haiku #raindrop

@Adamfyre: A butterfly dreams ~ metamorphosing in the ~ cocoon of her mind. #haiku #butterfly

@pita4l: last brown leaf / silent whiz falls around / black frost road // #haiku #sunryu #wind

@TuNguy3n: we are for the world / as if the world longs to belong / to be one with all #haiku

@pita4l: Honey mango lips / frost hands meet inside / of empty pocket // #haiku #senryu ♡walk #fraglit

@Karstan: pry with your metal/ interfere with your meddle/suck on my mettle #haiku

@lippy73: Cats playing ping-pong / batting round the haiku words / lost under sofa!#haiku @Alismcg

@LesleyDewar: My love I grant you ~~ in fee simple absolute ~~ bequeath as you choose #haiku #haikuchallenge *fee

@MeeAugraphie: Fingers curled, eyes shut ~ spent after vocal entry ~ ying and yang of birth #haiku

@rdwyer: An initial gasp \ Leads to a moan - then I know \ That the cake is good #haiku

@JDProuty: Haiku come as kits ~ some assembly is required ~ build them in your mind #haiku

@omewan: interdependence / leaning on others for once / letting them feel good #haiku #lowku #surrenderedego

@TaoWizard: Echo through valley, Ancients come to you and speak, Though you hear them not #haiku

@Lawrencejiko: "- Daffodils - on the window-sill, swaying -'lovely', she says." - — #haiku #poetry

@Lawrencejiko: "mist..- out of the cathedral ruins - a horse ..tumbling.... - this blanche, this alabaster night ." - — #haiku

@lippy73: Three sure things in life / death, taxes, and a cat's purr / only the last counts #haiku

@wqueens7 - The cemetery says:/ "No Trespassing" with no way/ Of keeping me out/ #haiku

@haiku_andy: Daily Haiku - \\ making snow angels \ blue jeans crusted like bread dough \ kids laughing -- worth it \\ #haiku

@ten_ten_ten: i suck at haiku / 'tis true, and with else i do / i suck at that, too #haiku

@chaosincolor: Cradle in my arms. A tiny box of ashes. One more sad goodbye. #cat #haiku

@KrisLindbeck: Vacant lot egret / walking head forward head back / watching me | #haiku

@KrisLindbeck: Christmas iguana / scuttles across the street / with a red palm fruit | #haiku

@Jemfyr: Pull yourself together~ after they have torn you apart // #micropoetry

@heavypennies: Wrought with gravity, each step fills an eternity, socks full of lovely #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Suicidal squid // inked a tearful farewell note // swam onto the land. #haiku #senryu

@fox2go: #haikuchallenge #haiku A fee-ble old man; enjoyed his daily tai chi; fearless of the fees

@N8SRE: The Sounder train stops / Smells of hot brakes & diesel / I am nearly home. #haiku

@Jemfyr: Running barefooted / through bramble bushes to you / leaves a bloody trail /// #haiku

@Jemfyr: Do you have enough paint in your heart to color your soul? // #micropoetry #Jemjots

@Miridunn: On a Lotus Leaf ~ floating through the Stream of Life ~ my Little Buddha (expand) #haiku @rastAsia

@Bill312: this tea pot... / drawing the curve / of the hidden circle | #haiku #senryu

@carltonhalpert: Sarah won't like my // Alaskan Vegan Diner // it's called 'Nome Chompsky'. #haiku #senryu #palin

@Miridunn: ~You move over me ~ the flesh beneath you quickens ~ all within me stirs ~ #haiku #hatiku

@heavypennies: Imagine you're a tree, roots as deep as your head high, spherical being #haiku

@apemanb: i am left liquid/ 'cos you give me the vapours/ i am solid gone #senryu

@chinakatz: Winter blues » the cardinal stayed » to keep me company. #haiku #poetry #micropoetry

@Miridunn: ~ You are the Mountain ~ that I wish to climb atop ~ look down at the view ~ #hatiku #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Nature's solution // to the problem of people // wait, and keep waiting. #climateku #haiku #Copenhagen

@apemanb: our hearts beat...Us...Us/ twenty fingers travelling/ Our ten senses dance #haiku

@apemanb: headless floating swans/ seeking their own wings comfort/ carry me with you #haiku

@kujakupoet: that stone /amid the water weeds / left on the beach / was once the heart / of a sailor #tanka

@Christwitery: Tiny grass hopper / why do you make so much noise / singing your love songs /// #haiku #Adelaide

@kujakupoet: the wind sings /a threnody in the / harp-strung rigging; / dead mariners / rise in answer #tanka

@kujakupoet: the shattered bones /of old loves / haunt / the sea that / surrenders all #tanka

@kujakupoet: the sweep of / the revolving door / brushes souls / in and out / spinning into nothingness #tanka

@kujakupoet: broken shells /washed onto a muddy beach / by cold waves— / I see this in the eyes / of everyone I meet #tanka

@carltonhalpert: At a glacial pace // we talked and talked until there // were no more glaciers. #haiku #climateku #Copenhagen

@kujakupoet: the red-tailed hawk /sitting on my wrist / weighs hardly anything, / but she will never / fly again #tanka

@kujakupoet: veterans whisper /at his grave, / telling him / what they cannot tell / the living #tanka -- RIP Josh

@kujakupoet: Pearl Harbor Day . . . / The Japanese-American student / stares at the enemy / who looks like / his father #tanka

@AshiAkira: Mt. Fuji in clear sky/ The snow cap against the blue/ high and far away #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@kujakupoet: his heart / is a skeleton key / that unlocks doors / that should never / be opened #tanka

@carltonhalpert: Inflammatory // counting error driving me // syllaballistic! #haiku #sixwords #sixwordhaiku #makeupaword

@Miridunn: My heart has no secrets ~ I wear you all around me ~ as close as my skin ~ #hatiku #haiku

@Miridunn: ~ Rain, hard above me ~ I am with you, listening ~ soft dance on the roof #hatiku #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Let's not worry that // money doesn't grow on trees // when so much else does. #haiku #climateku #senryu

@morganabag: hate to leave / the fairy mountain / wandering home #haiku #poetweet

@morganabag: this time / between seasons /ghosts knocking / on the door #micropoetry #poetweet

@carltonhalpert: We laughed and tore down // the Earth's fragile armaments // then wept as we drowned. #haiku #climateku #poetwist #Copenhagen

@gustoblusto: I just made rumballs // recipe says don't eat for // twenty-four hours. Ha! #haiku

@gardenbuddha: Pixie-like, I sit // hidden from view, dreaming in // my secret garden #haiku

@apemanb: only love only/ as simple as simple as/ only love only #haiku #senryu

@gustoblusto: I talked of haiku // she said "I hate all things Asian" // end of discussion #haiku

@Miridunn: The arch in my back ~ tells you what you need to know~ my lips are ready ~ #hatiku #haiku

@JDProuty: Well's drying up now ~ but rain falls under the trees ~ Foggy on Joy Road #haiku

@Jemfyr: Poppy-seeded wine / your sedated mouth kissed mine / drifting off to sleep /// #haiku

@TranscendInside: People suffer in small rooms/The monitor lights their faces/Wishing they weren't so shy #Haiku

@BurningHawk1969: Tired, streched, cast off; / Where do all old #haiku go? ... Metaphor heaven? (metafive?)...

@stitchsarah: a new kind of mood / sidestep all things negative / amputates my mind #twaiku #haiku

@tinkhanson: The dripping faucet / is out of phase with the clock / Why am I awake?? #haiku #gnight

@chaosincolor: Spotling got a bath. In return, she shared her wrath. Do not bathe a cat. #haiku

@MissBusa: Hearty survivor ~ flower grows on mountain's peak ~ fragile appearance. #haiku #MissBusaHT

@MeeAugraphie: Hurt within others ~ choked back possibilities ~ must never spew real #haiku

@Mysterylovelove: Buddha came to me/ last night in my web of dreams/ woke me from my sleep/ took this heart inside my chest/ put it back within his own #tanka

@lippy73: I envy your tears / that trace the shape of your face / and feel your hand's touch #senryu

@TryinOnANewLife: tinsel shimmering / reflecting tiny white lights / simple, breathtaking. #haiku

@poetspirit: Michaelangelo / praised God with his art so much, / that Christians praise God // #haiku #Christian #art #masterpiece

@wqueens7: Santa's in rehab/ Kicking that consumer thing/ Next year: religion/ #haiku

@MeeAugraphie: fetal curl ~ good memories short circuited #micropoetry

@MeeAugraphie: ice melted in glass ~ tear drops rain onto table ~ condensation pools #haiku

@Jemfyr: Love wafting on wind / whispering garden within / as my petals fall /// #haiku

@Jemfyr: Silent people scream / upon wishful thinking dreams / where your nightmare lives /// #haiku

@Purrfull: Sun bursts through the clouds ~ God's light is kissing the Earth ~ I am kissing God. #senryu @senryunectar

@wqueens7: Alternately high/ And sub-atomic I feel/ My moods oscillate/ #haiku

@Jemfyr: Some change and recharge / their soul batteries, other / zebras remain same /// #haiku

@TaoWizard: #haiku Feeling, not thinking, I walk beneath the moonlight, Making my way home

@oshum: Rumpled sheets steaming ~ heat has caught them by surprise ~ lovers feel no cold. #haiku

@voodoo_dollie: As sadness creeps in// And winters' chill clings to me// I long for your touch. #haiku #loneliness

@rdwyer: Drug deals and hookers / This McDonald's is crazy / I just want some fries #haiku

@senryunectar: He's not supposed to ~ be here, but his lopsided ~ grin, grants him entry #senryu

@Pookandgrace: Stark trees, fading light / counting calendar pages / until hope springs #haikuwordgame #haiku

@simonscotland: The song in my heart / has wonderful melody / because you are here #haiku

@0355user: There's other colors / Waiting at dragonfly pond / I'll come later on #haiku

@Tetsubishi: those who fear the sea / see only the jagged teeth / in the dolphin's smile #haiku (riff on @apemanb's wave #poetry)

@jannagae: #haiku #haikutherapy Chesnut, lanky, horned ~ graceful dance across the road ~ buck leaped to safety

@haikudiaries: Acid rain is God / Crying because gay people / Are getting married. #haiku #palinscience

@carltonhalpert: The planets' orbits // must fluctuate slightly to // avoid the angels. #haiku #palinscience

@carltonhalpert: Uncle Sammy-Jane // has his own theory of // relativity. #haiku #palinscience

@AshiAkira: Three sparrows on roof/ Waiting for me deceptive/ Door opened flew away #senryu #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Climate change is caused // by wolves and bears running from // the helicopters. #haiku #palinscience #climate

@apemanb: brave, unchangeing hills/ daisy-chained around my town/ nature's guard-dogs #haiku

@carltonhalpert: If the icebergs melt // don't panic, replace them with // different lettuce. #haiku #palinscience #climate

@carltonhalpert: The periodic // table of the elephants // is a huge mistake. #haiku #palinscience

@NotOneNotTwo / reading words of love ~ and want to scream because I ~ have not forgotten // #haiku #newideas

@DavidRoe01: ~ a joy to behold ~ merry fezzywig dancing ~ kindness in his wake ~ #haiku #achristmascarol

@DavidRoe01: ~ a christmas long gone ~ how I miss my darling fan ~ the bittersweet past ~ #haiku #achristmascarol

@monkeybrigade: Exercise machines / They're hamster wheels for humans. / Fit inside your cage. #haiku

@moonflowernco: he made his wager / with life not realizing / life would have paid more #haiku #haikuchallenge

@apemanb: I called the night sky/ the stars were out, twinkling hard/ their Twitterversion #haiku

@baffled: I am awash in / the blood of my ancestors / warrior kings all #haiku #senryu

@carltonhalpert: In the world we plan // gravity is an option // for those who can pay. #haiku #palinscience

@haiku_andy: Daily Haiku - \\ snow-painted landscape \ a-frames, chalets dot the hills \ windows like glass eyes \\ #haiku

@carltonhalpert: A painful typo // I disputed the science // of global worming. #haiku #palinscience

@ldwilkinson: Talk radio-- / tapping my foot / to the voices. #senryu

@ldwilkinson: Yesterday's horoscope / tells me to stop / living in the past. #senryu

@TryinOnANewLife: tree tops gently sway / leaves dancing and fluttering / windchimes are singing #haiku

@wqueens7: - A Pokemon driving/ A playmobil ambulance/ On mountain of books/ #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Low calorie sun // shines its bright beams into space // at the speed of lite. #haiku #palinscience

@apemanb: the sky's unhappy/ clouds can't mimic upturned lips/ rainbows never smile #haiku

@apemanb: the old house/ the DNA staircase/ spiral rots #micropoetry

@apemanb: i walk down your road/ the only road i know/ happy to follow #micropoetry

@apemanb: imagine a day/ denying life to the night/ who's side are you on? #haiku

@wqueens7: - Road warrior lives/ In the back of his van in/ These times of "plenty"/ #haiku

@sephir0t: in the earth we plant/ our blood nourishing democracy/ green shoots growing #haiku #IranElection #SoG

@apemanb: the air around clears/ i fill my lungs with pure You/ my inspiration #haiku

@baffled: panting and out of / breath he fumbled and fell off / she lit up a smoke #haiku #senryu

@EliznMaeve: snow in the thickets/ red berries on the briars/ hide a cardinal #haiku #twaiku

@gregseitz: last geese on the lake / thin film of ice by the shore / bright december noon #haiku

@3fatcats: Lions silent breath/ still as an incoming storm/ wait for the kill #haiku #iranelection #16Azar

@3fatcats: Drifting above the clouds/ notes flutter joyously/ in search of freedom #haiku

@JDProuty: Each night you wager ~ that you'll wake in the morning. ~ We have a winner! #haikuchallenge #wager #haiku #senryu

@rosasay: Fog is settling in / it confuses waking birds / they expect the sun. #haiku #hawaii #December

@carltonhalpert: "Evolution is // just something that happens // to other people". #haiku #palinscience

@wqueens7: bug company. Toys really come from/ A dead end street where workers/ Toil on endlessly/ #haiku (pic)

@outdoorminded: Digging Santa Fe - In the beautiful desert - And light winter snow. #haiku #twaiku


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Not a person was stirring, not even my spouse;
The ornaments were hung on the tree with great care,
In hopes that no ferret would ever be there.

The ferrets were snoozing, all snug in their beds,
And thoughts of wry mischief danced in their heads.
My wife in her t-shirt, and I in my shorts,
Had just settled down after having a snort;

When out in the kitchen there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the kitchen I flew like a flash,
Tripped over their water and into the trash...

Sprawled on the floor, with cold and wet shorts,
I thought to myself, "I'm too old for these sports,"
When whom did I spot? Not that fellow named Claus -
But eight tiny demons with thirty-two paws.

They scampered and scurried, and scattered so quick,
I knew in a moment they were up to their tricks;
More rapid than badgers, they started this game,
And I whistled and shouted and called them by name;

"Hey Shelby! Hey Chase! Hey Jasper! Hey Scritch!"
"How'd they get out?" I thought, "Son of a !#*&!"
They ran from the kitchen and tore off down the hall,
Then climbed on the sofa and bounced off the wall.

They vanished like elves - I thought, "Where could they be?"
When I noticed a rustling just under the tree.
The tree lights were blinking as I turned around,
And up through the middle went Chase with a bound!

I reached in my hand as Chase climbed to the top,
And plinking and plonking, some ornaments dropped;
Still, up through the middle climbed my bad little girl,
And I thought to myself, "She must be part squirrel!"

I reached in again, but I didn't get far,
And covered in tinsel, Chase went for the star!
My arm became tangled in the lights of the tree,
And a hook from an ornament got caught on my knee...

I tripped on a present, and I started to fall,
And to the ferrets below, I yelled, "Dash away all!"
With everything falling, to the tree I was bound,
And the lights shorted out as I fell to the ground...

I lay in the tree, which I wore like a wreath;
Chase sat on my chest, with the star in her teeth!
With a twinkle in her eye, she looked like an elf,
And I laughed when I saw her, in spite of myself.

The ferrets gathered 'round, and all gave me kisses,
To warn me that I had awakened the missus,
I untangled myself, and I put them to bed
Then I noticed my wife, who was shaking her head.

And laying a finger upside of my nose,
I gave her a nod, and said, "You don't want to know."
But I heard her exclaim as she turned out the light...

"...What the heck was that all about?"

*** Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! ***


(written by me two days before Christmas in 2005)

Sunday, December 6, 2009



@greenbaybarb: @denalstevens I must have gone to the wrong school...
I've never heard of #haiku.


@Kate_TW: Long night moon hidden~ her nimbus mask pressing down~ cold seeping in #haiku

@tWordBird: Winter’s barren chill / I need viridescent dreams / Lush warmth clothed in greens. #haiku #artwiculate

@Jemfyr: The sun will rise tomorrow~ for saints and sinners~ both bleed // #micropoetry #Jemjots

@NotOneNotTwo: // spinning round the earth ~ moon wonders why he can't see ~ my face through the clouds // #haiku #newideas

@moonflowernco: night is so quiet / clouds have moved in low hiding / stars waiting for snow #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Out of autumn's ruins -- the black leaves of winter ... crows." - #haiku #poetry

@dragonheartsong: My soul cries aloud // my aching heart needs shutters // to weather the storm. #haiku #senryu #grief

@HaikuSocial: evocative skies - revive distant memories - whilst serenading #haiku #poetry

@Jemfyr: Closer to my lips / read me what you wrote today / love when he says this /// #senryu #poetry #love

@Jemfyr: Remote log cabin / underneath twisted oak tree / fireplace burns for two /// #haiku

@MissBusa: Walking in the night ~ probabilities rob you ~ of your sanity. #senryu #MissBusaHT

@HappiForever: Wash body like mind / Til water runs clear, so all / retains the Dharma. #haiku #shobogenzo7 autumn moon rises / gets swallowed by clouds / comes back again...! #haiku Our circle expands ~ a poets love ripples out ~ so others may share #senryu #love

@Adamfyre: Your tears are prayers ~ they flow from your heart to mine ~ they whisper "thank you". #senryu @senryunectar

@Adamfyre: I call God "Darling" ~ because I know that I am held ~ compassionately. #senryu #love

@Adamfyre: Love is seeking Love ~ when lovers make eye contact ~ Love has found itself. #senryu @senryunectar

@senryunectar: tears softly flowing ~ from my eyes, I'm so touched by ~ how you care for me #senryu @adamfyre

@senryunectar: quiet winter night ~ reading his words, watching God ~ move through him to me #senryu @adamfyre

@MissBusa: Take reality, ~ I don't want it anymore. ~ Escape into dreams. #senryu #MissBusaHT

@Jemfyr: Do not share a secret~ unless you are at the heart of one // #micropoetry

@MissBusa: Pandora Exploit: ~ I take your box, open it. ~ Your secrets stolen. #senryu #MissBusaHT

@wqueens7: Advent calendar/ Counting the days til Christmas/ and war on money/ #haiku

@MeeAugraphie: I need no new dreams ~ interwined with yours they spread ~ concentric circles #haiku

@Jemfyr: Wake up universe / message sleeps in a bottle / uncork, live in love /// #haiku

@Rehfan: Secret parts of you // brush against me under warm // sheets, ready for me. #haiku #poetry

@NotOneNotTwo: // the minds of artists ~ see ghosts of masterpieces ~ in everyday things // #haiku #newideas @AshiAkira

@Adamfyre: My heart is a lamp ~ my love cannot be hidden ~ bursting into flame. #senryu #love @senryunectar

@NYHaiku: a treat left behind - / white street fights to remain black / winter's first snowfall #haiku #haikuchallenge #snow

@Jemfyr: Stainless steel blades stroke / icy blue glistening glass / skating at midnight /// #haiku #iceskating

@Naumadd: Naumadd: "Away, away winter crows -- nothing but yourselves -- for the picking." - #haiku #poetry

@Jemfyr: I bend at borders / folding myself up in you / origami notes /// #haiku

@carltonhalpert: The wolf's useless puff // came too late, for forclosure // blew the pigs down first. #haiku #story

@NotOneNotTwo: // swift ocean currents ~ spreading the toxins with the ~ speed of mercury // #haiku #newideas #coal #green

@NotOneNotTwo: // katydids, clover ~ frogs, dragonflies, pine needles... ~ things viridescent // #haiku @tWordBird

@wqueens7: - The Cake is still here/ But you are still in Brooklyn/ See how long it lasts/ #haiku

@chaosincolor: Less complexity. Slowly finding clarity. And those keys I lost. #haiku

@NotOneNotTwo: // painter on a bench ~ watching exquisite colors ~ blow across the park // #haiku #newideas

@carltonhalpert: Ticker-tape litters // the streets which are unswept since // 1963. #haiku #haikuchallenge

@JoeFlows: I'm only human/ just like you, I make mistakes/ but I learn from MINE #haiku #poetry

@Tobuno: Thoughts shatter like glass/ shards of past into present/ I chose now with you. #haiku #poetry

@Christwitery: Everyman lives / on the same street that I do / sharing the same dreams /// #haiku #haikuchallenge #street

@TryinOnANewLife: one thousand thin strands / brite star tinsel strewn with care / ninety nine cent fun. #senryu

@AndraNorris: In our day, we wrote // we'd send our true-love letters // sealed with a kiss // #haiku #poetry

@simonscotland: A room in the dark / imagination goes wild / creating new dreams #haiku

@moonflowernco: two minutes after / curling up on window seat / cat's snoring away #haiku

@karmabird: Typesetters may dream / Of the idyllic landscape’d / Isles of San Serriffe #haiku by PaulDavies: originated the SanS hoax: '77 The Guardian

@jimpenny: Electric blanket / warm, toasty, controller clicks / makes my piggies smile. #haiku

@haiku_soup: China would envy // you if it knew about the // Wall around your heart. #haiku

@haikubee: night bus / her reflection looks at / my reflection #haiku #micropoetry

@uppi17: I am going deaf / She said this too many times: / "it's iridescent" #100days #haiku

@JDProuty: Everyone lives on ~ the sunny side of the street ~ at least once a day #haikuchallenge #street #haiku #senryu

@Adamfyre: Procrastination ~ I'm going to put it off ~ until next weekend.. #senryu @senryunectar

@Jemfyr: One snowy eve, a / blanketed woodsy Vermont / weeped crystal-iced leaves /// #haiku #poetry

@ndude had something to say / but then it all went away / snow falling softly #haiku /

@haikubee: chitchat - / a puddle / becoming pavement #haiku #micropoetry #nanopoetry

@haikuoftheday: first snow / melts into whiteness / of new concrete -sek #haiku

@CaroCrow: I dreamt of Ix Chel ~ her raindrops spawning rainbows ~ her hands healing me. #haiku

@jbouzou: Starred night / baking potatoes / in hardwood embers. #haiku #micropoetry

@haikubee: starless night - / the shadow curl / of the cat's tail #haiku #micropoetry

@jbouzou: Winter night / between two dreams / a past life bubble. #haiku

@InVinceWil: the sky assembles / a white quilt below, stitch and / patch, by the moment #haiku

@NotOneNotTwo: / thoughts fall from the clouds ~ finding refuge in my mind ~ slowly seeping in // #haiku #newideas

@Tetsubishi: blossoms and leaves dead / boughs droop, graceful, under snow / burdened and adorned #haiku

@haiQ: / Whimsical snowflakes / flit merrily on the wind / then melt on contact. / - #winter #haiku

heavypennies: Love is oft fragile, yet unlike a spring flower, love blooms all seasons #haiku

@haiku_soup: Tracks fade in the snow / They won't find me here, Alone / Adrift and at peace #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Lazy Optimists… // "Good things come to those who wait" // is your new motto. #haiku #senryu #nuffsaid

@haiku_andy: Daily Haiku - \\ old tracks in the snow \ boots, tires, more than one dog-- \ we've been here before \\ #haiku

@davemreed: It's hard to cough this much and still be human. #haiku

@EliznMaeve: the first snow falling/ wish on a flake like a star/ melt it on your tongue #haiku #twaiku

@haikucouture: fallen flakes blanket | extracting sound from the world | a unique silence [ #haiku ]

@ndude: had something to say / but then it all went away / snow falling softly #haiku

@KOOLFOOLTATTOO: Pack of deer/ walking through woods, hunt/ season done! #haiku the pack survived.

@yearning4d_sky: The streetcorner where we met // many moons ago still // clutches my heart #haikuchallenge #haiku

@tony_keeton: success in pinstripe / a man who has everything / but who hates it all #haiku

@graffitipoet: Glittering snowflakes/Glistening in the sunlight/Kaleidoscopic #haiku

@carltonhalpert: In the dream city // of the sleeping cheesemakers // streets are paved with mold. #haiku #haikuchallenge #cheese

@moonflowernco: a high forest path / with the wind in the tree tops / nature's peaceful street #haiku #haikuchallenge

@LesleyDewar: Hungry urchins beg ~~ carriage wheels clattering by ~~ street rustles with silk #haiku #haikuchallenge *street

@pianamon: crossing busy street / I try to watch carefully / it's a Frogger game - #haiku #haikuchallenge #street

@Adamfyre: Shadow on the field ~ baby red tailed hawk catches ~ glimpse of a field mouse.. #haiku

@Jemfyr: I carved your name in / soft petals, penned metal gray / you left yesterday /// #haiku

@jbouzou: Christmas time / childhood memories / as embers. #senryu #micropoetry

@NotOneNotTwo: // death of a friend ~ still warm, green ceramic cup ~ lying in pieces // #haiku #newideas

@NotOneNotTwo: // middle of nowhere ~ he stops and listens for it ~ and hears it again // #haiku #newideas

@NotOneNotTwo: // don't know just how long ~ only remember her face ~ and the love I felt // #haiku (sometimes it's this way, too) @Alismcg @jbouzou

@jbouzou: Fifteen years later / can't remember her face / - still loving her. #senryu #micropoetry

@jsjxyz: a bunch of flowers; the red one; is you (from jsjhaiku) #haiku

@InVinceWil: eavesdropping on life / peeking through the blinds, craving/ streets underfoot #haiku #haikuchallenge

@Jemfyr: Dewy leaves, petals / ribbons wrestled in my hair / asleep in meadow /// #haiku

@Mamad: First snow falls outside./Virginia rears in fear./A rite of winter. #haiku

@jbouzou: Old chest of drawers / ending its life / in the fireplace. #haiku (Thanks to it to warm me ! :o) )

@scottrmcgrew: look into their soul ~ you will find they’re just like you ~ searching for answers #senryu

@Jemfyr: Steamed window inside / icicle drips shine outside / loving you through pane /// #haiku #love

@senryunectar: A pocket surprise ~ note curled up inside says I ~ am thinking of you #senryu

@senryunectar: Leaving messages ~ for him to find later she ~ imagines the smiles #senryu

@senryunectar: Lazy afternoon ~ head bent forward reading while ~ steam lifts off her tea #senryu

@thaleia: Now I close my eyes / slumbering sleep soft swiftly / never waking up #haiku

@Jemfyr: In my arms, I shall carry you to the pond. It is there you write poetry upon my lips // #micropoetry #fraglit #love

@lippy73: Street full of empty / flow of bodies rushing past / vacant eyes stare past #senryu #haikuchallenge #haiku

@mlharr: sunlit morning/ first frost/ grass glistens like snow #haiku

@mckra1g: Frost-tipped winter grass / bows, bends and dances along / with this morning's birds. #haiku #poetry

@Rehfan: I cast love upon // great waters, praying that they // wash upon your shore. #haiku #poetry

@Rehfan: If I look moon-ward // and so do you, will our hearts // beat at the same time? #haiku #poetry

@Rehfan: Very doggedly // determined I strive to stay // sane without you, love. #haiku #poetry

@Rehfan: I know you are safe. // You told me so. Belief is // hard. You're not with me. #haiku #poetry

@twitwrit: obituary / sad to read name of old friend / she'll be sorely missed #haiku

@twitwrit: obituary / glad to read name of that jerk / he'll hurt no one else #haiku

@taosdawn: farenheit settles / at One. windows etched silver / smoke curls from chimney — #newmexico artist #haiku

@kaisernova: when the pain was too much / God had to shut his eyes / a tear of death fell #haiku #haikur

@twitwrit: walking down the street / trying to look like i'm cool / too tough to get mugged #haiku

@tiny_epic: With twinkle in eyes/ Santa tells son honest truth/ son believes again! #haiku 3/4

@dgdreamin: Rain falling hard now / glistening on street pavement / car tire trails appear #Haiku #Haiku challenge - 'street'

@yearning4d_sky: till rain falls// mingling with dew// and my tears RT @sevenlives: etched on wet soil / shadows of spinning wheel / till rain falls..#haiku

@yearning4d_sky: the sky is one ~the seas are one// matters not when hearts are one// cast your doubts aside #haiku #haikuchallenge

@EvaUnitOne: *GraW Grwll RwAr snArllL Rrrr / Growl Grr ROAR Grrr snArll snort aRrrr / Graw Snarrr rrOAR Snrrt grAW!! * ....#Haiku

@labisiffre: Reading the day's casualty figures / He loads a bigger pen / Clearly the sword has been ineffective #poetry #micropoetry #politics

@dgdreamin: Raindrops falling down / were they snowflakes higher up / melting as they fell? #Haiku

@ReneRamos: A new recipe / for a better tasting soup: / less salt and more love. #haiku #twaiku #soup #love #humility #cooking

@lastsurvivor: In crowded street, he asks / “I am not in this present” / “Who am I right now ?” #haiku #haikuchallenge

@tiny_epic: Night, the stars twinkle/ and so do the Christmas lights/ on our quiet street. #haikuchallenge #haiku 'street'

@sevenlives: the ocean fills / half of the earth / why in your eyes?? #haiku

@comballey: Saxophone roars loud • no one around to object • artifacts and me • #haiku

@anticlimatic: The song of the sparrows/ Is heard only by the crows whose heart's beat/ For the pigeons that don't know they exist. #micropoetry

@AshiAkira: Deep in night drizzling/ Only fragrance is with me/ from my old teacup #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@wqueens7: - Off in the distance/ Past the polluted river/ Are the city's spires/ #haiku

@wqueens7: - Birthday flat tire fixed/ In just under a half hour/ Brooklyn, here I come/ #haiku

@wqueens7: @wqueens7 - Ghostbikes sadden me/ And children dying riding/ Steal lifetimes of joy/ #haiku

@Christwitery: Gulls over jetty / flying like ghosts in the night / pale shadow dancers /// #haiku

@wqueens7: empty morning. Wonderful birthday/ Full of my selfish pleasures/ Makes anticlimax/ #haiku (pic)

@HaikuDelight: indivisible / the atoms of dinosaurs / rebuilt in my life #haiku

@LeendaLoo: i am singular / I see this now that you're gone / I did not just die #twitku #haiku #latenighthaiku

@CliveM: Today is new, fresh / untouched, unmarked yet by you / leave a mark - own it #haiku #life

@Blairyk: Crashing, crashing now./ Alas! My body tires./ I'm no pink rabbit./ #haiku

@sevenlives: smile speaks / lot of unsaid words / in a swarm of crowd..#haiku

@Jemfyr: When I am alone in the forest~ you are closest to me // #micropoetry

@scottrmcgrew: souls reach out, touching ~ passion burns within, a flame ~ enticing a moth ~ #haiku ~ @Spycnsweet

@Jemfyr: I miss the sound of your voice~ the hush of your skin~ the still of our silence // #micropoetry #love

@Miridunn: Your lips are on mine ~ I quiver as you taste me ~ lips to lips we are ~ #hatiku #haiku

@CDominiqueG: my body shivers.../feeling the loss of your warm .../breath brushing my back #haiku #cdominiquegibson

@Jemfyr: Nocturnal writing / haiku casting silhouette / nighttime poetry /// #haiku #poetry

@Jemfyr: Hold my hand in the park at dawn~ you are my horizon // #micropoetry

@Jemfyr: Talking is overrated~ just hold my gaze // #micropoetry

@JDProuty: Fractured fairytale ~ This one went beyond the pale ~ Booty and the Beast #haikuchallenge #beast #haiku #senryu

@NotOneNotTwo: // fallen from the tree ~ iridescent green starfruit ~ waiting for wishes // #haiku #newideas

@Jemfyr: Glistening shoreline / looming moon forbidden treat / starfruit succulence /// #haiku

@Yojinbo: Snowflakes are the Fall / Of Satan's heavenly host / Falling from heaven. #haiku #theology

@gardenbuddha: Big spreading fronds of // treefern filtering sunlight // to the shade dwellers #haiku

@StevieTrees: without looking back / I would hold you up, again / If you would ask me #haiku

@lippy73: Sweet angel kisses / floating softly from the sky / caught on children’s tongues #haiku

@gustoblusto: Three ravens came // the day Rock and Roll George died // West End remembers you #haiku

@bainer: prof's ancient lab coat/ bunson burner, chemistry/ yellow chalk-stained cuffs #haiku

@scottclyerly: chilly Autumn night / alone in the house, sometimes / I miss the cat - SCL #haiku

@NotOneNotTwo: // leap with your eyes closed ~ fall from your life of sadness... ~ and trust your mind's wings // #haiku (inspired by @Miridunn's RISK)

@gtcronin: Different worlds, same bed - Silent dreams under cover Of new moon no stars. #haiku #poetry

@APoetsTweets: shorty i really/ wanted to be everything/ you needed, come on #haiku

@NotOneNotTwo: // outside, we're snowdeep ~ making love in the backyard ~ in my summer dreams... // #haiku #newideas (inspired by Emiliana's music)

@CaroCrow: What a play Life is ~ that we can all be Beauty ~ and also the Beast. #haiku #haikuchallenge "beast"

@Bill312: bending low -- / this hole in the hedge / on a path that I know | #haiku #senryu

@whisper1111: my fingers caress/ the only skin that matters/as time slows to crawl #haiku

@CDominiqueG: there is no quick cure.../ though the heart breaks faster than.../speed of light and sound #haiku #cdominiquegibson

@poetwist: ~ ~ broad brush-stroke of light / do many eyes see me too? / starship Milky way ~ ~ #haiku #poetwist

@Adamfyre: God wrote a poem ~ She named it "My Darling Child" ~ It is you and me. #senryu

@Adamfyre: I wrote a poem ~ all in invisible ink ~ "From my Heart to God". #senryu

@simonscotland: In this empty room / moments from the past echo / then they fade away #haiku

@Adamfyre: God kissed me today ~ with the lips of her daughter ~ I kissed her right back.. #senryu

@CDominiqueG: dove fallen in snow.../ these tears for her broken wings.../prayers for healing #haiku #cdominiquegibson

@Rehfan: Ev'ning finds me here // staring through rain-soaked glass and // happy you are home. #haiku #poetry

@Tobuno: Didn’t I tell you/ your ship will sail to my shore/ I am the lighthouse. #haiku #senryu

@chaosincolor: Christmas teddy bears. Soon they will be everywhere. That's just how we roll. #haiku

@haikunut: Worry, guilt, distraction, ~ anger: I set them aside ~ and wait. I'm waiting. #senryu #advent

@senryunectar: hurting from struggle ~ Try a little tenderness ~ the world hugs you back #senryu

@senryunectar: The most tender touch ~ grazes my shoulders, I sigh ~ back into your arms #senryu

@AshiAkira: Scent flows in the air/ Only threshold to cross in/ Waits tranquility #Zen #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@CDominiqueG: walking on water.../flirting with fire and flames.../dancing with the wind #haiku #cdominiquegibson

@AshiAkira: Soft sunshine thin clouds/ Furiously warn sparrows/ Rains coming later #senryu #haiku

@senryunectar: path leads to the moon ~ cresting o'er the hill, a dove ~ flies straight towards it #haiku

@donnapeach: dancing in silence / my eyes meet the lion's gaze / moment of power #breastcancer #haiku

@AshiAkira: Wave mount’ns to my love/ Bring my words with you to her/ Stars twinkle her eyes smile #haiku #poetry (inspired by ancient waka by traveler)

@haikunut: We’ve tried too many ~ ways to say this same sorry. ~ How about silence? #poetwist #senryu

@ashalynd: I am worrying / about many things but / just one is needed --- #haiku #senryu

@jprintup: Mighty grasshopper/ Quietly viewing the world/ Meditating sage #Epoem #Haiku

@senryunectar: oblivious stare ~ commuters clack down the street ~ homeward bound zombies #senryu

@Tobuno: Parched lips long to meet/ each time just like the first time/ and first time, always. #haiku #senryu