Monday, September 14, 2009



Dragonfly alights
resting briefly on my words
then carries them home



@urbancrafter: souls are as vast as // the universe itself; // there are no limits. #haiku @crside

@Jemfyr: Ruby toes in sand / beneath palm, writing haiku / where you will find me /// #haiku #haikutherapy @Dr_Wes

@Pandark: You step in the stream, - but the water has moved on. - This page is not here. -- Cass Whittington | #quote #haiku

@sleepyface: A lot of my anger / at the end of the day / doesn't count at all #haiku

@Christwitery: A creeping gecko / in heavy metal moments / curling round my thoughts /// #haiku ( @jemfyr ~ loved the gecko <3>

@LarryJaffe: kindred spirits play/they dance into formation/and sigh completeness #haiku

@wannahaiku: she imagined a-father who missed her, who wrote-undelivered mail #haiku

@HappiForever: World spins on a breath--/ whole, empty, the inbetween./No knowing until/ we've sensed the Universe in /the infinity of breath. #tanka

@urbancrafter: heart with wings, landed / / upon a cruel hand, tried to // crush it. heart bites hand. #haiku

@ruinedXfinery: dreaming poetry/ words written on her thigh/ pillow book poetry #haiku

@cre8tivkj: Slithering playmate / wrapping yourself around me / constricting my heart #haiku #poetry

@urbancrafter: silly little bird, // don't you know your wings aren't clipped? // You are free to fly. #haiku

@Christwitery: Cellos briskly rise / to hover over mountains / dancing on the breeze /// #haiku

@wqueens7: Press release police/ Raid on "terrorists" in Queens/ No arrests: not real/ #haiku

@cre8tivkj: Poisonous playmate / Slithering into my life / You're tempting my soul #haiku #poetry

@patrickonium: just red, green, blue / from infinite radiance / to behold you with #haiku #senryu

@Jemfyr: Luscious ladybug / direct dragonfly, seers by / ‘tween the mosquito /// #haiku

@Answers_to_Life: Big dog barks at gate. / I run outside, scolding him. / Suddenly it’s Fall. #haiku #dog & #pet #poetry

@piaveleno: Blinded in darkness / A tiny sound reveals prey / Run, you are hunted #haiku

@wqueens7: Hope I eat my words:/ There're terrorists & no global/ Warming: "YEAH RIGHT!" #haiku #gop

@MeeAugraphie: His eyes penetrate secrets, voice soothes, touch ignites/ My mind shares, heart melts, body melts #micropoetry #love

@twitwrit: pre-teens mime kisses / mocking sister with her beau / dad says, cut it out! #haiku #haikuchallenge 'mime'

@ruinedXfinery: serena should take/ that tennis ball and stuff it/ in kanye's-------mouth #haiku #KANYEASSCLOWN

@oshum: Crickets cricketting - moonlight shimmering - smile on my face. #haiku

@TaoWizard: I toss the pebble, Ripples distort the surface, Flowing back to self #haiku

@Tetsubishi: racing home / before the ice cream melts, / the sky shell-pink #senryu

@mehtoole: our pets little mimes ~ gesticulating with paws ~ wagging i love you #haiku #haikuchallenge mimes

@urbancrafter: search and know yourself / / below the surface, dive to / / the depths of your soul. #haiku

@mehtoole: walkin' like they sin ~ sisters never let 'em in ~ them smooth talkin' men #haiku #senryu #kaihu

@carltonhalpert: Speech impediment // now a distant memory. // No! I soke too spoon. #haiku #poetwist

@Bill312: stirring my coffee -- / the tinkle / of the teaspoon #poetwist (spoon) #haiku #senryu

@DigitalSalon: sitting in the dark / caressed by black velvet night / daylight chased away #twaiku #senryu

@morganabag: spider / skeleton / husk / guards the house / from ghosts #tanka

@heisenthought: Always remember \ No matter how hard you work \ Kanye thinks you suck #haiku

@CDominiqueG: boredom is here/ need a coke desperately/ seventyfive cents #haiku

@Adamfyre: A note from your muse: ~ "I was not hiding, I was ~ a muse-ing myself.." #haiku

@MeeAugraphie: click click click click, click / only in my head I hear / keyboard on silent #senryu

@morganabag: he sees / his own death / in the camera lens #haiku #senryu

@hermonhermit: evening chill / a tortoiseshell hangs / from an oak beam #haiku

@sftmrtn: the meaning of life ? // as if life were a sentence // that we read or wrote ? // #senryu

@alotus_poetry: winter night / there is no difference between / sparrow wings or leaves #haiku

@alotus_poetry: diving into the fog / a seagull draws out / the morning sun #haiku

@bzrd: case of the mondays?/ not me, busily working/ from my couch, with dog #experimonth #haiku

@alotus_poetry: Thursday morning / the sun opens my day / with maggots / crawling / out of the trash can #tanka

@alotus_poetry: on the front porch / a butterfly hypnotized / by wind chimes #haiku

@alotus_poetry: I let the peach / rot in a bowl in my kitchen / for its soft skin / touched your skin / before we both split our lives in half #tanka

@Grenhilda: Panic swells as/ intolerable heat burns/ and nothing is spared #haiku

@Grenhilda: Words can heal and harm/ a cool shower in the heat/ or drowning deluge #haiku

@alotus_poetry: jolting surprise / as I walk outside my door / the garden cockroach / scribbling muddy prints / on my Amazon package #tanka

@juanlumora: este aeropuerto / es una sinfonía / de soledades (this airport / is a symphony / of loneliness) #haiku #poema

@alotus_poetry: changing traffic lights / how my heart skips / between two lovers #senryu

@haiku_andy: Daily haiku - \\ the church is empty. \ no organ, no bride, no vows. \ only the stained light. \\ #haiku

@MeWriteWords: My tricky kitty / Looks angelic / Acts satanic #micropoetry random pic of my calico cat:

@RavNLynx: Starlight and crickets/ could the senses ask for more?/ peace in a hammock #haiku

@Adamfyre: Lost my chocolate ~ I feel like a blonde squirrel ~ looking for his nuts.. #haiku #senryu

@MeeAugraphie: Rejuvinated/ sun dashes from behind gray/ throws sunrays to all #haiku

@wqueens7: Her eyelids painted/ Carefully as a hotrod/ She cruised through her life/ #haiku

@VerboseComa: "Hello," says Sausage / "Oh, good day!" replies Chutney / Lunch-time love affair. #haiku #lunch

@RedRootRaccoon: More than one bird song/in between silent spaces/cats walk by softly #haiku

@HighPeaksResort: Today's #highku - Once you unhitch us / we will gallop through the fields / and drink from the stream #haiku #twaiku

@alotus_poetry: this dusty box / of assorted letters / opens the world / I once traveled / for you #tanka

@alotus_poetry: almost autumn / yet the days grow heavier / like the pregnant stray cat / in my backyard / after the rain #tanka

@Tiny_Fiction: married angry mimes / not talking to each other / and not knowing it #haiku #haikuchallenge mimes

@alotus_poetry: I tend / to this bonsai / this little world / outside a snow globe / when my heart is skeptic #tanka

@edoowado: what's this sticky goo / that envelopes my body / but my own cobweb #haiku

@CDominiqueG: Serena goes off/ officials life is threatened/ security please #haiku

@dragonheartsong: Caffeine infusion // true Nirvana found // within coffee's depths. #haiku #coffeetherapy

@verycosmic: Dragonfly alights // resting briefly on my words // then carries them home. #haiku #dragonflyhaiku #poem #poetry #micropoetry #goodmorning

@Merenth: Joe, Serena, Kanye / Summer's almost gone / People need some class #haiku

@shinkaide: Streetlight's yellow glow / midnight drizzle gives the world / serenity. #haiku

@Pookandgrace: Breakfast at the beach / one last swim in the ocean / best therapy known. ; ) #haiku #haikutherapy

@lastsurvivor: Fine drink / Great man / simple cup #sixwords #haiku

@RedRootRaccoon: Chill air on a rose/droplets drown the fine thin line/of a spiders web #haiku

@edoowado: the flea was having / breakfast on my arm _ then hopped / a transport to work #haiku

@RedRootRaccoon: steam from my coffee/ rising to meet the window/ then disappearing #haiku #coffee

@dragonheartsong: Whether I sprout wings / and fly upwards, or just leap / I will have moved up. #haiku

@gennepher: Winged gargoyles wait in /Bottomless pit of despair / You will not get me. #haiku

@morganabag: spider / skeleton husk / guards the house from ghost #haiku

@piecemealmage: a light breeze; / waiting for you here / under flowers. #haiku

@marshaikus: the forrest floor waits/ with cool pine needle patience/ for the hot sunrise #haiku

@brertom: "go, I won't make it"/ lying on the river rocks/ waiting for Angels #haiku

@DigitalSalon: rooftop mystery gardens / seen by the crane operator / his loads pass overhead #micropoetry

@DigitalSalon: dead yearling squirrel / lying close against the curb / leaves blow in the wind #twaiku #haiku

@Etsujin_Haiku: See it in your heart / when you slam down the hammer / all of the rumors #musicmonday #morrissey #haiku

@jumpmonk: Cafe vampires / sit sucking coffee, / bleed the lines, / hang an inky bolus, / sharpen nibs / on communal ceramics. / And wait. #micropoetry

@concisionflux: Ordinary World: / birds build nests of straw / wind falls still, cicadas drone / another Monday / #haiku /

@my_haiku: Captured by moonlight, lonely merganser paddles on ghost-mirrored pond (Peach) #haiku #tanka

@urbancrafter: Let your love flow free, / into the sea of people, / who are all thirsty. #haiku (inspired by @tiny_epic )

@KrisLindbeck: A bright west wind / all the puddles filled / with sky | #haiku #micropoetry

@MeeAugraphie: These, I understand / Instinct, emotion, spooning / Conversation, no #senryu #poetwist

@sabji: #Haiku: What makes Mondays hard? / The luxurious belief / Tomorrow is ours' xoxo

@catwaldron: Silenced by window / The bird saw the cat's mouth move / A meow in mime #haiku #haikuchallenge #mime

@dgdreamin: Many bluebirds perching / on a dead tree in the sun / jostling for top twig #Haiku

@dracolytch: Let me hold you close ~ I will wrap you up tightly ~ Within my eight arms (#unofficialSpiderDay #haiku)

@justkel: Red velvet fabric / gown ribbons slowly to floor / un-hid, bearing all #haikuwordgame #senryu

@hedwyg: above monitor / i see kitty's ears, as she / looks out the window // #haiku

@Tiny_Fiction: in hot water now / fading fast. losing essence. / death of a tea bag #haiku

@jimpenny: Yawning. Stretching. Grunt. / Steaming coffee. TV drone. / It is not enough. #haiku

@wqueens7: Not "shame on Kanye"/ shame on us for the watching/ while men die @ war/ #haiku

@Tobuno: Buddha on the hill/ a thousand steps to the top/ one giant footprint. #haiku

@exmosis: One-footed heron. / No work but choosing the point / when food comes to him. #haiku

@Etsujin_Haiku: This peaceful morning / concrete darkness rain pours down / gives hope for the day #haiku

@tinkhanson: Bright hot sun bursts forth / "A bit garish, don't you think?" / smiles the fading moon. #haiku

@gavindecuir: A circle of grass / grows in a hollow tree stump— / rings inside of rings. #haiku

@Tobuno: The Hindu temple/ hundred gods hundred mantras/ One reality. #haiku

@Mamad: Restless, anxious night./Tossed, turned, awake heart thumping./Breathe, expand, connect. #haiku

@shadfromdc: Summer at the Cape. / Clambakes and some Great White Sharks. / Need a bigger boat. #haiku #poetry #jaws

@KarenHAustin: swifts, swallows ~ smother sunset sky ~ soar, spiral #haiku

@matsuo_tako: windowpane / raindrops, hold the / summer moon #haiku #poetry

@slipperybanks: Insomniac #Haiku My wife is sleeping. Her shape moves with her breathing. Why must I be up?

@jennface: The smell of the rain / pours through my window and I / listen in the dark #haiku

@my_haiku: Rain drops to puddles. Flooding the trees with squirrels, Flying bushy tails (Peach) #haiku #tanka

@tauiratonu: I went outside and / the trees have been having sex / all over springtime. #haiku

@JDProuty: Time slows down as the ~ universe expands until ~ it stops completely #haiku link => (expand) [thx @chrisloft]

@sevenlives: Dreaming between / shadowless rainbow / Sun rises in sky..! #haiku

@sevenlives: in the corner / a kings chair / lazy spiders kingdom ...#haiku

@blaynev: A mat of dark green / Lily pads on a still pond / Swimming through it's life #Haiku

@tsimigo: tonight, i will choose/happiness and the flavor/of the year's first rain. #haiku