Monday, September 28, 2009



@Christwitery: Shadows in the sky / dragons weave through cloudy realms / wings across the night /// #haiku

@morganabag: alone / in my old house / surrounded / by wind whipped trees / dripping gold #tanka

@cre8tivkj: Disparaging words / Hold the keys, in ugly claws / Clenched tightly around / Total creative freedom / It is the devil inside #tanka #poetry

@frymaster: Drove from Providence / to Amherst, Mass. From summer / deep into autumn. #haiku

@perfctlyGoodInk: / i can no longer / tell where the playa dust ends / and the chalk begins / #haiku

@labisiffre: Failure falls fast & thick / It’s wasting its time / I vacuum, then / Brick by brick by brick …| #poems #poetry #micropoetry #life #success

@urbancrafter: Distant mountains taste :: the pink cotton candy clouds, :: billowing and sweet. #haiku

@wqueens7: red beans queens 1. by L.I.R.R./ Is an Edenesque garden/ Right in humble Queens/ #haiku (pic)

@urbancrafter: Monday morning song; :: cacophony of birds and :: busy commuters. #haiku

@KolayOtuNdE: So many worlds are coming into my orbit // cup trembles at your vibration // Eyes and mouth's wide to the arrival #Haiku

@DigitalSalon: outside, pouring rain / inside, stale recycled air / I prefer the rain #twaiku #senryu

@loverofMBFARM: Yearning for knowledge/ seeking more, ever more, and more/ I am so thirsty #haiku #haikuchallenge #thirsty

@ldwilkinson: Seems we have company— / first autumn chill / at the door. #HAIKU #MICROPOETRY

@ldwilkinson: Whitewashed sky. / Another summer / closes down. #HAIKU #MICROPOETRY

@gennepher: A solitary voice sings / Guiding the way to heaven / A sweet lullaby. #haiku

@ldwilkinson: Missing you / in a phone box full / of burnt holes. #SENRYU #MICROPOETRY

@ldwilkinson: Still arguing / she hands me / a cup of tea. #SENRYU #MICROPOETRY

@Tobuno: Waves of tantric bliss/ shake our naked bodies, locked/ in perfect embrace. #haiku #Tantra #poetry

@Jutilda: as fall colors come/the shadows change their angle/pointing to the leaves #haiku #fall

@gavindecuir: Tired car belts twitter / birds hidden in trees answer— / September at dawn. #haiku

@haiQ: / Morning has broken. / I calmly sweep up pieces / in peaceful silence. / - #haiku

@mzzlee: i have no ticket :: to enter that argument :: silence is my coin #haikuchallenge #haiku

@gillena: …..a hint of morning/the faint crowing of roosters/in distant somewhere..... #‘ku #poetry #haiku

@lendumont: // één dwarrelend blad / maakt bij lange na geen herfst / slechts een belofte // (a whirling leaf is far from autumn / just a promise) #twaiku #haiku

@concisionflux: Oblique Sailing: / playful morning wind / irons the clothes on the line / at ten knots an hour / #haiku /

@markce: Autumn green colours Catching leaf with lively flame Fading, smoke in the distance. #haiku

@wqueens7: morning star venus.jpg. Unconcerned witness/ To anxious predawn struggles/ Morningstar: Venus/ #haiku (pic)

@Paiku: In Cat’s four o’clock corner / September sunshine / Seems like forever / #haiku #micropoetry

@clyroroberts: Heron grips his spear / gold eye freezes, eel neck coils / eel writhes through his stilts #haiku #poetry

@wqueens7: Out my window shines/ The LaGuardia approach/ Bright stars: unsteady/ #haiku

@AshiAkira: Basho’s mighty brush/ crushed old rules to free a frog/ to jump in old pond #haiku

@AshiAkira: A frog must be free/ to jump wherever it wants/ even in old pond #haiku

@ddsnorth: thundering clouds / compete with the heart / beats of time / a drop of rain as a kiss / when the clouds burst / on my lips #haiku

@jimpenny: When I was a cat / I slept in that sunbeam there / by the couch and afghan. #haiku

@Christwitery: My frozen fingers / icicles not defrosted / sunshine not restored /// #haiku

@MeeAugraphie: Starred memories continue to grin ~ they understand not their changed role in your heart ~ they only know what was ~ still was #micropoetry

@HappiForever: The wet wind howls through / Leaving me restless, shaken, / Floundering mid-air. #haiku

@MeeAugraphie: Two tickets unused ~ night shadows crept toward day ~ naked bodies stirred #haikuchallenge #love #haiku

@Jemfyr: Shoreline, bleeding heart / muted screams cannot save you / deafening drowning /// #haiku

@gennepher: I woke up in night / Old black cat had died neatly / In a cardboard box. #haiku

@gennepher: My old black cat lay / All day yesterday on me / Purring fit to burst. #haiku

@Jemfyr: Sketch, drawing me out / crafty scissors cut corners / snippy paper doll /// #haiku

@Adamfyre: I have known no Love ~ Like the way I loved the Moon ~ When I was the Sky.. #haiku #senryu

@MeeAugraphie: I dreamed a midnight day ~ purple stars in serenade ~ wrapped in twilight moon #haiku

@MeeAugraphie: Mind and brain collide ~ intuition called to scene ~ unheard over din #haiku #intuition

@Jemfyr: Golden glistening / gazing, winged flight royalty / regal dragonfly /// #haiku

@blaynev: One day you will fail / Your just reward received like / Snowflakes in Summer #Haiku

@papercutlet: walk along the path/ finding the edge though i/ search for the center #senryu #vertigo

@Adamfyre: It is ironic ~ I learned Kindness from Heartache ~ Softness from my Pain.. #haiku #senryu

@Christwitery: Weaving a bright web / dew glitters in the sunshine / learning from spiders /// #haiku #haikutherapy

@loverofMBFARM: blues music fills the/ cafes, sidewalks and the night/ after Katrina. #haiku

@Pookandgrace: Gracie's preferred spot / wiggle into space near me / bonded as kitten. #haiku #haikuwordgame

@AnnTheAlien: I must be crazy / waiting for you to come back / deadline December #TallHotAsianGuy #haiku

@carol_red: the window / glazed in rain, / my belly / warmed by your wetness; / we gleam in the dark #tanka #poetry

@carltonhalpert: Purchased a ticket // for new play about tick it's // called "Parasite Lost". #haiku #haikuchallenge #terribleoldpuns

@RedRootRaccoon: Personality slips away/ like slag off molten gold/pure heart remains #haiku

@HappiForever: The echoes of one / hand clapping break all distance / between you and me. #haiku

@wqueens7: - Bullet-proof chinese/ Ghetto-food sold through plastic/ Not some john woo fare/ #haiku

@alotus_poetry: soaking up / the last rays of the sun / a black slug #haiku

@Pookandgrace: For thousands of years / ancestors migrated earth / without a ticket #haiku #haikuchallenge

@alotus_poetry: thinking / it was a brooch / a yellow butterfly / fluttering towards the sunset / from a lady's kimono #tanka

@alotus_poetry: hanging / on the edge of an oak branch / swaying raindrops / on broken lines / of a spider's web #tanka

@alotus_poetry: autumn greetings / the arc of a maple leaf / across my windshield #haiku

@alotus_poetry: tip-toeing / on a glass vase / a marbled spider #haiku

@QuantumSheriff: Last lingering thoughts / Cigarette smoke and coffee / So God is here too... #Haiku

@gustoblusto: Failure as a psychic // I channel only // dead dogs barking #haiku

@gustoblusto: Dog dead // many years // why still barking? #haiku

@lastsurvivor: On river surface / Clear isn't empty drying / Lotus understands #haiku

@TaoWizard: Echo through valley, Ancients come to you and speak, Though you hear them not #haiku

@Lawrencejiko: should be ashamed zen monk / spending so much time of twitter / and doing haikus // #haiku

@Tobuno: I ventured too close/ burnt by your perfect flame then/ came back as a moth. #haiku #poetry

@KrisLindbeck: We rush out barefoot / to take sunset pictures / asphalt still warm | #haiku

@Jemfyr: For him, not for you / slightly parted red-lined lips / surprise in your eyes /// #haiku #haikutherapy @Dr_Wes

@Alismcg: surprise #haiku: hope grasps last breaths wink! / smile bares punch line - quickened / hearts drink adventure #haikutherapy @Dr_Wes

@RavNLynx: hide and seek of hearts/ treasures yet undiscovered/ upturn every stone #haiku

@JH_poetry: rolling her eyes, tossing her hair, sucking her teeth manifesting the qualities of a spoiled brat #haiku #poetry #fact

@DavidRoe01: / fluttering at the glass / the reflected moon / a moth / #haiku

@Alismcg: chest pain #haiku: morning face me-ow!s / tickles dreams - green diamonds / waking reflections #haikutherapy @Dr_Wes

@DigitalSalon: squirrel looking down / perched safely in the treetop / dog is now distressed #twaiku #haiku

@morganabag: sun floating / on rain puddle / yellow moth #haiku

@Yojinbo: Pigeons at my feet / Scurrying after morsels: / Feathered cockroaches. #haiku

@morganabag: bluegrass / backroads finally green / and gold #haiku

@morganabag: ten thousand / starlings looping / the blue blue sky #haiku

@mamasanta: cow plop / putting out / the cricket song #haiku

@mamasanta: the bicyclists / smell of crushed acorns / in their wake #haiku

@Bill312: early morning / the tips of the evergreen / touched with light | #haiku

@JiminAlaska: My computer crashed/ Then I beat it with a stick/ All is now serene. #haiku

@raymanoz: Road rage to be calmed; Motorway lost, Straw Hat found; Engorge Chinese food. #haiku

@Jemfyr: Inhale slowly, hold / eyes set upon horizon / poem unwritten /// #haiku #haikutherapy

@haiku_andy: Daily haiku - \\ nob hill studio \ evening filled with golden light \ burgundy shadows \\ #haiku

@eupnoeia: summer ends / one last dove #micropoetry
dove #micropoetry

@AJ4DG: I have chosen wrong//The past is an illusion//I can choose again #haiku

@haikunut: compelling oceans ~ love is a force of nature ~ shaping continents. #LoveIsA #haiku #senryu

@patrickonium: In the moning glow / there! The last apple's shadow / almost went unseen #haiku

@mamasanta in the county library / a ginkgo leaf / in a book on zen #haiku

@twitwrit: Basho's frog escaped / leapt into unknown waters / curious, i follow #haiku

@morganabag: cold front coming / rumors of sunshine / wind on the way #haiku

@twitwrit: readers of haiku / a diverse and interesting lot / writers of haiku #haiku #senryu

@mamasanta: To the secluded pond / the warmth / of him / behind me / on the stepping stones. #tanka

@wqueens7: - How hard do I pull/ For working health care system?/ That works for the sick/ #haiku

@hermonhermit: autumn bonfire / a log full of slugs / put back to grass #haiku

@Tetsubishi: oak tree parliament - / rowdy caucus of ravens / votes to oust the hawk #haiku

@gennepher: Wasp eating spider / Leaves all the tiny insects / Waits for the big one. #haiku

@clyroroberts: Horse outruns the wind / Falcon stares down with envy / "Who gave him those wings?" #haiku

@twitwrit: seen through his own eyes / Basho would not believe it / haiku-covered globe #haiku #senryu

@gennepher: Buzzard flies over / Cats flee, Dog's ears twitch fearful / Regal noble bird. #haiku

@DigitalSalon: under the back deck / ants go about their business / I clear away leaves #haiku #twaiku

@jimpenny: Powerball ticket, / yes, defective yet again / with not one number. #haiku #haikuchallenge

@forgottenworks: bonfires / burning the end / of summer #haiku

@bonshaiku: Funny clowns / children laughing / colors of emotion. #senryu

@ErinTrix: dads with sleeping babes / rest in crowded museum / pull on my heart strings #experimonth #haiku

@michelleshy: Mixed marriage // She’s so Zen // He’s Battle in Seattle // #micropoetry

@michelleshy: Mixed marriage // She’s Amnesty International // He’s CIA // #micropoetry

@michelleshy: Mixed marriages // So difficult to sustain // Men and women // #micropoetry

@concisionflux: Parthenon Drive: / indifferently / with no thought for us aground / an airplane passes / #haiku /

@urbancrafter: birds chirping outside, :: smell of coffee, sound of soft :: music. Loving you. #haiku #love

@urbancrafter: wet grass under feet, :: droplets of dew reflect like :: diamonds in the light. #haiku

@Lawrencejiko: ~ The heron flies quickly / over our heads as we speak / on the phone // #haiku

@urbancrafter: Thirst to know yourself. :: Drink from the well of knowledge, :: the spring of the soul. #haiku #senryu

@johnniebgoode: #haiku #senyru As the morning dawns / and my beloved still sleeps / I write haiku tweets

@urbancrafter: sit now, in a place :: lovely and wild within. :: Bliss! Peaceful silence. #haiku #senryu

@twitwrit: like the rest of life / breaking haiku rules is fun / oh, humanity! #haiku #senryu

@urbancrafter: we wake, entangled. :: I watch the stream of sunlight :: spill upon your face. #haiku #senryu #love

@mamasanta: I’d be lost / without you / he says / as I hide / among the stalks of corn #tanka

@urbancrafter: your heartbeat keeps time :: with the pitter-patter of :: the rain this morning. #haiku #senryu

@AshiAkira: Haiku was born in/ feudal world, but now in free/ world to grow freely #haiku

@AshiAkira: Wean haikus from rules/ so they stand on their own feet/ to be full-grown poem #haiku

@dyanti: | tetesan hujan | pada tanah yang kering | : penawar lara. | (| rain drop | on dry land |: Lara healing. |) #haiku

@HaikuDelight: some last bumblebees / are harvesting what is left / busy as ever #haiku

@twitwrit: a perfect haiku / spring's baby birds still in eggs / rules yet unbroken #haiku #senryu

@gustoblusto: Old pond // pain of the past // plop! #haiku

@AshiAkira: Teacup in cupped hands/ Where are yesterday’s crickets?/ Autumn in progress #haiku #poetry

@Mamad: Wet Sunday morning;/ rain-soaked streets glisten in light./ Crows caw overhead. #haiku

@AshiAkira: Autumn dragonflies/ Red and so small blown by wind/ like coloring leaves #haiku #poetry

@coachcreative: in her trembling hands / the photograph's torn edges / whispered their story #haiku

@gustoblusto: He proclaimed the word "fire" // tribe went "Why, oh why?" // but eventually it caught on #haiku

@forgottenworks: holding my breath / a hot air balloon lifts / out of the dawn #haiku

@mouseofzen: ºoº upon these wrinkles | tales so mightly rest within | world, my oyster ºoº мσυѕє σƒ zєη #haiku #disney

@gennepher: Caged kestrel looks up / Wistfully at jumbo jet / Flying overhead. #haiku #haikutherapy

@Lawrencejiko: ~ nets sinking into sea / trawled light bulbs suspended / night fishing begins / Obama bay evening / yellowtail and mackerel // #tanka

@eeedc: I'm still half asleep / And my coffee bittersweet / Start of a new day #morning #haiku

@ripplestone: #Sundayhaiku #haiku ~ (Three jays in the garden this morning) ~ In clear light laughing / Three jays cajole the morning / Into smiling day

@edoowado: autumn morning sun _ / so bright that it might well set / shoji on fire #haiku

@shadfromdc: Fussin' and Feudin'. / Can't we all just get along? / There's plenty of fish. #haiku #poetry #ku #jayhawk

@Lawrencejiko: Fly — casting the line ___ / — Rainbow trout quintet . . . splashes ! / - being impatient // #haiku #Schubert

@sevenlives: silent frog lurks / no clouds / float in distant sky...! #haiku

@Grenhilda: Smiles of my children / sunshine and nature's beauty / ever intertwined #haiku

@Jemfyr: Gecko wrapped in light / traveled across desert sands / a gifted beacon /// #haiku

@awisefool: Today;s #Haiku The soft rain drizzles/ relief on a warm fall night/ for the people walking.

@Adamfyre: Blissening Moondrops ~ Slinking across my body ~ Tickling my smile.. #haiku #senryu

@carol_red: all the years / of fitting our bodies together / and still / heat spirals at your touch / . . . your mouth, magic #tanka #micropoetry

@dragonheartsong: // A moment of peace // in the midst of confused chaos // we breathe and release. // #haiku

@haiQ: / Sound wave visuals / speaking math to open minds: / music, dissected. / - #haiku watching the @mudlions tweak their first new recording

@Jemfyr: Lift, raising her hips / upon slate marble counter / waist high, eye-to-eye /// #haiku

@DigitalSalon: glittering darts fall / flashing before the streetlights / raindrop on my tongue #twaiku #haiku

@Jemfyr: Blinked, remembering / ebb and flow of give and take / left empty-handed /// #haiku

@Adamfyre: Happi has ten toes ~ If anyone asked, I'd say ~ They look quite Happi.. #haiku #senryu @HappiForever

@jimmorgan09: : Parking lot at night Faces glow in the darkness- Cellphones light our paths (expand) #haiku #haibun

@sevenlives: silent nest.../ flutters in joy ! / last rains over #haiku

@Adamfyre: Moonlight is dripping ~ Liquid illumination ~ Drinking with my eyes.. #haiku #senryu

@wqueens7: *Wife & Kids #haiku* My imagined lives,/ Full of Grandiose riches,/ Can't compare to you/

@carol_red: blooming now / the tulips we planted / when he loved me #haiku #poetry #micropoetry

@poetruiter: Dry heat/smothers the bay/at dark under the street lights/& half moon/dogs and I gather the night in/make it ours #micropoetry #dogs

@morganabag: clouds / raven wings / in the grey sky #haiku

@Jemfyr: Peach, pearly salmon/ whisper your conch shell secrets / I won’t tell summer /// #haiku

CDominiqueG: silently wishing.../as night fades into the dawn.../ that I weren't alone #haiku

@morganabag: the night / lighted by orange / popsicles #haiku

@Yojinbo: In my brain's crawl-space / My fears wiggle past the spot / Where logic's bond breaks. #haiku #haikuwordgame

Alismcg: #haiku: drifting within waves / watching cresting drowning - / sail gulp! sea of dreams #haikutherapy @Dr_Wes

@urbancrafter: The whole universe :: is contained within the heart :: of a single rose. #haiku

@urbancrafter: How sadness echoes :: in the night, where it's greeted :: by infinity. #haiku

@TaoWizard: Treading the surface, Division breeds contention, One ocean, one mind. #haiku

@Dr_Wes: sail the sea of dreams/ moon beam reflections of hope/ are my guide tonight #haikutherapy #haiku #psyku