Wednesday, December 9, 2009



@andy_lamb: I pass sleeping trees / Orange lamps against deep blue / poisoning the sky #haiku

@hungrydragon: Monsters, beasts and things /Scary, hairy, big sharp teeth - /Unleash inner wild. #haiku

@bluenettle: wide awake / on a December morning -/ far away traffic #haiku

@CaroCrow: Sometimes I forget ~ why goddesses seldom love ~ mortals are so frail. #haiku

@TranscendInside: The truth whispers at us when we are with others / It shouts at us when we are alone / It brings us peace when we accept it #Haiku

@Spiderdruid: moon and stars appear / bringing colder feel to dawn / beautiful sunrise awaits #haiku #micropoetry

@omewan: simple, yet hard to learn / love is a way of life / be it, and then share it #haiku #lowku

@Adamfyre: Monk sits silently ~ listening to the sound of ~ one raindrop falling. #haiku #raindrop

@Adamfyre: A butterfly dreams ~ metamorphosing in the ~ cocoon of her mind. #haiku #butterfly

@pita4l: last brown leaf / silent whiz falls around / black frost road // #haiku #sunryu #wind

@TuNguy3n: we are for the world / as if the world longs to belong / to be one with all #haiku

@pita4l: Honey mango lips / frost hands meet inside / of empty pocket // #haiku #senryu ♡walk #fraglit

@Karstan: pry with your metal/ interfere with your meddle/suck on my mettle #haiku

@lippy73: Cats playing ping-pong / batting round the haiku words / lost under sofa!#haiku @Alismcg

@LesleyDewar: My love I grant you ~~ in fee simple absolute ~~ bequeath as you choose #haiku #haikuchallenge *fee

@MeeAugraphie: Fingers curled, eyes shut ~ spent after vocal entry ~ ying and yang of birth #haiku

@rdwyer: An initial gasp \ Leads to a moan - then I know \ That the cake is good #haiku

@JDProuty: Haiku come as kits ~ some assembly is required ~ build them in your mind #haiku

@omewan: interdependence / leaning on others for once / letting them feel good #haiku #lowku #surrenderedego

@TaoWizard: Echo through valley, Ancients come to you and speak, Though you hear them not #haiku

@Lawrencejiko: "- Daffodils - on the window-sill, swaying -'lovely', she says." - — #haiku #poetry

@Lawrencejiko: "mist..- out of the cathedral ruins - a horse ..tumbling.... - this blanche, this alabaster night ." - — #haiku

@lippy73: Three sure things in life / death, taxes, and a cat's purr / only the last counts #haiku

@wqueens7 - The cemetery says:/ "No Trespassing" with no way/ Of keeping me out/ #haiku

@haiku_andy: Daily Haiku - \\ making snow angels \ blue jeans crusted like bread dough \ kids laughing -- worth it \\ #haiku

@ten_ten_ten: i suck at haiku / 'tis true, and with else i do / i suck at that, too #haiku

@chaosincolor: Cradle in my arms. A tiny box of ashes. One more sad goodbye. #cat #haiku

@KrisLindbeck: Vacant lot egret / walking head forward head back / watching me | #haiku

@KrisLindbeck: Christmas iguana / scuttles across the street / with a red palm fruit | #haiku

@Jemfyr: Pull yourself together~ after they have torn you apart // #micropoetry

@heavypennies: Wrought with gravity, each step fills an eternity, socks full of lovely #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Suicidal squid // inked a tearful farewell note // swam onto the land. #haiku #senryu

@fox2go: #haikuchallenge #haiku A fee-ble old man; enjoyed his daily tai chi; fearless of the fees

@N8SRE: The Sounder train stops / Smells of hot brakes & diesel / I am nearly home. #haiku

@Jemfyr: Running barefooted / through bramble bushes to you / leaves a bloody trail /// #haiku

@Jemfyr: Do you have enough paint in your heart to color your soul? // #micropoetry #Jemjots

@Miridunn: On a Lotus Leaf ~ floating through the Stream of Life ~ my Little Buddha (expand) #haiku @rastAsia

@Bill312: this tea pot... / drawing the curve / of the hidden circle | #haiku #senryu

@carltonhalpert: Sarah won't like my // Alaskan Vegan Diner // it's called 'Nome Chompsky'. #haiku #senryu #palin

@Miridunn: ~You move over me ~ the flesh beneath you quickens ~ all within me stirs ~ #haiku #hatiku

@heavypennies: Imagine you're a tree, roots as deep as your head high, spherical being #haiku

@apemanb: i am left liquid/ 'cos you give me the vapours/ i am solid gone #senryu

@chinakatz: Winter blues » the cardinal stayed » to keep me company. #haiku #poetry #micropoetry

@Miridunn: ~ You are the Mountain ~ that I wish to climb atop ~ look down at the view ~ #hatiku #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Nature's solution // to the problem of people // wait, and keep waiting. #climateku #haiku #Copenhagen

@apemanb: our hearts beat...Us...Us/ twenty fingers travelling/ Our ten senses dance #haiku

@apemanb: headless floating swans/ seeking their own wings comfort/ carry me with you #haiku

@kujakupoet: that stone /amid the water weeds / left on the beach / was once the heart / of a sailor #tanka

@Christwitery: Tiny grass hopper / why do you make so much noise / singing your love songs /// #haiku #Adelaide

@kujakupoet: the wind sings /a threnody in the / harp-strung rigging; / dead mariners / rise in answer #tanka

@kujakupoet: the shattered bones /of old loves / haunt / the sea that / surrenders all #tanka

@kujakupoet: the sweep of / the revolving door / brushes souls / in and out / spinning into nothingness #tanka

@kujakupoet: broken shells /washed onto a muddy beach / by cold waves— / I see this in the eyes / of everyone I meet #tanka

@carltonhalpert: At a glacial pace // we talked and talked until there // were no more glaciers. #haiku #climateku #Copenhagen

@kujakupoet: the red-tailed hawk /sitting on my wrist / weighs hardly anything, / but she will never / fly again #tanka

@kujakupoet: veterans whisper /at his grave, / telling him / what they cannot tell / the living #tanka -- RIP Josh

@kujakupoet: Pearl Harbor Day . . . / The Japanese-American student / stares at the enemy / who looks like / his father #tanka

@AshiAkira: Mt. Fuji in clear sky/ The snow cap against the blue/ high and far away #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@kujakupoet: his heart / is a skeleton key / that unlocks doors / that should never / be opened #tanka

@carltonhalpert: Inflammatory // counting error driving me // syllaballistic! #haiku #sixwords #sixwordhaiku #makeupaword

@Miridunn: My heart has no secrets ~ I wear you all around me ~ as close as my skin ~ #hatiku #haiku

@Miridunn: ~ Rain, hard above me ~ I am with you, listening ~ soft dance on the roof #hatiku #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Let's not worry that // money doesn't grow on trees // when so much else does. #haiku #climateku #senryu

@morganabag: hate to leave / the fairy mountain / wandering home #haiku #poetweet

@morganabag: this time / between seasons /ghosts knocking / on the door #micropoetry #poetweet

@carltonhalpert: We laughed and tore down // the Earth's fragile armaments // then wept as we drowned. #haiku #climateku #poetwist #Copenhagen

@gustoblusto: I just made rumballs // recipe says don't eat for // twenty-four hours. Ha! #haiku

@gardenbuddha: Pixie-like, I sit // hidden from view, dreaming in // my secret garden #haiku

@apemanb: only love only/ as simple as simple as/ only love only #haiku #senryu

@gustoblusto: I talked of haiku // she said "I hate all things Asian" // end of discussion #haiku

@Miridunn: The arch in my back ~ tells you what you need to know~ my lips are ready ~ #hatiku #haiku

@JDProuty: Well's drying up now ~ but rain falls under the trees ~ Foggy on Joy Road #haiku

@Jemfyr: Poppy-seeded wine / your sedated mouth kissed mine / drifting off to sleep /// #haiku

@TranscendInside: People suffer in small rooms/The monitor lights their faces/Wishing they weren't so shy #Haiku

@BurningHawk1969: Tired, streched, cast off; / Where do all old #haiku go? ... Metaphor heaven? (metafive?)...

@stitchsarah: a new kind of mood / sidestep all things negative / amputates my mind #twaiku #haiku

@tinkhanson: The dripping faucet / is out of phase with the clock / Why am I awake?? #haiku #gnight

@chaosincolor: Spotling got a bath. In return, she shared her wrath. Do not bathe a cat. #haiku

@MissBusa: Hearty survivor ~ flower grows on mountain's peak ~ fragile appearance. #haiku #MissBusaHT

@MeeAugraphie: Hurt within others ~ choked back possibilities ~ must never spew real #haiku

@Mysterylovelove: Buddha came to me/ last night in my web of dreams/ woke me from my sleep/ took this heart inside my chest/ put it back within his own #tanka

@lippy73: I envy your tears / that trace the shape of your face / and feel your hand's touch #senryu

@TryinOnANewLife: tinsel shimmering / reflecting tiny white lights / simple, breathtaking. #haiku

@poetspirit: Michaelangelo / praised God with his art so much, / that Christians praise God // #haiku #Christian #art #masterpiece

@wqueens7: Santa's in rehab/ Kicking that consumer thing/ Next year: religion/ #haiku

@MeeAugraphie: fetal curl ~ good memories short circuited #micropoetry

@MeeAugraphie: ice melted in glass ~ tear drops rain onto table ~ condensation pools #haiku

@Jemfyr: Love wafting on wind / whispering garden within / as my petals fall /// #haiku

@Jemfyr: Silent people scream / upon wishful thinking dreams / where your nightmare lives /// #haiku

@Purrfull: Sun bursts through the clouds ~ God's light is kissing the Earth ~ I am kissing God. #senryu @senryunectar

@wqueens7: Alternately high/ And sub-atomic I feel/ My moods oscillate/ #haiku

@Jemfyr: Some change and recharge / their soul batteries, other / zebras remain same /// #haiku

@TaoWizard: #haiku Feeling, not thinking, I walk beneath the moonlight, Making my way home

@oshum: Rumpled sheets steaming ~ heat has caught them by surprise ~ lovers feel no cold. #haiku

@voodoo_dollie: As sadness creeps in// And winters' chill clings to me// I long for your touch. #haiku #loneliness

@rdwyer: Drug deals and hookers / This McDonald's is crazy / I just want some fries #haiku

@senryunectar: He's not supposed to ~ be here, but his lopsided ~ grin, grants him entry #senryu

@Pookandgrace: Stark trees, fading light / counting calendar pages / until hope springs #haikuwordgame #haiku

@simonscotland: The song in my heart / has wonderful melody / because you are here #haiku

@0355user: There's other colors / Waiting at dragonfly pond / I'll come later on #haiku

@Tetsubishi: those who fear the sea / see only the jagged teeth / in the dolphin's smile #haiku (riff on @apemanb's wave #poetry)

@jannagae: #haiku #haikutherapy Chesnut, lanky, horned ~ graceful dance across the road ~ buck leaped to safety

@haikudiaries: Acid rain is God / Crying because gay people / Are getting married. #haiku #palinscience

@carltonhalpert: The planets' orbits // must fluctuate slightly to // avoid the angels. #haiku #palinscience

@carltonhalpert: Uncle Sammy-Jane // has his own theory of // relativity. #haiku #palinscience

@AshiAkira: Three sparrows on roof/ Waiting for me deceptive/ Door opened flew away #senryu #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Climate change is caused // by wolves and bears running from // the helicopters. #haiku #palinscience #climate

@apemanb: brave, unchangeing hills/ daisy-chained around my town/ nature's guard-dogs #haiku

@carltonhalpert: If the icebergs melt // don't panic, replace them with // different lettuce. #haiku #palinscience #climate

@carltonhalpert: The periodic // table of the elephants // is a huge mistake. #haiku #palinscience

@NotOneNotTwo / reading words of love ~ and want to scream because I ~ have not forgotten // #haiku #newideas

@DavidRoe01: ~ a joy to behold ~ merry fezzywig dancing ~ kindness in his wake ~ #haiku #achristmascarol

@DavidRoe01: ~ a christmas long gone ~ how I miss my darling fan ~ the bittersweet past ~ #haiku #achristmascarol

@monkeybrigade: Exercise machines / They're hamster wheels for humans. / Fit inside your cage. #haiku

@moonflowernco: he made his wager / with life not realizing / life would have paid more #haiku #haikuchallenge

@apemanb: I called the night sky/ the stars were out, twinkling hard/ their Twitterversion #haiku

@baffled: I am awash in / the blood of my ancestors / warrior kings all #haiku #senryu

@carltonhalpert: In the world we plan // gravity is an option // for those who can pay. #haiku #palinscience

@haiku_andy: Daily Haiku - \\ snow-painted landscape \ a-frames, chalets dot the hills \ windows like glass eyes \\ #haiku

@carltonhalpert: A painful typo // I disputed the science // of global worming. #haiku #palinscience

@ldwilkinson: Talk radio-- / tapping my foot / to the voices. #senryu

@ldwilkinson: Yesterday's horoscope / tells me to stop / living in the past. #senryu

@TryinOnANewLife: tree tops gently sway / leaves dancing and fluttering / windchimes are singing #haiku

@wqueens7: - A Pokemon driving/ A playmobil ambulance/ On mountain of books/ #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Low calorie sun // shines its bright beams into space // at the speed of lite. #haiku #palinscience

@apemanb: the sky's unhappy/ clouds can't mimic upturned lips/ rainbows never smile #haiku

@apemanb: the old house/ the DNA staircase/ spiral rots #micropoetry

@apemanb: i walk down your road/ the only road i know/ happy to follow #micropoetry

@apemanb: imagine a day/ denying life to the night/ who's side are you on? #haiku

@wqueens7: - Road warrior lives/ In the back of his van in/ These times of "plenty"/ #haiku

@sephir0t: in the earth we plant/ our blood nourishing democracy/ green shoots growing #haiku #IranElection #SoG

@apemanb: the air around clears/ i fill my lungs with pure You/ my inspiration #haiku

@baffled: panting and out of / breath he fumbled and fell off / she lit up a smoke #haiku #senryu

@EliznMaeve: snow in the thickets/ red berries on the briars/ hide a cardinal #haiku #twaiku

@gregseitz: last geese on the lake / thin film of ice by the shore / bright december noon #haiku

@3fatcats: Lions silent breath/ still as an incoming storm/ wait for the kill #haiku #iranelection #16Azar

@3fatcats: Drifting above the clouds/ notes flutter joyously/ in search of freedom #haiku

@JDProuty: Each night you wager ~ that you'll wake in the morning. ~ We have a winner! #haikuchallenge #wager #haiku #senryu

@rosasay: Fog is settling in / it confuses waking birds / they expect the sun. #haiku #hawaii #December

@carltonhalpert: "Evolution is // just something that happens // to other people". #haiku #palinscience

@wqueens7: bug company. Toys really come from/ A dead end street where workers/ Toil on endlessly/ #haiku (pic)

@outdoorminded: Digging Santa Fe - In the beautiful desert - And light winter snow. #haiku #twaiku