Sunday, September 6, 2009



@lissnup: broken body, pain/ narrow view, reflected, vain/ tiny shrunken brain #haiku #trollface #youpollutehumanity

@0355user: Lotus and fountain / Stranger cafe, not head shop / Fortune nachos here #haiku

@mouseofzen: ºoº slivers of comets | feel warm, flush upon my face | stroke of magic wand ºoº мσυѕє σƒ zєη #haiku #disney

@Tobuno: Ridiculously long phrases/ few pauses in between/ we never really talked. #haiku

@Tipperay: When I was a lamb ~ nobody ever pet me ~ on slaughtering day. #haiku

@mergyeugnau: A cold wet body/baking in the summer sun/fall draws in first breath #haiku

@tarasis tweets long / Pare thoughts down to the least words / Tweet as gusts of wind. #haiku

@haiku_andy: Daily haiku - \\ across the valley \ a coyote cries. My dog \ freezes in mid-pee. \\ #haiku

@KatieFromMars: A man stands outside// Confused by his existence.// Get inside, grandpa! #haiku

@alotus_poetry: winter rain / the quiet huddle / of umbrellas #haiku

@simonscotland: Where glaciers played / now a walkers' paradise / breathtaking beauty #haiku

@wqueens7: - Where once "the love that/ Dare not speak its name" was plied/ There are now tourists/ #haiku

@Jemfyr: Where concrete cracks lie / it is there I will find you / mortar words in stone /// #haiku @Dr_Wes =)

@MeWriteWords 2) still, silent angel / do my tears reach you when I / weep at your small grave #haiku #haikutherapy

@PesciTriD: gale force emotions / sometimes blow us off life's course / good friends bring us back #haiku #haikuchallenge

@ItsDorothy: Me'out, he told me / throughout the long moon-lit night / urging me to rise /#haiku

@JH_poetry: the twinkle in the eye/ the rainbow from tears/ the sounds of the violin/ the soft caress against the skin/ I should love you so/ #haiku

@Viragonian: the gyrls who love gyrls / may swagger more than sha-shay / we all need 2 be #haiku (2 know nature is 2 know endless diversity) 2 be me.

@Checkandmate: To YOU young dreamer: Shoot hoops in the rain/ Flashbulbs will be your lightning!/ Shoes will bear your name ! #haiku

@omewan: please don't be afraid / your love is still there, waiting / give yourself a chance #haiku

@mgfarrelly: Darwin's little book/ Questions the rock of ages/ Makes apes of us all #haiku

@ruinedXfinery: I major in blonde/ I minor in bimbo, some-/times I change it up - ruins #haiku

@venkasub: I stand amidst the ruins / wait for the wolves to cry / I see the moon crimson red / The kind lay dead #haiku

@midtoad: #haiku Clouds shroud lofty peaks / Time to stop mindless rushing / Let beauty seep in.

@IPDog: Seattle shower // raindrops dance on the pavement // fat beads wet and loud #haiku

@simonscotland: Floating on the breeze / drifting on the air currents / where will I land next? #haiku

@dgdreamin: Blooming once again / the blue mist spirea / full of bumblebees #haiku

@Adamfyre: The way you move me ~ I dance around like the flame ~ atop your candle.. #haiku

@monkeybrigade: Until the rain comes / We'll pause, mouths dry, muscles tense, / Waiting for the fall. #haiku

@wqueens7: - If the government/ Provided shelter it would be/ Damned socialism/ #haiku

@Tipperay: I was dust and ash ~ naked sadness, blind and mute ~ before you loved me.. #haiku

@wqueens7: - Once proud carnivore/ Reduced by stomach virus/ To a ruminant/ #haiku

@nachiketmor: Old couple in the plane / struggle with baggage / smile at each other #haiku

@urbancrafter: If you come and be / with me in silence, only / then will you hear me. #haiku

@alotus_poetry: Sunday morning breeze / a sneeze caught / by heart-shaped leaves #haiku #senryu

@BruceStewart: G'day Twitterers: Resolve your problems / Accept your predicaments / Know the difference. (#haiku) Not everything we face has a solution.

@morganabag: poplar leaves / beginning to match / marigolds #haiku

@kbuckp: Driving through the storm/The crows are flying backwards/in a silver sky #Haiku

@ChainOfWords: melancholy gods/gather for morning coffee/and tiny croissants #haiku

@DigitalSalon: turtle on a log / twinned by its own reflection / wind ripples the pond #twaiku #haiku

@urbancrafter: We are but flowers / in the garden of life and / words are the perfume. #haiku

@Christwitery: I’m a floating leaf / buffetted round by the wind / blowing in a gale /// #haiku #haikuchallenge #gale

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Anger in the dark - out, away, washing the stain ... pardons in the rain." - #haiku #senryu #poetry

@AshiAkira: The word ‘want’ is struck/ off from my dictionary/ but not from my heart #senryu #haiku#

@AshiAkira: Government change. All/ I want is a cup of tea/ in peace and quiet #Zen #haiku

@AshiAkira: No more cicadas/ Yesterday, they were noisy/ Today, I miss them #haiku #senryu

@lastsurvivor: Find a better sit/ A big tree with more shade but/ Not coconut tree #haiku

@edoowado: the vulture takes off _ / such a princely feast can't be / savoured all at once #haiku

@Adamfyre: Night rolls over me / But the Moon comes and insists / on undressing me... #haiku

@omewan: only when I want you / instead of needing you / is real love possible #haiku

@myersgene My white window sill / The caterpillar's long road #haiku

@mehtoole: kitten purr sleepy / bouncing over clouds / cat nap #haiku

@Ozmorrhiza: Okay.... maybe just one more.... > Don't read this haiku... It's not worth the time it takes... to get to "The End!" < #haiku

@justkel: Allow words to catch / and capture pain and sorrow / then hold and release #haiku #poetry

@poeticmindset: Imagine full moon / falling, like Newton's Apple / before the harvest #haiku #poetry

chaosincolor: When I get hungry. / Love those litterbox munchies. / Always freshly baked. #dog #haiku

@Adamfyre: Arrive with nothing. / Leave with nothing. What have we? / Love is always Here. #haiku

@wqueens7: @wqueens7 - Life by a highway/ & under a loud flight path/ Watching people go/ #haiku

@Pookandgrace Pure unstructured day / and I, then unencumbered / find myself again #haiku. #haikutherapy

@TaoWizard: The one that annoys, And disturbs you most of all, Call that one 'teacher' #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Once, now twice - insisting I leave ... chickadees three!" - #haiku #poetry

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Perched and waiting - early sparrows debating ... Is he bird, not-bird?" - #haiku #poetry

@bonshaiku: A clap of thunder / through a mountainous range / echoes like a lion. #haiku

@Adamfyre: If I can Listen / it opens a door and fans / the Flame in my heart. #haiku