Sunday, December 6, 2009



@greenbaybarb: @denalstevens I must have gone to the wrong school...
I've never heard of #haiku.


@Kate_TW: Long night moon hidden~ her nimbus mask pressing down~ cold seeping in #haiku

@tWordBird: Winter’s barren chill / I need viridescent dreams / Lush warmth clothed in greens. #haiku #artwiculate

@Jemfyr: The sun will rise tomorrow~ for saints and sinners~ both bleed // #micropoetry #Jemjots

@NotOneNotTwo: // spinning round the earth ~ moon wonders why he can't see ~ my face through the clouds // #haiku #newideas

@moonflowernco: night is so quiet / clouds have moved in low hiding / stars waiting for snow #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Out of autumn's ruins -- the black leaves of winter ... crows." - #haiku #poetry

@dragonheartsong: My soul cries aloud // my aching heart needs shutters // to weather the storm. #haiku #senryu #grief

@HaikuSocial: evocative skies - revive distant memories - whilst serenading #haiku #poetry

@Jemfyr: Closer to my lips / read me what you wrote today / love when he says this /// #senryu #poetry #love

@Jemfyr: Remote log cabin / underneath twisted oak tree / fireplace burns for two /// #haiku

@MissBusa: Walking in the night ~ probabilities rob you ~ of your sanity. #senryu #MissBusaHT

@HappiForever: Wash body like mind / Til water runs clear, so all / retains the Dharma. #haiku #shobogenzo7 autumn moon rises / gets swallowed by clouds / comes back again...! #haiku Our circle expands ~ a poets love ripples out ~ so others may share #senryu #love

@Adamfyre: Your tears are prayers ~ they flow from your heart to mine ~ they whisper "thank you". #senryu @senryunectar

@Adamfyre: I call God "Darling" ~ because I know that I am held ~ compassionately. #senryu #love

@Adamfyre: Love is seeking Love ~ when lovers make eye contact ~ Love has found itself. #senryu @senryunectar

@senryunectar: tears softly flowing ~ from my eyes, I'm so touched by ~ how you care for me #senryu @adamfyre

@senryunectar: quiet winter night ~ reading his words, watching God ~ move through him to me #senryu @adamfyre

@MissBusa: Take reality, ~ I don't want it anymore. ~ Escape into dreams. #senryu #MissBusaHT

@Jemfyr: Do not share a secret~ unless you are at the heart of one // #micropoetry

@MissBusa: Pandora Exploit: ~ I take your box, open it. ~ Your secrets stolen. #senryu #MissBusaHT

@wqueens7: Advent calendar/ Counting the days til Christmas/ and war on money/ #haiku

@MeeAugraphie: I need no new dreams ~ interwined with yours they spread ~ concentric circles #haiku

@Jemfyr: Wake up universe / message sleeps in a bottle / uncork, live in love /// #haiku

@Rehfan: Secret parts of you // brush against me under warm // sheets, ready for me. #haiku #poetry

@NotOneNotTwo: // the minds of artists ~ see ghosts of masterpieces ~ in everyday things // #haiku #newideas @AshiAkira

@Adamfyre: My heart is a lamp ~ my love cannot be hidden ~ bursting into flame. #senryu #love @senryunectar

@NYHaiku: a treat left behind - / white street fights to remain black / winter's first snowfall #haiku #haikuchallenge #snow

@Jemfyr: Stainless steel blades stroke / icy blue glistening glass / skating at midnight /// #haiku #iceskating

@Naumadd: Naumadd: "Away, away winter crows -- nothing but yourselves -- for the picking." - #haiku #poetry

@Jemfyr: I bend at borders / folding myself up in you / origami notes /// #haiku

@carltonhalpert: The wolf's useless puff // came too late, for forclosure // blew the pigs down first. #haiku #story

@NotOneNotTwo: // swift ocean currents ~ spreading the toxins with the ~ speed of mercury // #haiku #newideas #coal #green

@NotOneNotTwo: // katydids, clover ~ frogs, dragonflies, pine needles... ~ things viridescent // #haiku @tWordBird

@wqueens7: - The Cake is still here/ But you are still in Brooklyn/ See how long it lasts/ #haiku

@chaosincolor: Less complexity. Slowly finding clarity. And those keys I lost. #haiku

@NotOneNotTwo: // painter on a bench ~ watching exquisite colors ~ blow across the park // #haiku #newideas

@carltonhalpert: Ticker-tape litters // the streets which are unswept since // 1963. #haiku #haikuchallenge

@JoeFlows: I'm only human/ just like you, I make mistakes/ but I learn from MINE #haiku #poetry

@Tobuno: Thoughts shatter like glass/ shards of past into present/ I chose now with you. #haiku #poetry

@Christwitery: Everyman lives / on the same street that I do / sharing the same dreams /// #haiku #haikuchallenge #street

@TryinOnANewLife: one thousand thin strands / brite star tinsel strewn with care / ninety nine cent fun. #senryu

@AndraNorris: In our day, we wrote // we'd send our true-love letters // sealed with a kiss // #haiku #poetry

@simonscotland: A room in the dark / imagination goes wild / creating new dreams #haiku

@moonflowernco: two minutes after / curling up on window seat / cat's snoring away #haiku

@karmabird: Typesetters may dream / Of the idyllic landscape’d / Isles of San Serriffe #haiku by PaulDavies: originated the SanS hoax: '77 The Guardian

@jimpenny: Electric blanket / warm, toasty, controller clicks / makes my piggies smile. #haiku

@haiku_soup: China would envy // you if it knew about the // Wall around your heart. #haiku

@haikubee: night bus / her reflection looks at / my reflection #haiku #micropoetry

@uppi17: I am going deaf / She said this too many times: / "it's iridescent" #100days #haiku

@JDProuty: Everyone lives on ~ the sunny side of the street ~ at least once a day #haikuchallenge #street #haiku #senryu

@Adamfyre: Procrastination ~ I'm going to put it off ~ until next weekend.. #senryu @senryunectar

@Jemfyr: One snowy eve, a / blanketed woodsy Vermont / weeped crystal-iced leaves /// #haiku #poetry

@ndude had something to say / but then it all went away / snow falling softly #haiku /

@haikubee: chitchat - / a puddle / becoming pavement #haiku #micropoetry #nanopoetry

@haikuoftheday: first snow / melts into whiteness / of new concrete -sek #haiku

@CaroCrow: I dreamt of Ix Chel ~ her raindrops spawning rainbows ~ her hands healing me. #haiku

@jbouzou: Starred night / baking potatoes / in hardwood embers. #haiku #micropoetry

@haikubee: starless night - / the shadow curl / of the cat's tail #haiku #micropoetry

@jbouzou: Winter night / between two dreams / a past life bubble. #haiku

@InVinceWil: the sky assembles / a white quilt below, stitch and / patch, by the moment #haiku

@NotOneNotTwo: / thoughts fall from the clouds ~ finding refuge in my mind ~ slowly seeping in // #haiku #newideas

@Tetsubishi: blossoms and leaves dead / boughs droop, graceful, under snow / burdened and adorned #haiku

@haiQ: / Whimsical snowflakes / flit merrily on the wind / then melt on contact. / - #winter #haiku

heavypennies: Love is oft fragile, yet unlike a spring flower, love blooms all seasons #haiku

@haiku_soup: Tracks fade in the snow / They won't find me here, Alone / Adrift and at peace #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Lazy Optimists… // "Good things come to those who wait" // is your new motto. #haiku #senryu #nuffsaid

@haiku_andy: Daily Haiku - \\ old tracks in the snow \ boots, tires, more than one dog-- \ we've been here before \\ #haiku

@davemreed: It's hard to cough this much and still be human. #haiku

@EliznMaeve: the first snow falling/ wish on a flake like a star/ melt it on your tongue #haiku #twaiku

@haikucouture: fallen flakes blanket | extracting sound from the world | a unique silence [ #haiku ]

@ndude: had something to say / but then it all went away / snow falling softly #haiku

@KOOLFOOLTATTOO: Pack of deer/ walking through woods, hunt/ season done! #haiku the pack survived.

@yearning4d_sky: The streetcorner where we met // many moons ago still // clutches my heart #haikuchallenge #haiku

@tony_keeton: success in pinstripe / a man who has everything / but who hates it all #haiku

@graffitipoet: Glittering snowflakes/Glistening in the sunlight/Kaleidoscopic #haiku

@carltonhalpert: In the dream city // of the sleeping cheesemakers // streets are paved with mold. #haiku #haikuchallenge #cheese

@moonflowernco: a high forest path / with the wind in the tree tops / nature's peaceful street #haiku #haikuchallenge

@LesleyDewar: Hungry urchins beg ~~ carriage wheels clattering by ~~ street rustles with silk #haiku #haikuchallenge *street

@pianamon: crossing busy street / I try to watch carefully / it's a Frogger game - #haiku #haikuchallenge #street

@Adamfyre: Shadow on the field ~ baby red tailed hawk catches ~ glimpse of a field mouse.. #haiku

@Jemfyr: I carved your name in / soft petals, penned metal gray / you left yesterday /// #haiku

@jbouzou: Christmas time / childhood memories / as embers. #senryu #micropoetry

@NotOneNotTwo: // death of a friend ~ still warm, green ceramic cup ~ lying in pieces // #haiku #newideas

@NotOneNotTwo: // middle of nowhere ~ he stops and listens for it ~ and hears it again // #haiku #newideas

@NotOneNotTwo: // don't know just how long ~ only remember her face ~ and the love I felt // #haiku (sometimes it's this way, too) @Alismcg @jbouzou

@jbouzou: Fifteen years later / can't remember her face / - still loving her. #senryu #micropoetry

@jsjxyz: a bunch of flowers; the red one; is you (from jsjhaiku) #haiku

@InVinceWil: eavesdropping on life / peeking through the blinds, craving/ streets underfoot #haiku #haikuchallenge

@Jemfyr: Dewy leaves, petals / ribbons wrestled in my hair / asleep in meadow /// #haiku

@Mamad: First snow falls outside./Virginia rears in fear./A rite of winter. #haiku

@jbouzou: Old chest of drawers / ending its life / in the fireplace. #haiku (Thanks to it to warm me ! :o) )

@scottrmcgrew: look into their soul ~ you will find they’re just like you ~ searching for answers #senryu

@Jemfyr: Steamed window inside / icicle drips shine outside / loving you through pane /// #haiku #love

@senryunectar: A pocket surprise ~ note curled up inside says I ~ am thinking of you #senryu

@senryunectar: Leaving messages ~ for him to find later she ~ imagines the smiles #senryu

@senryunectar: Lazy afternoon ~ head bent forward reading while ~ steam lifts off her tea #senryu

@thaleia: Now I close my eyes / slumbering sleep soft swiftly / never waking up #haiku

@Jemfyr: In my arms, I shall carry you to the pond. It is there you write poetry upon my lips // #micropoetry #fraglit #love

@lippy73: Street full of empty / flow of bodies rushing past / vacant eyes stare past #senryu #haikuchallenge #haiku

@mlharr: sunlit morning/ first frost/ grass glistens like snow #haiku

@mckra1g: Frost-tipped winter grass / bows, bends and dances along / with this morning's birds. #haiku #poetry

@Rehfan: I cast love upon // great waters, praying that they // wash upon your shore. #haiku #poetry

@Rehfan: If I look moon-ward // and so do you, will our hearts // beat at the same time? #haiku #poetry

@Rehfan: Very doggedly // determined I strive to stay // sane without you, love. #haiku #poetry

@Rehfan: I know you are safe. // You told me so. Belief is // hard. You're not with me. #haiku #poetry

@twitwrit: obituary / sad to read name of old friend / she'll be sorely missed #haiku

@twitwrit: obituary / glad to read name of that jerk / he'll hurt no one else #haiku

@taosdawn: farenheit settles / at One. windows etched silver / smoke curls from chimney — #newmexico artist #haiku

@kaisernova: when the pain was too much / God had to shut his eyes / a tear of death fell #haiku #haikur

@twitwrit: walking down the street / trying to look like i'm cool / too tough to get mugged #haiku

@tiny_epic: With twinkle in eyes/ Santa tells son honest truth/ son believes again! #haiku 3/4

@dgdreamin: Rain falling hard now / glistening on street pavement / car tire trails appear #Haiku #Haiku challenge - 'street'

@yearning4d_sky: till rain falls// mingling with dew// and my tears RT @sevenlives: etched on wet soil / shadows of spinning wheel / till rain falls..#haiku

@yearning4d_sky: the sky is one ~the seas are one// matters not when hearts are one// cast your doubts aside #haiku #haikuchallenge

@EvaUnitOne: *GraW Grwll RwAr snArllL Rrrr / Growl Grr ROAR Grrr snArll snort aRrrr / Graw Snarrr rrOAR Snrrt grAW!! * ....#Haiku

@labisiffre: Reading the day's casualty figures / He loads a bigger pen / Clearly the sword has been ineffective #poetry #micropoetry #politics

@dgdreamin: Raindrops falling down / were they snowflakes higher up / melting as they fell? #Haiku

@ReneRamos: A new recipe / for a better tasting soup: / less salt and more love. #haiku #twaiku #soup #love #humility #cooking

@lastsurvivor: In crowded street, he asks / “I am not in this present” / “Who am I right now ?” #haiku #haikuchallenge

@tiny_epic: Night, the stars twinkle/ and so do the Christmas lights/ on our quiet street. #haikuchallenge #haiku 'street'

@sevenlives: the ocean fills / half of the earth / why in your eyes?? #haiku

@comballey: Saxophone roars loud • no one around to object • artifacts and me • #haiku

@anticlimatic: The song of the sparrows/ Is heard only by the crows whose heart's beat/ For the pigeons that don't know they exist. #micropoetry

@AshiAkira: Deep in night drizzling/ Only fragrance is with me/ from my old teacup #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@wqueens7: - Off in the distance/ Past the polluted river/ Are the city's spires/ #haiku

@wqueens7: - Birthday flat tire fixed/ In just under a half hour/ Brooklyn, here I come/ #haiku

@wqueens7: @wqueens7 - Ghostbikes sadden me/ And children dying riding/ Steal lifetimes of joy/ #haiku

@Christwitery: Gulls over jetty / flying like ghosts in the night / pale shadow dancers /// #haiku

@wqueens7: empty morning. Wonderful birthday/ Full of my selfish pleasures/ Makes anticlimax/ #haiku (pic)

@HaikuDelight: indivisible / the atoms of dinosaurs / rebuilt in my life #haiku

@LeendaLoo: i am singular / I see this now that you're gone / I did not just die #twitku #haiku #latenighthaiku

@CliveM: Today is new, fresh / untouched, unmarked yet by you / leave a mark - own it #haiku #life

@Blairyk: Crashing, crashing now./ Alas! My body tires./ I'm no pink rabbit./ #haiku

@sevenlives: smile speaks / lot of unsaid words / in a swarm of crowd..#haiku

@Jemfyr: When I am alone in the forest~ you are closest to me // #micropoetry

@scottrmcgrew: souls reach out, touching ~ passion burns within, a flame ~ enticing a moth ~ #haiku ~ @Spycnsweet

@Jemfyr: I miss the sound of your voice~ the hush of your skin~ the still of our silence // #micropoetry #love

@Miridunn: Your lips are on mine ~ I quiver as you taste me ~ lips to lips we are ~ #hatiku #haiku

@CDominiqueG: my body shivers.../feeling the loss of your warm .../breath brushing my back #haiku #cdominiquegibson

@Jemfyr: Nocturnal writing / haiku casting silhouette / nighttime poetry /// #haiku #poetry

@Jemfyr: Hold my hand in the park at dawn~ you are my horizon // #micropoetry

@Jemfyr: Talking is overrated~ just hold my gaze // #micropoetry

@JDProuty: Fractured fairytale ~ This one went beyond the pale ~ Booty and the Beast #haikuchallenge #beast #haiku #senryu

@NotOneNotTwo: // fallen from the tree ~ iridescent green starfruit ~ waiting for wishes // #haiku #newideas

@Jemfyr: Glistening shoreline / looming moon forbidden treat / starfruit succulence /// #haiku

@Yojinbo: Snowflakes are the Fall / Of Satan's heavenly host / Falling from heaven. #haiku #theology

@gardenbuddha: Big spreading fronds of // treefern filtering sunlight // to the shade dwellers #haiku

@StevieTrees: without looking back / I would hold you up, again / If you would ask me #haiku

@lippy73: Sweet angel kisses / floating softly from the sky / caught on children’s tongues #haiku

@gustoblusto: Three ravens came // the day Rock and Roll George died // West End remembers you #haiku

@bainer: prof's ancient lab coat/ bunson burner, chemistry/ yellow chalk-stained cuffs #haiku

@scottclyerly: chilly Autumn night / alone in the house, sometimes / I miss the cat - SCL #haiku

@NotOneNotTwo: // leap with your eyes closed ~ fall from your life of sadness... ~ and trust your mind's wings // #haiku (inspired by @Miridunn's RISK)

@gtcronin: Different worlds, same bed - Silent dreams under cover Of new moon no stars. #haiku #poetry

@APoetsTweets: shorty i really/ wanted to be everything/ you needed, come on #haiku

@NotOneNotTwo: // outside, we're snowdeep ~ making love in the backyard ~ in my summer dreams... // #haiku #newideas (inspired by Emiliana's music)

@CaroCrow: What a play Life is ~ that we can all be Beauty ~ and also the Beast. #haiku #haikuchallenge "beast"

@Bill312: bending low -- / this hole in the hedge / on a path that I know | #haiku #senryu

@whisper1111: my fingers caress/ the only skin that matters/as time slows to crawl #haiku

@CDominiqueG: there is no quick cure.../ though the heart breaks faster than.../speed of light and sound #haiku #cdominiquegibson

@poetwist: ~ ~ broad brush-stroke of light / do many eyes see me too? / starship Milky way ~ ~ #haiku #poetwist

@Adamfyre: God wrote a poem ~ She named it "My Darling Child" ~ It is you and me. #senryu

@Adamfyre: I wrote a poem ~ all in invisible ink ~ "From my Heart to God". #senryu

@simonscotland: In this empty room / moments from the past echo / then they fade away #haiku

@Adamfyre: God kissed me today ~ with the lips of her daughter ~ I kissed her right back.. #senryu

@CDominiqueG: dove fallen in snow.../ these tears for her broken wings.../prayers for healing #haiku #cdominiquegibson

@Rehfan: Ev'ning finds me here // staring through rain-soaked glass and // happy you are home. #haiku #poetry

@Tobuno: Didn’t I tell you/ your ship will sail to my shore/ I am the lighthouse. #haiku #senryu

@chaosincolor: Christmas teddy bears. Soon they will be everywhere. That's just how we roll. #haiku

@haikunut: Worry, guilt, distraction, ~ anger: I set them aside ~ and wait. I'm waiting. #senryu #advent

@senryunectar: hurting from struggle ~ Try a little tenderness ~ the world hugs you back #senryu

@senryunectar: The most tender touch ~ grazes my shoulders, I sigh ~ back into your arms #senryu

@AshiAkira: Scent flows in the air/ Only threshold to cross in/ Waits tranquility #Zen #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@CDominiqueG: walking on water.../flirting with fire and flames.../dancing with the wind #haiku #cdominiquegibson

@AshiAkira: Soft sunshine thin clouds/ Furiously warn sparrows/ Rains coming later #senryu #haiku

@senryunectar: path leads to the moon ~ cresting o'er the hill, a dove ~ flies straight towards it #haiku

@donnapeach: dancing in silence / my eyes meet the lion's gaze / moment of power #breastcancer #haiku

@AshiAkira: Wave mount’ns to my love/ Bring my words with you to her/ Stars twinkle her eyes smile #haiku #poetry (inspired by ancient waka by traveler)

@haikunut: We’ve tried too many ~ ways to say this same sorry. ~ How about silence? #poetwist #senryu

@ashalynd: I am worrying / about many things but / just one is needed --- #haiku #senryu

@jprintup: Mighty grasshopper/ Quietly viewing the world/ Meditating sage #Epoem #Haiku

@senryunectar: oblivious stare ~ commuters clack down the street ~ homeward bound zombies #senryu

@Tobuno: Parched lips long to meet/ each time just like the first time/ and first time, always. #haiku #senryu