Tuesday, September 29, 2009



@Jemfyr: Cherry lipstick stains / your pressed, starchy white collar / blushing brass buttons /// #haiku

@Juliasnz: I will follow you / to the sea shore staring at / the waves run away #haiku #waves

@morganabag: elusive moon / bauble between / branches #haiku

@wqueens7: It takes a long time/ For things to get out of hand/ An instant of years/ #haiku

@Adamfyre: Naked lovers lie ~ Sharing one touch between them ~ Breathing the same breath.. #haiku #senryu

@Adamfyre: We seem different ~ and yet our inner brilliance ~ is one flame, not two.. #senryu

@iDharma: Om mani padme hung: / tonight metta hums loud / with a twangha's voice. #twangha #Buddhism #haiku

@iDharma: Mindful, each alone / on his own cushion tonight: / together a Twangha. #twangha #Buddhism #haiku

@Bill312: almost sunset / even the barbed wire / looks golden | #poetwist (wire) #haiku #senryu

@wqueens7: http://twitpic.com/jnh7y - Fortunate New York/ To live where the trains still run/ The vote stopped GM!/ #haiku

@Bill312: immense, / this pile of sand / to the sand crab | #haikuchallenge (immense) #haiku

@carol_red: before dinner... / the spider and a fly / share the sunset #haiku

@Nina_M: Here we are again / Change is the only constant / Some things never change. #haiku

@MeeAugraphie: Balanced on wired nerves / mind and heart go hand to hand / precarious perch #poetwist #haiku

@RavNLynx: night angel ascends / moon mist swirls 'round steady wings/ stardust in his wake #haiku

@KrisLindbeck: A cirrus sky / one hundred dark dragonflies / with golden wings | #haiku

@gustoblusto: Sitting on old steps // drinking oolong // as good as it gets #haiku

@gustoblusto: Magpie at birdbath // wind dried up water // hang on! #haiku

@Christwitery: Cobwebs in the dust / acorns waiting for rainstorm / outside my windowsill /// #haiku

@poeticmindset: The icy footsteps / of winter's forgotten past / heard in the distance #haiku #poetry

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Cobwebs and acorns - a dusty windowsill ... unopened letters." - #haiku #poetry

@DigitalSalon: cold damp wind blowing / chilling through to skin and bones / feeling so alive #twaiku #haiku

@josephcurwin: Autumn in Vermont / Is a difficult season / As everything dies. #haiku

@nappypoet: music made me free/ to love you like yesterday/ so we played inside #haiku

@poeticmindset: In these love moments / sprinkled stardust from night sky / yesterday's roses #senryu #poetry

@thylacine221: A dust-riddled lane / on the Nevada highway / brings cowboys back home #haiku

@morganabag: crayola sun / rises over school/ melonball bright #haiku

@morganabag: sunrise / from my classroom / burnt orange crayon #haiku

@urbancrafter: The best love's blooming :: in the heart of a wild field :: littered with your seeds. #haiku #love

@urbancrafter: hearts are like mirrors: -- the world reflects back what you -- think it is you see. #haiku

@CliveM: We think we rule but / the world turns without a care - / we do not matter. #haiku #philosophy

@Alismcg: break time #haiku: musta grown weary / climbing up and down all day / just hang loose spider #haikutherapy

@urbancrafter: You in me, and I :: in you, soul's blue light carries :: us to nothingness. #haiku #love

@gustoblusto: Sceptics Anonymous // meeting date // uncertain #haiku

@gustoblusto: Prophets Anonymous // meeting cancelled // but you knew already, didn't you? #haiku

@Alismcg: poem #haiku: grown drunk poet soul / drink deep lifes bitter drafts - / hicc-up! speak O voice #haikutherapy @Dr_Wes

@urbancrafter: I have loved you here, :: in this eternal place for :: a thousand lifetimes. #haiku #love

@urbancrafter: Tussled hair flirts with :: your eyes, I brush it aside, :: leaning for a kiss. #haiku #love

@haiku_andy: Daily haiku - \\ gray autumn morning \ dog waits by the door while I \ dig out last year's coat \\ #haiku #senryu

@Adamfyre: I smile quietly ~ Because I feel you, softly ~ Smiling about me. #senryu

@Alismcg: changes #haiku: ev'n clouds grow older / turning gray losing water / dry leaf chased old cat #haikutherapy

@edoowado: stones rolling downhill / yellow leaves rolling upwind _ / gravity shows off #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Why are we aware? // thinking about paperclips // which are wire wares. #haiku #poetwist

@carltonhalpert: Gluttony was the // Cardinal's cardinal sin // Immense Eminence. #haiku #haikuchallenge

@Lintedd: the elusive muse/from a dream within a dream/she whispers of love. #haiku

@ldwilkinson: Waiting room— / the old women compete / for the highest BP. #senryu #micropoetry

@cre8tivkj: An immense distance / Greater than the universe / Two hearts divided #haiku #haikuchallenge (immense)

@Tetsubishi: ten swans, one heron: / the bleached-blonde soccer moms / and I #senryu

@gennepher: I open a book / Your valentine card falls out / A heart and kisses. #haikutherapy #haiku

@carol_red: dinner in Paris - / he whispers in French / onion soup on his lips #senryu

@carol_red: the argument - / he admits he's wrong / to her perfect breasts #senryu #haiku

@purelovenergy: leap off open eyed ~ fly through galaxies and stars ~ this is who you are #haiku

karawynn: weather turns colder / cat suddenly remembers / how much he likes laps. #haiku

@aguilobo: #haiku Eating with chopsticks helps one to appreciate every grain of rice

@purelovenergy: uncover your soul ~ returning to source awake ~ present through all things #haiku

@clyroroberts: Sky slashed bleeding red / night wrapping its black bandage / close your eyes now - see #haiku #poetry

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "In cold winds - shhh, trees and me ... shhh, falling." - #haiku #poetry

@thaleia: I close my eyes, wish / do you still watch over me / heavenly whispers #haiku

@purelovenergy: feel the all of it ~ the only way out is through ~ all gateways to love #haiku #love

@digitalinkwell: Chain smoker breathe deep / If rattled coughs won't stop you / Sick beds clear all lungs #haiku

@firdaussiagian: six feet under/ and the wind goes to the east --/ a fallen leaf #haiku

@KrisLindbeck: Ansel Adams / in my office the fall aspen / silver | #haiku

@julianyarac: intensa ilusiòn/ infinita gratitud/Tu estas cerca ! (intense illusion / infinite gratitude / You are close !) #Haiku

@TianMind: The smell of incense / Its duty to remind me / My bad sinuses #haiku

@hermonhermit: shortening days / the cat limps home / long after dawn #haiku

@yoyason: Over the desert / a haze of dust and color / painted by the wind #haiku

@NYHaiku: blue washes out blue / crashing waves drown out seagulls - / immense horizon #haiku #haikuchallenge

@juanlumora: al sonreir / el suelo se desploma / y surge el vuelo (the smile / the floor collapses / [and] arises flight) #haiku #poema

@eemalevanah: the leaves giggle / flower petals wink and smile / nature tickles me #haiku #haikutherapy

@eemalevanah: at midnight the moon / was wide awake just lounging / in my swimming pool #haiku #haikutherapy

@Tobuno: This duality/ you, me, pleasure, pain, day & night/ the Dreamer's dreams dreamt. #haiku #nonduality

@geekphilosophy: Beautiful lady / up there on the mountain top / safe from the cold rain #haiku

@gavindecuir: Moans of distant trains / follow me around today— / tracks form a circle. #haiku

@mattmchugh: ** Twitter #haiku ** Iran demands its / "nuclear rights"--but they forget / only we have those

@mamasanta: rush-hour subway / pressed against a stranger / our faces expressionless #senryu

@mamasanta: during our quarrel / he corrects / my grammar #senryu

@mamasanta: Lying / I tell him I'm not / looking for a prince #Haiku #senryu

@birdhaiku: running from sea foam / to hide under the mangroves - / Solitary Sandpiper #haiku #birding

@Christwitery: Closing my mind to / crazy surreal dreams of night / caffeine induced sleep /// #haiku

@SenryuTuesday: I want to escape / Pretend I'm a dinosaur / And RAAWWRRR all day long #Senryu #SenryuTuesday

@cydharrell: Dirtiest offer / this nice girl's gotten in years: / 9:30 AM I always wonder / if it's a percentage play / or if I'm special #haiku

@urbancrafter: bellowing fear voice :: drowns out patient, quiet sound :: of whispering soul. #haiku

@urbancrafter: the tree stands still as :: branches long to fly off in :: playful gusts of wind. #haiku

urbancrafter: floor shadows dancing :: rectangular patch of sun :: cat's paw batting them. #haiku

@franscud: His immense problems / best captured through a peep hole / bottle tilting back ~ #haiku #haikuchallenge (immense)

@rascality: dung heap grows lotus / contempt nurtures compassion / injustice feeds love #politics #haiku

@Alismcg: 2 bean or not 2 bean? #haiku: left holding bag shake! / mornings embrace cup waiting / woulda bean stuck falls #haikutherapy @Dr_Wes

@hiway: Battery dead / the phone complains / through silence. #haiku ?

@gennepher: My last solitary red / apple fell into the pond / a snail clinging on. #haiku

@gennepher: Had to clear out pond / Disgruntled slimy toad stares / at me balefully. #haiku

@BurningHawk1969: Tuesday starts slowly / Gathering for avalanche / One snowflake, drifting. #haiku

@jimmorgan09: : Clouds slow the sunrise Wrap the world in a blanket- Even birds are grounded http://bit.ly/oopXX #haiku #senryu

@haiQ: / Summer is over: / back to blowdrying my hair / to keep myself warm. / - #autumn #haiku

@10ch: a graffiti gift / announces itself sweetly / over and over #experimonth #haiku http://flic.kr/p/73qm3n

@yoyason: almost cold and grey/ bare feet shuffle on the floor/ regretfully/ smell the aroma of coffee/ simmering in the kitchen #tanka

@BruceStewart: G'day! — Up dark and early / Cats complain about cold and rain / The house becomes still. (#haiku)

@urbancrafter: lying together :: restful, peaceful, deep slumber, :: occasional snort. #haiku LOL

@Nina_M: Dear noisy builders / I'm trying to read next door / SHADDAP! Kthxbai #haiku

@Christwitery: So I said - Hey Babe / take a walk on the wild side / sugar plum fairy /// #haiku #LouKu

@jamesciriaco: So slowly, this night / unclenches and recedes from / the fingers of dawn. #poetry #haiku

@foxpaw17: Angle of light changed // Donkey shadow went away // Aww, it makes me sad #haiku

@FullregaliaDE: On top of the world/ Sometimes is a lonely place/ Would not change a thing. #haiku #poetry #gratitude #happy #thinkthankful #TT

@CliveM: Won't her love put / an immense strain on my heart? / My bored doctor shrugs. #haikuchallenge #haiku

@svitlo: #haiku Осенний ветер / напорист, угрюм, светел. / Тепло на душе... (autumn wind / pushy, sullen, radiant. / Warmth on the soul ...)

@Lawrencejiko: Big green cabbage / sitting on the altar / — the Buddha ! // #haiku

@Stanks: #haiku Tea in the morning, Bailey's from Grafton Street, steeped too long, bitter.

@CliveM: Eating brie, fresh bread / Autumnal dreams of Paris / sat at work instead #haiku

@mamasanta: New diary / writing what / my mother wants to hear #haiku #senryu

@thalgyur: broken car / I have to walk / — I walk // #haiku

@Lawrencejiko: ~ Nets sinking into sea / trawled light bulbs suspended / night fishing begins / Obama bay evening / yellowtail and mackerel // #tanka

@johnniebgoode: #haiku #senyru Nightmare woke me up / I was tresspassing his land / I won the fight though

@whuddafugger: "Last night I saw a / naked cowgirl. She was floating / across the ceiling." -- ZZ Top #haiku

@Nina_M: My cat's looking pleased / I swing one foot out of bed / Another hairball >:| #haiku

@Eternal_Spring: Stems in drooping curves / Dry orchid petals like tissue paper / Happy Birthday #Haiku #micropoetry

@KrisLindbeck: Young hawk / perched by the street / a lonely cry | #haiku

@forgottenworks: found among / the swept up leaves / discarded birdsong #micropoetry #haiku

@Lawrencejiko: Hatahata chugging / Out to sea _ ~ Saba , Saké / Oōyū , Hamachi . // #haiku @sushi

@Christwitery: My heart is a pond / throw rocks in and watch ripples / smiling on my face /// #haiku

@concisionflux: Kodachrome: / a green willow branch / shimmers in the pale sunlight / by the garden gate / #haiku / http://yfrog.com/1qxfihj

@wqueens7: http://twitpic.com/jl7w9 - Placid blue sunrise/ Cammoflages the turmoil/ That upsets my life/ #haiku

@ianbran: #haiku ....i see the roses....and i can smell the roses....but i can't have them

@gennepher: Honey buzzards hovering / So incredibly high up / Are moths in the sky. #haiku

@gennepher: Caterpillars still / Eating away at my kale / When will I get some? #haiku

@AshiAkira: Looking at a globe/ Over equator, flowers/ must be like leaves here #haiku #poetry

@AshiAkira: For democracy/ Suu Kyi has a government/ to run. Free her now #haiku #poetry