Saturday, August 29, 2009



@DigitalSalon: rain no longer falls / steam rises off drying roads / worm paradise lost #twaiku #haiku

@Grenhilda: Tormented by dreams/ a subconcious suppression/ of drowned thoughts weighed down #haiku

@TwittyHaiku: Blackberry to mouth / Teasing the sweetness out / Only seed remains. #haiku

@carltonhalpert: The poor albino // polar bear, no one can see // what makes him special. #haiku #bears! #arctic

@Tobuno: Raging ocean of stillness/ bright moon reflection/ floating acorss, undisturbed. #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Peace, zoo, bee and goal // all depend on, and fear, the // whim of the Keeper. #haiku #animals #un #bees #soccer

@wqueens7: - The word soft touch means/ Chump, one to take advantage of/ Or just a sh*twipe/ #haiku

@symphonist: Soaking up knowledge./ Can't pour it into my head.../ I need a shower. #haiku #haikuchallenge #shower

@urbancrafter: When wintertime sets / upon your heart, cold and dark, / light yourself on fire. #haiku

@whtmakesuhappy: What makes me happy? Commotion and commonsense / Commodities won’t! #Haiku

@NJpoetry: You wake like blossoms, / opening to touch the day / with the scent of dreams. #haiku by nickykaa

@iDharma: Late summer showers / drape the Basilica's walls— / sad, solemn, yet proud. #haikuchallenge #haiku #Kennedy

@elemsee: Clogged with smell of smoke / no cigarette or fire here / sinus phantom smells #haiku

@JustGer: A sunny morning / is a brilliant reminder / that there is a God #haiku

@KrisLindbeck: Hot for two more months: / a creamsicle dawn / fades to gray morning #haiku

@fox2go: #haikuchallenge #haiku Soft shower of leaves; stroking the river's surface; paving the bayou

@Etsujin_Haiku: The antique tea cup / sitting on the worn nightstand / two relics of old #haiku

@Tobuno: Today on the train/ empty carriage/ one passenger.#haiku

@Tobuno: Silently/ Bursting into/ Silence. #haiku

@evemariedotcom: us, up way too late / a private slumber party / devoid of slumber #haiku #dailyhaiku for @donovanbrooks

@tellitquick: Coltrane did not rest / walking alone he'd explore / new sounds in his head #haiku

@coachcreative: pockets crammed with dreams / but they fall through the frayed holes / and land in the dirt #haiku

@coachcreative: the old piano / keys broken, others missing / still playing our song #haiku

@coachcreative: silent snow falling / gracing my tired eyelashes / merging with my tears... #haiku

@changeservant: #haiku last days of summer; danny roiling sky and sea; no dolphins today.

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "The rain - the day half-peeled, the wish ... the wink." - #haiku #senryu #poetry

@likelovelust: once upon a time / you burned a hole through this world / leaving flames #haiku

@Christwitery: Inky black palette / from the eastern horizon / dark rainstorms looming /// #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Flaking shadows - the old warehouse ... forgetting its name." - #haiku #poetry

@tinkhanson: To iRun Greenville / Nutella English muffin / in hand. Fog, drizzle. #haiku #gmorn #irungville

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Fat beastly summer - from the mouse's hole ... nothing." - #haiku #poetry

@lordampersand: Psychoanalysts / in the streets of st gallen / chatting over tea #haiku

@omewan: the enlightenment / the world is not about me / we all exist here #haiku

@ashalynd: last streaks of summer / for a while, the year and I / are in the same age --- #haiku #senryu

@potatoverse: / An old gum tree weeps / in crisp early morning air, / calmed by bellbird tweets / #haiku

@inez8303: Poor little shelf bra/ It's sad that your only friends/ Don't like you at all #haiku #boobage

@Wyld_Dandelyon: Remember bedtime ~ Trying to loft your blanket ~ As a pirate's sail? #rememberwhen #haiku #childhood #imagination #play

@edoowado: behind a dewdrop / believing she is alone / the ladybug smiles #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Hand in hands - she tells him the story ... he once knew." - #haiku #senryu #poetry

@siibo: Nacreous clouds on / other countries where I'm not / in times when I sleep /// #haiku (note: "nacreous" -adj.- "Consisting of or resembling mother-of-pearl")

@hermonhermit: summer's end / sweat and rain begin / to taste the same #haiku

@mehtoole: Question barricades ▫ Envision escape decode ▫ Palisades explode ▫ #haiku

@Christwitery: Sketchy nebulae / resolves to other far worlds / ad infinitum /// #haiku

@MeWriteWords: Werewolf #haiku: moon's silver fingers / pry animal from within / run, hunt, howl, be free

@jannagae: #haiku #haikutherapy Under solemn oath ~ stammers, hums, pauses, stutters ~ lies blatantly told

@julianyarac: No estas más / silencio que atormentas /paz efimera #Haiku
(rough translation: "You are not more / tormenting silence / peace ephemeral")

@chaosincolor: Snow Leopards are cats. / Google it, you'll find a Mac. / Our language is fracked. #haiku

@JH_poetry: closing the doors /to your windows of life/ to open the blinds/ in the morning/ #haiku #twihaiku #poetry #bestofchat #writings

@sylvialoehken: Quiet morning light / everybody sound asleep / life can sing its song. #haiku #morning

@twitwrit: i am having fun / wresting the last of summer / from fall's cold, dead hands #haiku #haikutherapy

@marshaikus: black river country/ robins echo in the pines/ sun is high and fresh #haiku

@marshaikus: tombstone serenade/ as i cross the wisconsin/ modern day basho #haiku

@potatoverse: / Kookaburras screech / in early morning chorus, / dragging me from sleep. / #haiku

@potatoverse: / Drawn from playground slide, / static electricity, / sends brown hair flying. / #haiku with thanks to ZZ.

@potatoverse: / Screeching like banshee / fan belt on five eight eight bus / wrecks suburban calm / #haiku

@potatoverse: / Rain pelts the skylight. / In her bath full of bubbles, / small girl doesn't care. / #haiku

@TheGrinningFool: tropical storm comes / buy milk, protect your children / Danny draweth nigh #haiku (seriously... lamest storm name ever...)

@AnthonySouls: I stare up into/ the night sky and wonder if/ a homeless man could/ enjoy the same perspective/ Feel the same sense of freedom #tanka #haiku

@0355user: Ah, I love outdoors. / It's a hard bench in a boat. / There's our Motel 6! #haiku #motel6

@TheGrinningFool: just behind left ear / lies one dog's brain cutoff switch / it's a one way trip #haiku #bdd (big dumb dog)

@AndrewBWatt I regain fly-sight // when I walk in light rainfall // with my glasses on. #twiku #haiku #poetry

@wqueens7: Two bars and a church/ Was the wee town he came from/ Suggests ratio/ #haiku

@StaceyCurnow: Son prepares for sleep/ "I love you so much, Daddy"/ Night night my sweet one #haiku

@SnakyPoet: In sudden flashlight/ my cat’s eyes gleam like twin moons/ against night-dark fur #haiku

@Lady_Hawke41: I am having fun / traveling this dark-some dream / jumping at shadows #haikutherapy #haiku #micropoetry #poem

@onlyhaiku: imitates a cat / while my raw, lusty lover / imitates a mouse #haiku

@Lady_Hawke41: Brutally honest / the scarecrow in the mirror / stares with haunted eyes #haikutherapy #haiku #micropoetry (Haiku starter--Brutally Honest)

@haiQ: / Curse my bony butt: / it's making this long bus ride / excruciating. / - #haiku

@poeticmindset: If I close my eyes / and imagine her someplace / she dreams in my heart #haiku #poetry #heart

@poeticmindset: Quality moments / my children sit on my lap / we read Dr. Seuss #poetry #haiku

@tsk2001: woman handling / nectarines: “these are rocks.” lo / the unripened mind! #poetry #haiku

@haikuoftheday: the gardener cut / the honeysuckle today / no fuel for flyers -sek #haiku

@AnthonySouls: The soul is like rows / of fine linen filtering / all the shades of light #haiku #soul #poetry #poet #philosopher

@Christwitery: Stared into your eyes / and blinked, hypnotized, captive / gone in an instant /// #haiku

@KrisLindbeck: Thunder! The palms point / to every direction / of the compass #haiku

@ashalynd: the railway stations / look so hauntingly cosy / approaching midnight --- #haiku

@Yojinbo: The source of my pain / is the silence between us: / Heal me with a sigh. #haiku #mushy

@eupnoeia: summer's end / a rain stick pulled / from the toy chest #haiku !poetry

@ChiTownIndie: Watched Kennedy’s mass / shopped the farmers’ market / ate fresh fruit in tears #haiku #poetry #Kennedy

@carltonhalpert: Notice, nervous, tame // Contact, contract, treatment, shame // debate, berate, blame. #haiku #senryu

@simonscotland: The words they do hide / lurking in my subconscious / looking to escape #haiku

@piecemealmage: through leafy tresses - summer sun - showers into shade #haiku #haikuchallenge

@edoowado: who do you worship / immobile in the sunset/ male praying mantis #haiku

@haiku_andy: Daily haiku - \\ waiting for oil change. \ no decaf, just regular-- \ I say: Bring. It. On. \\ #haiku

@Yojinbo: Words are like colors / painting with thought and feeling / Indelible truths. #haiku #writing #philosophy

@mehals: I try to resist / But relapse yearning for you / Flintstones Vitamins #haiku

@Hrothgarfunkel: #haiku : Awake full of pain / searching for the pill to cure / heartache forever


"Haiku poets are the antithesis of rappers. I believe in encouraging each other, not cutting each other down to prop ourselves up." -@NotOneNotTwo


Jan Hammer - "The First Seven Days"

Jan Hammer - The First Seven Days - 01 - Earth In Search Of A Sun.mp3

Jan Hammer - The First Seven Days - 02 - Sun.mp3

Jan Hammer - The First Seven Days - 03 - Oceans And Continents.mp3

Jan Hammer - The First Seven Days - 04 - Fourth Day-Plants And Trees.mp3

Jan Hammer - The First Seven Days - 05 - The Animals.mp3

Jan Hammer - The First Seven Days - 06 - Sixth Day-The People.mp3

Jan Hammer - The First Seven Days - 07 - The Seventh Day.mp3