Tuesday, August 25, 2009



@omewan: so apparentlee / I can't even pronounce "angst" / how can I have it? #haiku #anxiku

@KatieFromMars: White noise in my ears./ Flickering from my t.v./ making shadows dance. #haiku

@ChainOfWords: On the overpass/arching over the freeway/a stream of children on bikes/roll through the sky #haiku

@ruinedXfinery: we watched the spider/ write it's poetry in sky pencils/ indifferent to us #haiku

@mehtoole: As the night draws still ▫ Moonbeams illumine a path ▫ Fireflies follow ▫ #haiku

@ruinedXfinery: Mathilde, asleep, tiny/ paw covering over her pink nose/ illusion of innocence #haiku

@ChiTownIndie: Even on my worst day / Summer’s end suggests the fall / I‘m still a #Cubs fan. #haiku #poetry

jimlegge: Warrior dancing / breath connects feet to the world / all breathing with you. / #haiku for @LeonardPeltier

@jimlegge: Warrior dancing / breath connects feet to the world / all breathing with you. / #haiku for @LeonardPeltier

@MBFARM: the moon now lower / seems to be turning orange / the beauty of smog #haiku

@mehtoole: Haiku on Twitter ▫ Digital snowflakes scattered ▫ Captured with hashtags ▪ #haiku

@Lady_Hawke41: Within the silence / suspended animation / thoughts frozen in time #haikutherapy #haiku

@anniversarypms: #haiku Another dollar / Another day, dawn breaks true / Yesterday now gone

@somethinksfishy: Reading graffiti - avoiding the suspect stains - train rides are so fun #haiku

@derjur: to hell with my beard / my food catcher and best friend / we will meet again #haiku #beardrace

@carltonhalpert: There's a sucker born // every minute. Down at the // lamprey and leech farm. #haiku #zoohaiku #animals

@MillaFury: Tonite we ate well / Lots of bitchin' in kitchen / There's good food in hell --- #haiku #HellsKitchen

@ringeddragon: Off early to bed/ staying up all night has cost/ paid in sleepiness. #haiku

@SrHelenaBurns: Alone in cosmos? / Isn't this what we asked for? / In Eden, I mean. #haiku

@Bill312: in opposite directions: / the old jogger / the young jogger #haiku #senryu

@wqueens7: http://twitpic.com/fa21s - Little flourishes/ Towels, matts & cups that match/ Are wasted on me/ #haiku #domesticity

@jilldyche: Haiku-du-jour: "Spam on Twitter sucks. It makes me confuse my friends - with my enemies." More #haiku @twiaku @haikulove @elocio

@poeticmindset: the starfish wishes / itself an eternity / of veracity #haiku #poetry

@ItsDorothy: Her regal posture / denies her pitiful start / as a feral cat / #haiku

@scopesmd: Polypharmacy // takes yet another young life. // Some prescription plan. #MichaelJackson #haiku

@simonscotland: I hear whispering / sleep is tempting me with dreams / I thank you dear friends #haiku

@cagacinski: My Dad plays mahjong / And sees the numbers clearly / Gaming in Heaven #haiku

@shannonmajdali: heart pumping so hard ~ slight case of anxiety ~ feel thirteen again #haiku

@clyvedjames: #haiku / breathe in the future / exhale the past, now is a / place that doesn't last

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "A gull - screaming over tall grasses ... salt to salt." - #haiku #poetry

@purelovenergy: sky outside window ~ jewelled stars reflect one love ~ our diamond heart #haiku

@cagacinski: The house is silent / But I can hear his laughter / Memory comforts #haiku

@Etsujin_Haiku: Drifting through the sea / The current takes me at will / and I am at peace #haiku

@carltonhalpert: The tank rolls across // a ravaged landscape. All fear // when goldfish attack. #haiku #senryu #zoohaiku

@ClayAdamsBand: Late at night I sneek / Into the secret garden / No one finds me there #haiku #haikuday #me

@sdstone: Tuesday Afternoon #haiku: leaf blower drones on / dismembered leaves scatter / landscaping guys work

@mitchelka: Stars spin, touch sore jaw; / picture askew, mirror smashed. / The smell of cordite. / #haiku #haikuwordgame #noir

@poeticmindset: thoughts procrastinate / Between cerebral cortex / and...damn...lost the thoughts #haiku #poetry

@carltonhalpert: Strong arms make pancakes // At dusk and dawn. For this chef // is crepuscular. #ued (I'm Sorry I Haven't Haiku) #haiku

@Magmatros: for the love of god/ someone in #chicagoland/ give me a job now! //#haiku

@tamji: #haiku Can't tear self away / Addiction reaching new heights / Twitter is the drug

@LexxClarke: cheese, please give me cheese/ gooey melting Camembert/ with hot crunchy bread @bibliofreakblog #haiku

@tamji: #haiku Making shopping list / dragging kids along with me / June Cleaver my ass!

@Wyld_Dandelyon: This stubborn blank screen ~ Will stay blank if I let it. ~ Time to be writing! #writing #haiku #sff

@dragonheartsong: Within the silence / find respite from the chaos / Peace is every step. #haiku #haikutherapy

@simonscotland: The days without you / my heart doesn't beat as fast / my smiles not as broad #haiku

@LotysLove: He makes me wonder/ should I leave him or just take/ the damn safety off? #haiku #poetry #haikuchallenge #twithaiku

@damici2: The comfort of breath. Emotionless companion. All that is right now. #haiku

@KatieFromMars: Dead leaves in my path.// I pretend I'm godzilla.// Die human! Die!!// #haiku

@SoVoillot: Wind ripples water / ducks swimming, a perfect V / a leaf falls, so soon #haiku

@KatieFromMars: Fluorescent lit room. I spy a crazy woman. Oh no! She saw me! #haiku

@haiku_andy: Daily haiku - \\ when my dog was young, \ used to chase deer up the hill. \ I was younger too. \\ #haiku

@marshaikus: the itch in my skull/ caused by a delicate thought/ dreams of peonies #haiku

@Qrystal: / Meeting tomorrow... / postponed? really and truly? / I'm taking a nap. / - #haiku of 3hrs sleep catching up to me

@T_Pod: Now in my belly / Peanut butter and Jelly / Satisfying me #haiku

@Micalanne: Black winged bugger/ leave me be to sleep 'til noon/ I will be your doom #haiku

@EliznMaeve: martial arts sparring/ only the moment exists/ exhilaration #haiku #twaiku #martial arts

@Yojinbo: Dog days of summer / Make me wish for winter's cold; / Is the A.C. on? #haiku #dogdaysofsummer

@haiQ: / Outside, recharging, / a hummingbird and house finch / visit quite closely! / - #peaceful #summer #haiku

@jun6lee: truckle and trucker // something to do with prison // and some bar of soap - #wotd #haiku

@wqueens7: I grow weary of/ Predictable opinions:/ Usual suspects/ #haiku

@DigitalSalon: kneeling on the dock / small bass huddle in its shade / a wide-eyed child #twaiku #haiku

@DigitalSalon: kneeling on the dock / small bass huddle in its shade / a wide-eyed child #twaiku #haiku

@eemalevanah: natures nirvana / wee folk krump in the twilight / party in the wood #haikutherapy #haiku @Dr_Wes

@plutokiller: Ozymandias / Your name should now be Pluto / Poor once ninth planet. #haiku

@Natalichka: on cold nights like this • i miss snuggling so much • drifting off to sleep • #haiku

@jarlbrendan: Pepto-pink errors / wrong data type in array / patch fix DOA #haiku

@digitalfrost: Chaos reigns within. Reflect, repent, and reboot. Order shall return. #windows #haiku #windowssucks #ihatewindows

@greengreentrtl: the low-hung grey clouds/huddled harmoniously/we should do the same #haiku

@CurlyGirlMusic: To love is to give. To give is to live devoted. Selfless shall we be. #haiku

@SoVoillot: When you're tired, nap / chase a fly, then nap some more / kittycat wisdom #haiku #senryu

@teaneedz: Thinking of a little linux poetry in #haiku: minutes passing by / shell prompt blinking on the line / input who am i

@edoowado: a chameleon / in my bed _ sere and cool and / accommodating #haiku

@exp123: crickets shout/as the clouds roll in/soon rain #haiku

@lafnlab: Fake people stand by / Mocking all reality / Unable to cope #haiku

@AliAquarius: After the cloudburst / My garden smells like heaven / Butterflies agree / #haiku

@wqueens7: Grandma, like a teen/ Seeks validation and "~yes~"/ From "kids" who slip off/ #haiku

@af7o: Is it mist or rain? / can't really make distinction. / this is Seattle. #haiku

@vach151: two trains before 6 / open windows of summer / who needs an alarm #haiku

@shivian: Sunny morning train / Sleepy on AM commute / I can haz naptime? -- #haiku #lolcat #loliku #makinguphashtags

@sevenlives: The old tree / standing in wind / a sparrow flies off..#haiku

@exp123: piercing the clouds/golden rays of morning light/a crown for the sun #haiku

@carltonhalpert: We built our own doom // the machina ex deus // man made robot gods. #haiku #robotics #senryu

@symphonist: Suddenly awake/ More in life than frigid cold/ can make you shiver. #haiku #haikuchallenge #shiver

@AshiAkira: The sun sets early/ Long hours of autumn evening/ Read and meditate #haiku #Zen

@AshiAkira: Enjoyed the summer/ Heart aches to part. But accept/ what’s given calmly #Zen #haiku (inspired by @twitwrit)

@AshiAkira: Warm teacup in hands/ The moon beyond the dark clouds/ Deep breath and no thought #haiku #Zen

@wqueens7: Sparrows are flocking/ In dozens and hundreds here/ In Queens this morning/ #haiku

@LifeofSubstance: preparing myself / i brace against the chaos / bring it on Tuesday // #haiku

@gavindecuir: Summer commuter— / 8 A.M. greets hazy skies / and blinding white streets. #haiku

@Grenhilda: Hazy afternoon/ mowers drone and children laugh/ birds chirp through the warmth #haiku

@Etsujin_Haiku: The early moments / before the day has begun / bring hope to your mind #haiku

@monkeybrigade: My summer ends here / In the delightful stillness / Of an empty house. #haiku

@jimpenny: Gray dawn, silent fog / creeping guiltless, ambivalent / not a smile about. #haiku

@Diane_Gorine: #haiku #emetrics... data flowing by, catch & release...catch again, streaming to the sea.

@Sleepyhed: sweet, orange, hard, white / this chilly summer morning / cantaloupe with egg #haiku

@Paiku: Seven chimes / Pile up / In the sparkling meadow / #haiku #micropoetry

@chungyen: siren in morning / i am suburban fire / please let this one live #haiku

@Wyld_Dandelyon: Our dusty old rug ~ Remains the new favorite spot ~ for sleepy kitties. #cats #haiku #goodnight

@pita4l: nothing was good enough/something is getting better/everything will happen because of you. #haiku #poetry for your warm heart and #thankyou

@Mamad: Up too late working,/grit-filled eyes, blank, squint at screen./New day dawns, new tasks. #haiku

@0355user: No poles , only hands / Pants rolled over sandy legs / Fire flickers on clams. #haiku #clam chowder

@fearlessknitter: Can not sleep again. Tired? Not tired? Can not tell. Frustrated again. #Haiku

@ashalynd: dear friend, nowadays / only spammers start letters / with words "Dear Friend" --- #haiku #senryu

@edoowado: the sea is so calm / i can see reflected clouds _ / tidal wave coming #haiku

@PottiePta: The day draws nearer / 40 years is a while / but it does not show !! #haiku

@sevenlives: A lone room / unheard silence all round / creating noise...#haiku

@ulularem: Late night tv shows / have content but not substance. / I'll watch just one more #haiku

@SirWumpus: day's tranquility / begins with dawn / and green tea #haiku

@AliAquarius: The crow struts his stuff / Along the fence by the sea / The world's his oyster ... #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "The day's honey - spilling, spilling, almost ... gone." - #haiku #poetry

@AB_Counselling: This morning arrives / In a pool of golden sun / Shining on the sea ... #haiku Have a fab day :)

@poetryinmypants: your hand stroking me / i'm one thousand heartbeats high / preparing for launch #haiku

@chalkware: Spirit of Christmas / always keep it in your heart / Peace, joy, happiness http://tinyurl.com/nyu44l (expand) #haiku

@ReverendRachel: #haiku: Where the Spirit moves, the heart will follow with love. Stay in tune with God.

@in_haiku: You vampires beware ~ this body's full of sausage ~ and garlic pizza #haiku #vampire #pizza

@marshaikus: the night lays silent/ wrapped around me like a shawl/ it is made of smoke #haiku

@nolageek: Hopeful is not so / far away from desperate / Eye of beholder #haiku

@chaosincolor: Add a line of code. / Then the whole damn thing explodes. / Just a wafer thin. #haiku

@Christwitery: Spiral vortex dreams / island of tranquility / a tempest rages /// #haiku

@pita4l: music sparks my body/art grabs my soul/poet captures who i am #haiku #art #music #poetry

@w2scott: June bug hitting fan // Too dumb to fly away home // Glad it's not a roach #haiku

@yargnad: The middle of night, / and yet slumber eludes me. / Dreams! Have I scorned thee? #haiku #twaiku

Christwitery: The stars in your eyes / reminding me of heaven / distant, far away /// #haiku

@wqueens7: Cars are dreams folks buy/ For freedom they can't afford With their car payments/ #haiku

@mitchelka: Picture a mirror. / Good. Now try to touch the stars. / Good. Open your eyes. / #haiku #haikuwordgame #magic

@MeeAugraphie: soul's picture taken/ reflection mirrored her heart/ as she touched the stars #haikuwordgame #haiku

@wqueens7: Race to the bottom/ Won by the least forgiving/ And the "most righteous"/ #haiku

@theryn: after the big storm / the sound of the fridge starting / was most beautiful #TCstory

@macJax: dawn • broken headlamp • through tattered clouds #haiku

@ChainOfWords: Distant traffic hums/curtains dance with the night breeze/days slow surrender #haiku

@zlot: dammit, scrolling tabs / where am I, what am I searching / I'm lost in Firefox #haiku

@ChainOfWords: If you caste a stone/ it will arc effortlessly/ to the journey's end #haiku #zen

@Christwitery: Sad zombie hearts beat / in another time and place / slow, deliberate /// #haiku

@omewan: took so long to learn / it's not what happened before / it's what I do now #haiku

@kjgormley: greasy chinese food/ my friends are all leaving me/ conversation, please? #haiku

Christwitery: Tears flowing downwards / rain of a thousand long nights / dreams from distant lives /// #haiku

@baffled: I hope that some day / I'll see an armadillo / that isn't road kill #haiku #senryu #Texas

@SrHelenaBurns: Got stopped TWICE today! / One cop Irish, one Polish. / No tickets! South Side. #haiku

@myersgene: this summer night— / she lets the firefly glow / through the cage of her fingers #haiku by Gary Hotham

@Lady_Hawke41: A lone heart opens / bricks and mortar fall away / walls come tumbling down #haikutherapy #haiku

@researching: my sister questioned / a startling lack of applause / in her daily life ... #haiku

@ThatFedoraGuy: Dog days of summer: / Cool water cascading down / Flea bitten canine. / #haiku for the bedraggled dog in my front yard.

@loverofMBFARM: I have a picture/ that I placed on my mirror/lets me touch the stars #haiku