Thursday, August 27, 2009



@garnicholson: Thunderous brain-ache / Black clouds of negative charge / Roll through synapses. #haiku

@urbancrafter: It's funny that what made/ you love me in the first place/ makes you hate me now.#haiku

@haiQ: / Retweets are ripples / in collective consciousness: / transfer of thought waves. / - #twitter #haiku

@stormsage: crumpled dead leaf | softly touches the earth | full circle #haiku #twihaiku #fb

@elemsee: Twitter crush, not me / maybe I'll have better luck / with real live people #twittercrush #haiku

@allnitewatchman: I woke up/ The house was on fire/ And I had nowhere else to go #haiku

@Pookandgrace: Swimmer's baptism / I emerge refreshed,renewed / my simple pleasure. #haikutherapy. #haiku

@alotus_poetry: evening cool / only the frogs are out / for a swim in the pool #haiku

@weshagen: Heat pushes the vine,/ Sugar like blood in her veins,/ Solar farm for wine... #poetry #haiku #wine

@omewan: capitalism / will fix everything / survival of the richest #haiku

@edoowado: when i close my eyes / two dark stars remain above / a crimson landscape #haiku

@haiQ: / I know my problem: / it's hard to be mindful of / times mindfulness fails. / - #zen #haiku

@haiQ: / Quantifying zen: / how much of it can I gain, / in the shortest time? / - #haiku that's not particularly #zen :)

@haiQ: / Auto-DMer: / you tempt me to unfollow / out of annoyance. / - #haiku

@EliznMaeve: bird count: two hawks circling high/ one vulture swooping lower/ one small fleeting bird #haiku #twaiku

@CurlyGirlMusic: Clouds of dust settle. Broken sun rays through the trees. Dry land parched, thirsty. #haiku

@mattmchugh: **Twitter #haiku** Four years of no good / for N'awlings from Katrina / unless you're famous

@Qrystal: / Such a late morning / spreading into afternoon. / What is time, really? / - #haiku

@Qrystal: / Details of my life, / I share just because I can, / not because you care. / - #haiku about #twitter in general :)

@DigitalSalon: white marshmallow clouds / blow across the summer sky / hidden treachery #twaiku #haiku

@fruitflii: I miss fireflies / constellations within grasp / City lights blind life. @ #haiku

@haikufuntime: oh amelia / flew your plane, never returned / where the hell are you #haiku #ameliahaiku

@Dr_Wes: a simple pleasure/ inviting cool summer air/ morning flower walk #haiku #psyku

@Dr_Wes: morning deck coffee/ awakening array of /sensual delight #haikuchallenge #haiku #psyku

@ChainOfWords: The fog of summer/clings to the California night/cool and passionate #haiku

@InkyLecim: #haiku / no prints in the sand / cause you're a monkeyluvah / now i know kung fu

@LachC: Man goes to a zoo / But there is only one dog / It was a Shih Tzu #haiku #lol

@AliAquarius: Despite the warm sun / Rain's moving down the valley / Clouds form overhead / #haiku

@Miceforlent: The bar clock ticks / and feet on wooden floors / echo off wooden walls #haiku #senyru

@cyberbonn: Of all things ferret / purring dead cats n dragonflies / he roars with his mighty pen. #haiku (dedicated to @hoomin)

@monkeybrigade: Enthusiasm / Dampened by a sudden storm / Life mirroring love. #haiku

@jorenby: VS05 bug // "No files were found." Solution: // Ctrl + Scroll Lock /// #haiku

@allnitewatchman: I do know the sound/ Of one hand clapping/ It is silence and death #haiku

@rhymeku: Let sleeping dogs lie | For who are we to deny | A canine's shuteye? || #rhymeku #haiku

@allnitewatchman: Is that you/ Behind that mask / All frightened and unsure of herself #haiku

@Cursmidgeon: I am waiting now - For a rude awakening - That will never come. #haiku

@metal_slime: Empty space - Office is empty / Ever draining out the soul / Working time is now #haiku

@Christwitery: A mirror of stars / your picture touches my soul / my heart skips a beat /// #haiku #haikuwordgame

@Christwitery: An array of words / counting lines and syllables / in profound chaos /// #haiku #haikuchallenge

@mckra1g: Chlorophyll retreats/leaving her scarlet blush wake/autumnal coquette. #haiku #poetry

@eemalevanah: voraciously / he consumed my delicacies / Swedish smorgasbord #haikutherapy #haiku @Dr_Wes

@jimpenny: Breakfast. Shower. Work. / In that order. Doomnation. / 95 South, hmmm. #haiku

@exmosis: Array of sunshine / erases shadow, birdsong. / The morning dew weeps. #haiku #haikuchallenge

@Floatingkiwi: Self affirmation: / I am this and I am that. / Helpful? I don't know. #haiku

@urbancrafter: You leave me like this- / gasping, breathless, wanting more... / yet, I am alone. #haiku

@Christwitery: Hurricane seagulls / flying backwards swoop and fall / gray salt water squall /// #haiku

@urbancrafter: I long for the wind, / the breeze dancing in my hair. / Give me back my wings.#haiku

@Etsujin_Haiku: I have seen the world / stand up and join in one voice / to say, “NO MORE WARS!!” #haiku || Lets make a peace a reality ||

@PottiePta: Done the sudoku / e-mail ,facebooked and tweeted / suppose I should also work a bit ... #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Arrayed before me // life's great choices. Watch, as I // make all the wrong ones. #haiku #haikuchallenge

@haiku_andy: Daily haiku - \\ bird hits window - thump! \ workers leave their cubes, gather \ by the silent glass. \\ #haiku

@gavindecuir: Swirling clouds of gnats— / I brave the mating frenzy / to reach the car lot. #haiku

@poetisk: pink petals blossom / amongst an ocean of red / outstanding beauty #haiku #poetry

@concisionflux: Gorgeous Blue: / natural palette / some of the ocean shades / in wind-driven hues / #haiku /

@wqueens7: - As the days shorten/ Dawn and sunset get closer/ The sunrise moves North/ #haiku

@bpende: In the dark morning / butterflies are not yet up. / The day seems empty. #haiku

@HMSHOWmozart: Dear yahoo answers/ should i go see a doctor?/ fix me internet. #haiku

@lilliputreview: "on the phone / my daughter and I / watch different sunsets" - Anne LB Davidson, LR 143 #haiku #poetry #poem #pittsburgh

@sevenlives: Night descends slowly / blanketing the Moon / His light is whispering #haiku

@sevenlives: Green rills sway / winds blow in peace / ants carry grains seed...#haiku

@KrisLindbeck: The mosquito's whine / by some alchemy of mind / makes my old bites itch #haiku # senyru

@Mamad: Alarm frightens me./Heart pumping, I leave the bed./Then, splashing water. #haiku

@cj391: Beware 2.0: / less the wisdom of crowds than / the mooing of herds #haiku thanks @serenalaburnum

@haiQ: / The gods of laundry / received sacrifice of time / at the laundromat. / - #haiku

@hermonhermit: results day / the sun comes out / from behind a cloud #haiku

@obscureReviewer: say goodbye and leave - the past is behind us now - wherever we go #haiku

@AnthonySouls: Whirlpool of cold dreams / caught in the undertow of / imagination #haiku #poetry

@Christwitery: Wild wind chimes echo / my insomnia into / whirlpools of blankets /// #haiku

@AnthonySouls: Deluded vision / the waltz of flowers to the / orchestra of trees #haiku #poetry

@AnthonySouls: Wind-chimes rattling / faster and faster like trains / Super-cell near by #haiku #poetry

@mehtoole: Old house vine-covered ▫ Weeds sprouting from cracked walls ▫ Broken foundation ▫ #haiku #haikuchallenge

@mehtoole: The sensai balked ▫ Foundation said he, and then ▫ He pushed me down ▫ #haiku #haikuchallenge

@chaosincolor: Streaking 'round the house. / Taking an erratic route. / Butt goblin in tow. #cat #haiku

@JESeanachai: Crickets in the night / chirp to be heard in the crowd / We are all insects #haiku

@Dr_Wes: anticipation/gently cuddling a pillow/warm sweet dream lover #haikutherapy #haiku #psyku

@dragonheartsong: Reality shifts / when I laugh gently and choose / to leave grief behind. #haiku #haikutherapy

@carltonhalpert: I've severed ties with // the world outside. I've performed // A solipcision. #haiku #poetry

@JustGer: Corn field canyons / in an Illinois summer / give crops to feed us. #haiku

@daj42: The night invites us / To share moonbeams and starshine, / Soft as candlelight. #haiku