Wednesday, September 30, 2009



@cre8tivkj: A piano / In your hands, love songs / Play me softly #Senryu not #haiku #poetry

@alotus_poetry: life's equation / why should you be a constant / among my variables? #senryu

@JDProuty: ruined avatar ~ brazenly bares naked breast ~ and holds me spellbound #haiku #haikuchallenge #brazen

@Eternal_Spring: More moonlit cloud, than moon / but still, a moon. #Couplet #micropoetry

@alotus_poetry: deserted playground / a sidewalk-chalk kid / holding / a melted puddle / of ice-cream #tanka

@poeticmindset: and as I depart home ---- oh gallant Piglet / mud rolling happily is / cheaper than day-spa #haiku #poetry #fun #Pooh #Piglet

@alotus_poetry: this bump / on my arm / after our breakup / even a mosquito craves / to be one with its partner #tanka

@alotus_poetry: hospital gazebo-- / the bustle of crows / fanning / cigarette smoke away / from sweaty patients #tanka

@carol_red: morning chill -- / sandals crushing shells / they talk of divorce #haiku #haikutherapy

@monkeybrigade: Doing some painting. / It's a terrible painting. / Doesn't even rhyme. (utterly absurd #haiku ftw)

@Yojinbo: The Way of the sword / And the Way of the buddhas: / Both slay the ego. #budo #haiku #buddhism #zen

@CDominiqueG: The heavens open.../ and her tears pour down like rain.../ when we fall from grace #haiku

@Silversmyth: Your love for me is A thousand raindrops on the desert of my heart #haiku

@urbancrafter: we sit in silence - :: a meditation, free flow :: energy exchange. #haiku #spirituality

@Adamfyre: You can meditate ~ Til your lips turn blue. I'll be ~ eating chocolate.. #senryu @urbancrafter

@urbancrafter: reverberation; :: my body vibrates as our :: souls sing harmony. #haiku #love

@Christwitery: Gulls feed on litter / fish and chips blow in the breeze / a beachside banquet /// #haiku #ncc140

@Christwitery: Salmon flakes of sky / leaping from distant ocean / gulls swoop and chatter /// #haiku #ncc140

@Christwitery: Shrieking gulls / savage army / take the bait /// #haiku #ncc140

@urbancrafter: your gentle fingers :: lightly tracing the contours, :: leave heat in their wake. #haiku #love #passion

@urbancrafter: your wake washes by :: me as we pass, eyes catching, :: drowning each other. #haiku

@Lorax_Sneetch: #Wine #Haiku : Did you buy the pole / and the glass shoes when you named / daughter - Chardonnay?

@urbancrafter: you brighten my eyes; :: reflection of myself in :: incandescent you. #haiku #love

@DavidRoe01: / deepening sky hiding / naked trees whisper / of darkness / #haiku

@franscud: Crow's harsh caw mocking / my right-angled walk it cuts / winged hypotenuse ~ #haiku

@mamasanta before sleep / the half-open scent / of lilac #haiku (So peaceful. Thank you for sharing this.)

@CheenaG: Tall sandstone cliffs / I am one / I am quiet #haiku

@edoowado: fallen leaf ripe spike _ / waning G 2 star so far / and still somewhat warm #haiku #geeku

@iamagnat: Got reading glasses, better not seeing those lines, those in the mirror #haiku

@SirWumpus: night's fall / blankets the world / lost thoughts #haiku

@Adamfyre: My pocket vibrates ~ whenever one of you folks ~ sends me a dm... #senryu #yesreally

@DavidRoe01: ~ contorted faces ~ welcoming october's ~ pumpkin parade ~ #haiku

@Grenhilda: And holy water / a single child's salty tear / incomparabale #haiku

@jmarkinman: the music is set to/ soft. my mind is set to off:/ dreams of love yielding./// #haiku

@dengary: a boy who went to war / a year ago / a lifetime ago | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry #veterans

@dengary: lake-side siesta / falling into your depths / bottomless sky | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@thenewloud: #haiku 2009.09.30 - whirlwind breaks the day / like the shell of a walnut / I'm on the inside

@mamasanta: slowly over a field of wheat the wind #haiku

@livethemusic: I woke up today Sun shining through my curtain Stupid flaming ball #haiku

@justkel: bright rays slice the chill / clean cuts of lemon jello / feel the golden fall #Haiku

@ZackRabbit: sorry, gotsta go / engaged in secret mission... / aka "laundry" / - #haiku

@HaikuDelight: about thirty geese / the flying "V" migration / cheerful happiness #haiku

@HaikuDelight: parallel to me / sustained, just ten meters high / fellow travellers #haiku

@kelticray: #haiku Feeling bitter cold // Stress whirls like leaves around me // Wrap me in wool fires

@DavidLeeK: rattlesnake! / head poised, tail shaking / fair warning / if only people/ were so courteous #tanka

@verycosmic: Spilling from the sky, / rainbows flood the canyon and / fill it to the brim. #haiku #nationalparks #kenburns #grandcanyon #poem #goodnight

@clyroroberts: The book lies closed now / its white world a prison night / The black words whisper #haiku #poetry

@nibblesandbits: took a brazen step / into your stratosphere / walking on my fears #haiku #haikuchallenge *brazen*

@omewan: negativity / from inside or from others / clouds in front of stars #haiku #reruniku

@NYHaiku: the beatles once said / "one and one and one is three" - / hundred-eleven #haiku

@SaadiaOnline: : perfect afternoon #senyru : watching gossip girl / sipping on viogner while / poetry whispers #micropoetry #twaiku

@dengary: signal moon’s cryptic glow— / legions of red crabs / march on the crashing surf | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry - for @mamasanta

franscud: Brazen-handed breeze / tugs at the sun's cotton robe / eyeing her nude blush ~ #haiku #haikuchallenge (brazen)

@Jemfyr: Seems so long I have / been searching, please take me home / when September ends /// #haiku #haikutherapy @Dr_Wes

@Tobuno: Brave, charming old man/ like brazen sky at sunset/ he awaits the night. #haikuchallenge #haiku

@NoClueHaiku: Clouds like cotton balls / Sailing like great puffy ships / On the boundless sky #haiku

@alexvonvaupel: frantically / flipping through notebooks / to find my 'zen' / sitting quietly / between the pages #tanka

@mamasanta: New red head / twirling her baton / for all the boys. #senryu

@franscud: A wounded beauty / early pierced, too often drawn / by ill-caring hands / wary of his gentler touch / turns away, stabbing two hearts #tanka

@Tobuno: On Rumi's birthday/ wine, music divine verses/....and the absent muse. #haiku

@Adamfyre: If you were my Queen ~ I would give my whole being ~ to you, completely. #senryu

@mamasanta: winter rain / grandfather talks / to a photograph #haiku #senryu

@mamasanta: first snow / rabbit tracks / connecting graves #haiku

@Etsujin_Haiku: Walking through my mind / I found an appealing thought / that built who I am #haiku

@gennepher: Wrapped in her warm blanket / Cleo's final resting place / She guards all the frogs. #haiku

@gennepher: Made another pond / Frogs sitting in queue waiting / Hopped in one by one. #haiku

@Grenhilda: Fortunate circle / beautiful boisterous boys / counting my blessings #haiku

@Grenhilda: Physicality / purity and poetry / in endless motion #haiku

@Grenhilda: The words I love you / insufficient reflection / insignificance #haiku

@NJLordan: Gray skies hanging low/Autumn chill by river's edge/Warmed by your sweet kiss #haiku

@Adamfyre: Pixie alighted ~ On my nose, fluttered her wings ~ and kissed me gently... #senryu @ocdchick

@Grenhilda: Indescribable / unimaginable love / blessing in your home #haiku

@KrisLindbeck: Thinking too hard / until you called / Thanks, crow |#haiku #senryu

@Grenhilda: Child's temper tantrum / volcanic honest raging / purest energy #haiku

@cydharrell: Joy in the home of / odd and unseasonable-- / summer comes at last #haiku

@dengary: wild mustard / catching at the breeze / the undersides of leaves | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@lostindesert: not so, nay, nix, nope ,negative, not about to, no can do, no way. #Haiku

@dengary: signal moon’s cryptic glow— / legions of red crabs / march on the crashing surf | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry - for @mamasanta

@franscud: Brazen-handed breeze / tugs at the sun's cotton robe / eying her nude blush ~ #haiku #haikuchallenge (brazen)

@Tobuno: Brave, charming old man/ like brazen sky at sunset/ he awaits the night. #haikuchallenge #haiku

@NoClueHaiku: Clouds like cotton balls / Sailing like great puffy ships / On the boundless sky #haiku

@mamasanta: New red head / twirling her baton / for all the boys. #senryu

@Tobuno: On Rumi's birthday/ wine, music divine verses/....and the absent muse. #haiku

@mamasanta: it rides /on the back / of autumn wind / smell of / fresh manure #tanka #haiku

@Adamfyre: If you were my Queen ~ I would give my whole being ~ to you, completely. #senryu

@yearning4d_sky: soft is the music// dim in the candle light // brazen desire #haikuchallenge #haiku #brazen

@mamasanta: willow branches / sweeping / the dock #haiku

@mamasanta: Christmas a ribbon of geese #haiku

@DigitalSalon: single plant hanging / tall glass slash in concrete wall / three tiny flowers #twaiku #haiku

@Grenhilda: Lessons are hard learned / unexpected late visits / attire aside #haiku

@Etsujin_Haiku: Walking through my mind / I found an appealing thought / that built who I am #haiku

@khromar: but when you think about it, are we not always - breaking wind and passing gas? #haiku

@gennepher: Wrapped in her warm blanket / Cleo's final resting place / She guards all the frogs. #haiku

@Grenhilda: Fortunate circle / beautiful boisterous boys / counting my blessings #haiku

gennepher: Daubed in dirt and mud / So many aches and pains, but / New pond's now complete. #haiku

@eupnoeia: under the apple / leaves blow in / my open mind #haiku #micropoetry

@laughingtree: Not-Quite-Daily Haiku: Thinking about thoughts./ Metaphors are at the root/ If ideas are leaves. #haiku #twaiku #laughingtree

@gennepher: Snail water ballet / Graceful, acrobatic, mesmerizing / Snail now on dry land. #haiku

@Eternal_Spring: The lizard I let/ out of the house yesterday /is active, jumping// A dragonfly hovers at the hedge, never caught, flies free #tanka #micropoetry

@ChritonS: #haiku : Walking through the woods, leaves silently fall to earth, a slight autumn breeze.

@Tipperay: Mass unfollowing ~ Cathartic morning practice ~ Twitter letting-go .. #senryu

@dengary: hollow wind / in the naked woods / scent of coming snow | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@dengary: her frail hands / tracing the fragile veins / autumn leaf | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@mamasanta foghorn / the world / in slow motion #haiku

@Adamfyre: Mirroring brilliance ~ Our hearts recognise themselves ~ In one another.. #senryu @catalyst303

@alotus_poetry: at the seashore / the thorns and blooming pastels / of jellyfish #haiku

@urbancrafter: love cannot be said; -- it belongs to the soul as -- smoke does to fire. #haiku #love

@TianMind: Letting go – all / Concepts are such a burden / Seeing through - release #haiku

@dengary: this parched afternoon/ sparrows bathing in the dust/ do not sing one note/ if you should ever return/ don't curse me for my dry eyes | #tanka

@alotus_poetry: no longer summer / folding foiled cranes / in the backyard / their wings catching glints of sunlight / from the orange tree #tanka

@urbancrafter: Hear: listen closely, -- the beating of a birds wing. -- Power, drive and grace. #haiku #haikutherapy

@dengary: TV coverage/ grim tragedies in ‘high def'/ we use up power,/ kleenex, ‘anytime minutes'— / omigod, the helplessness... | #tanka #micropoetry

@dengary: where the desert / pours into the Med / endless sand meets / endless sea and, over all, / empty sky—the sound of wind | #tanka #micropoetry

gustoblusto: It's impossible // to achieve enlightenment // without a laptop #zen #haiku

gustoblusto: Zen // and the way of // tweeting #zen #haiku

@gustoblusto: Tai chi, meditation and dance // all rolled into one // Moon Water #haiku

@mamasanta: it rides /on the back / of autumn wind / smell of / fresh manure #tanka #haiku

@alotus_poetry: evening poetry / sometimes these lines sway / when sparrows land on them #haiku #senryu

@Jemfyr: Popping pink bubble / gum, against cherry-kissed lips / mouth and tongue red bliss /// #haiku

@KarenHAustin: brazen sunflowers: ~ last vestiges of summer; ~ nodding to Autumn... #haikuchallenge #haiku

@LivenbothWorlds: Faded Glory Flag/ Tattered Soldier Knocks on Door/ Honey I am Home/ #haiku #poetry #haikutherapy

@wqueens7: whitehouse pattern. Lanterns and windows/ & Cloud-Skies Compose patterns/ Hidden in plain sight/ #haiku (pic)

@Satjeet: Autumn's late this year / Colors hesitate to shine / Leaves with bated breath #Haiku

@marshaikus: crimson pains stabbing/ my shoulders on this cold dawn/ this white world is dry #haiku

@my_haiku: A lightning flash - the sound of water drops falling through bamboo (Buson) #haiku #tanka

@eemalevanah: red hearts and flowers / every day valentine's day / when we share the love #haiku #haikutherapy

@HaikuCurmudgeon: Summer games in Chi?/ Imagine the corruption/ ACORN in spandex #haiku

@tiny_epic: In a wistful mood/ longing for old videos/ and her to come home. #haiku @coachcreative

@eemalevanah: poisonous tongues / brazen minds, the judging kind / throwing the first stone #haikuchallenge #haiku @baffled

@NYHaiku: scarlet badge of shame / worn by a young, brazen wench - / walk to the gallows #haikuchallenge #haiku

@Christwitery: The Fairy Princess / curtsied, my heart began to swoon / enchanted and gay /// #haiku

@Christwitery: Trillions of stars / proudly set on their course / to eternity /// #haiku

@eemalevanah: the morning sunlight / beams at me through my window / with a brazen grin #haiku #haikuchallenge @baffled

@Jemfyr: Nimble fingers feast / on golden, sunbathing prey / predatory bait /// #haiku

@mckra1g: Cool room; cozy bed/ Delicious dichotomy./ I snuggle deeper. #haiku #poetry

@onlyhaiku: acceleration / of the planet's rotation / flings evil away #haiku

@Qishin: mosquito grows // happy, fat, slow // dead #haiku #micropoetry

@Christwitery: _/|\_ Far away in your / safe undisclosed location / you must be hungry /// #haiku

@DigitalSalon: clouds moving quickly / race above the tall towers / watching a leaf fall #twaiku #haiku

@Christwitery: A stand of gum trees / in sleeping misty parklands / a wind of stillness /// #haiku #ncc140

@Christwitery: Dankly rotting pool / bloated bubbles slurp and pop / frog sings song of love /// #haiku #ncc140

@eemalevanah: a solitary rose / can bring the joy of rainbows / to a lonely soul #haiku #haikutherapy

@Christwitery: Gulls swoop and forage / waves crash on warming beaches / summer on the sand /// #haiku #ncc140

@KathyTroidle: The White Dog stares up/ beaming thoughts into my brain/ wish he spoke english #haiku

@KathyTroidle: The White Dog feels safe/ calm submissive open wide/ Seeking belly rubs #haiku

@Christwitery: Mosqitoes buzzing / baby redback spiders crawl / every one is food /// #haiku

@Christwitery: Rain from the mountains / gouging tracks in the landscape / groundwater honey /// #haiku

@wqueens7: I'm just a symptom/ Of someone else's problems/ My joy makes it worse/ #haiku

@gennepher: Spent hours yesterday / Watering dusty dry garden / It's raining today. #haiku

@gennepher: Badgers dug up lawns / Neighbours angry - up in arms / I don't have a lawn. #haiku

@gennepher: All dried leaves uncurled / Plants springing back into life / Drizzle rain welcomed. #haiku #haikutherapy

@wqueens7: When you are still young/ Chances are you're eternal/ From here there's an end/ #haiku

@wqueens7: If I knew back then/ What is altogether clear now/ I would not be here/ #haiku

wqueens7: @wqueens7 - One little puff-cloud/Steps out of rank and solos/Casting a shadow/#haiku

@wqueens7: @wqueens7 - "Gorgeous rip in sky/ the cotton candy drip[s] out"/ insubstantial day/ #haiku (...

@HappiForever: First frost -- beautiful / tendrils that melt when they're traced, / water and now air. #haiku #senryu

@iDharma: Hollywood cries out, / brazen in Roman's defense: / "'Twas so long ago." #haikuchallenge #brazen #haiku

@Christwitery: Plumes gilded in gold / shields brazen with finest bronze / arrows tear your heart /// #haiku #haikuchallenge

@wockerjabby: air chills fingertips / bodega bacon smells good / clouds part for sunrise. #haiku

@Etsujin_Haiku: The wind pulls me up / making me one with the clouds / watching the blue world #haiku

@Qishin: Pissing in the wind // autumn gust // sends back the warmth #haiku

@gavindecuir: Over a lunch break / chainsaws fuss in the far field / Dismembering limbs. #haiku

@jimpenny: Morning earthquaking. / Tsunamis washing about. / I need more coffee. #haiku

@KarenHAustin: crows cackle at dawn; ~ cacophony calls back to ~ prehistoric age #haiku

@moleary_lit: A child's embrace holds / treasure chests of love and trust / be worthy of it. #haiku

@wqueens7: - Clouds flee dawn today/ Symbolic of something I/ Cannot understand/ #haiku

@AshiAkira: Fallen gingko nuts/ scattered apart from each other/ Do they feel lonely? #haiku #senryu

@KrisLindbeck: Through the dawn window / mockingbird and mourning dove / in counterpoint | #haiku

@AshiAkira: Air is getting cold/ Why does sadness come with the/ falling of tree leaves? #haiku #poetry

@AshiAkira: Thick dark clouds above/ I can still see a full moon/ by closing my eyes #haiku #poetry

@Christwitery: The sky calls to us / we are headed for the stars / to the dawn of light /// #haiku

@concisionflux: Naked Beauty: / a bunch of poppies / displayed in an old clay pot / stands by the window / #haiku /

@shadfromdc: Coffee's for Closers: / First prize is the Olympics. / Third prize is health care. #haiku #poetry #olympics

@TaoWizard: Chi was existent, Long before the mind was born, Cultivate the root. #haiku

@Mamad: Rising late from sleep,/scurrying in dawn's stillness./September chill braces. #haiku

@wqueens7: Nothing in the mail/ Could prove just how much you mean/ In your son's wide world/ #haiku #birthday #dad

@wqueens7: Happy birthday dad/ I'm so glad that I know you/ 'Cause you made me me/ #haiku

@sagourd: feet cold on concrete / Earth spins to fast setting moon / long nights are afoot #haiku

@yelirekim: Twitter sits idly / Wistfully, begs me to tweet / I alt+1 to code #haiku

@Paiku: Wind comes racing back / With news of / Freshly turned soil / #haiku #micropoetry

@Christwitery: A billion suns / every thing is made from stars / supernova baby /// #haiku

@Christwitery: We are water / without a clean source we die / axiomatic /// #haiku

@gennepher: Dark dull cloudy day / Halogen uplighter on / Lighting my ceiling. #haiku #haikutherapy (after NotOneNotTwo's tweets on billion suns!)

@omewan: negativity / from inside or from others / clouds in front of stars #haiku

awhoopeekat: chasing butterflies/ prancing around and waiting/ with a broken net/ ~ Title: winning is not a option ~/ #haiku

@gennepher: Dog very subdued / Won't eat breakfast now. Intruder / must have frightened her. #haiku

@Christwitery: One finger on Mars / another touches Venus / my head in the stars /// #haiku

@TaoWizard: Onwards I journey, Every moment passing, Each moment a joy #haiku

@Jemfyr: Midnight masquerade / long, black lashes, smiling eyes / fishnet, veiled glances /// #haiku

@mplardie: Changed Furnace Filter. / It Took Three Quite Smart Adults / To Figure Out How. #haiku

@HappiForever: With time we learn what / It means to be human. / Fallible, broken and whole again. / Definitely not Humpty Dumpty. #micropoetry

@Qishin: by the buffet // sitting ignored // vegetarian dishes #senryu

@Jemfyr: Orange poppy seed cake / citrusy butter frosted / bite me fork delights /// #haiku

@Christwitery: Your peeled icy grapes / for you, washed in bright sunshine / rolls against your cheek /// #haiku

@gennepher: So many people / Struggling in their everyday lives / Yet they all achieve. #haiku #haikutherapy

@Christwitery: Astral travel tour / ceiling, clouds, moon, Mars, deep breath / look down, at your self /// #haiku

@gennepher: Intense golden light / end of tunnel - denied me / I have to come back. #haiku #haikutherapy

@gennepher: Yippee! Day at home / Do what I want - chores can wait / A mad woman day! #haiku #haikutherapy

@urbancrafter: Our love spans out :: beyond our confined bodies :: to where I AM you. #haiku #soul #love

@carol_red: first sunrise / the mountains and fields / taken by snow #haiku

@Adamfyre: Whiskery kittens ~ Tiny claws, smell like heaven ~ Such fierce predators...:) #haiku #senryu

@urbancrafter: your honey kisses :: linger and my lips buzz like :: invisible bees. #haiku #love

@Tetsubishi: Cassiopeia / smirks from her silver throne / and drops a pearl; / what else could I wish for / but the end of wishing? #tanka

@urbancrafter: cat walks in streetlight, :: slowly slinks away into :: the inky shadows. #haiku

@Adamfyre: Sleepy eyes closing ~ Head not exploding, dozing, ~ Sweet concerned Kiwi :) @Juliasnz #senryu

@urbancrafter: bathed in candlelight, :: accentuated shadows :: and highlighted peaks. #haiku #love

@urbancrafter: Darkness descended; -- window reflects myself and -- the formless shadows. #haiku

@urbancrafter: hollow sea shell sounds :: echo from empty space where :: a heart used to be. #haiku #haikutherapy

@Juliasnz: The rain falls like tears / ripping open a letter / to reveal my heart #haiku #tears

@MeeAugraphie: Blush of twilight streaks / moon fights to gain composure / sun exposes night #haiku

@Jemfyr: Spread her wings with thumbs / twittered, twirler pixie dance / Thumbelina love /// #haiku

@Yojinbo: What love promises / Is not a happy ending / But a sad farewell. #haiku #love

@Adamfyre: I write her poems ~ because I am too shy to ~ tell her I love her.. #senryu

@MeeAugraphie: His voice whispers joy ~ as tiny fingers clasp toes ~ harmony of coos #haiku #love

@Jemfyr: Blindfolded she walks / arms out to the side, tiptoe / high wire escape /// #haiku #poetwist

@Juliasnz: I will follow you / to the sea shore staring at / the waves run away #haiku #waves