Friday, August 28, 2009



@theryn: busker plays guitar / I drop coins in the case, get / a smile in return #TCstory #haiku

@DigitalSalon: through smoke stained windows / through now smoke-free bar room haze / green maple leaves blow #twaiku #haiku

@TheRandomOne: A white ninja leapt / and struck my hand, drawing blood. / (It was my kitty.) #haiku #kitty

@Christwitery: The rains will empty / the rest of autumn into / the city gutters /// #haiku

@loverofMBFARM: intoxicating/ aroma fills house, heavenly/ I need my coffee #Haiku

@haiQ: / Cat and alarm clock, / working together today, / made waking easy! / - #morning #haiku (Waking 10 minutes before alarm to snuggle = #win!)

@wqueens7: - File past the casket:/ Of your freedoms, boxed/ By war on terror/ #haiku

@NatanGold: Sitting in traffic, / Wishing I could grow some gills; / Stench of rot and beach. #haiku

@PaulinePelmet: Her face wet with tears / the procession draws near / one flower honours #haiku #poetry #h4h

@concisionflux: Lovetheme: in wintry twilight / courting couples holding hands / against the gray sky / #haiku /

@wqueens7: - Sick of the junked cars/ marking his dog-walk he shoved/ a bag of sh*t in/ #haiku (not my bag of feces)

@gavindecuir: The neighborhood strays / wear a trail down the spillway— / secret business. #haiku

@taewony: blind and deaf / in the pool alone / but touch the stillness #haiku

@AndrewBWatt: On shadowed dirt road // under stray gibbous moon beam // young stag watches me. #haiku #twiku #poetry

@AshiAkira: Met old friend on street/ We looked at each other’s hair/ Likeness made us laugh #haiku #poetry #senryu

@AshiAkira: Girl whirled on sidewalk/ to unwind dog leash round her/ Scared couple of pigeons #haiku #poetry

@thaleia: Vomiting rainbows / and crazy mismatching socks / the world turns brighter @nicholaskenny #ff #haiku

@wqueens7: Black to indigo/ Night's fertile field is enriched/ By star-killing light/ #haiku

@vanessarama: Oh, special fried rice / you eat all our leftovers / and then we eat you #haiku

@stacia6386: The tree feels cold / rains chill the Moon / incense smoke warms my hut..#haiku

@Christwitery: You can't fence me in / my freedom cannot be chained / yearning for the sky /// #haiku Release Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest #Burma

@blogofregret: politics, clown fight \ same lies used by either side \ the names have been changed #haiku #senryu

@Christwitery: Gulls feed on litter / fish and chips blow in the breeze / a beachside banquet /// #haiku

@blogofregret: welcome to the soup / the veggies don't mind you here / the prawns, of course, do #haiku #senryu

@Christwitery: City traffic weaves / narratives of adventure / into urban lives /// #haiku

@AnthonySouls: I want to choke my / enemy to death with wire / made from cute flowers #muahahhaha #haiku #senryu #poetry

JulianStJohn: #haiku Stupid cartoon dog/Quit flipping through that book and/Find my frigging files

@evemariedotcom: book of poetry / two empty diet coke cans / and an inkless pen #haiku #dailyhaiku #thingsonmydesk

@HMSHOWhinton: A golden fountain/ an open chord, minor shift/ a hallelujah #haiku

@piecemealmage: wet morning petals - no jeweler's shop - has near as many diamonds #haiku

@chaosincolor: Cat + water glass. / Shredder. Electricity. / Ambush set for me. #haiku

Eve_Of_Atlantis: Dreams of waterfalls... crystal blue waters invite....promising small gems #haiku

@Dr_Wes: what are you doing/beautiful ghosts from my past/ please visit anytime #haikutherapy #haiku #psyku

@JDProuty: Many become one ~ giant eye on the sky: The ~ Very Large Array #haiku #haikuchallenge #array pic =>

@kenlane613: We are owed nothing. Everything is a blessing. The heavens hold us. #haiku

@ghostcake: Sci-fi haiku: Unraveling sun/ sloppily kissing the earth/ it's now a red dwarf. #sci-fi #haiku

@request_line Spills, splatters, and spots / tiny giggles echoing / knee deep in trouble #haikutherapy #haiku

@AvailableTech: On Main Street | the sidewalk, quiet for now | awaits hurried feet. #haiku

@haiQ: / My ear feels dented / from holding the phone so long: / my heart feels restored. / - #haiku

DigitalSalon: the stars come early / the evening brings a cool breeze / the end of August #twaiku #haiku #micropoetry

@tinkhanson: My eyes are closing / and the cat is on my head / time for sleeping now! #haiku #gnight

@ringeddragon: Some mindless drivel/ then pointless tomfoolery/ witty finish line. #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Under solemn oath // the albatross flies until // there is no more sky. #haikutherapy #haiku

@Yojinbo: Bang the drum slowly / As we sing the dirge lowly, / Lamenting our dead. #haiku

@kempequine: Water slants sideways / Droplets striking Starbucks lid / Rain got in my ears #haiku

@ChainOfWords: triumphant sonnets/ release the majestic doves/ the blackberry returns #haiku

@markmlusk: the fine line between / brilliant and crazy is drawn / in both ink and blood #haiku

@carltonhalpert: My guilt shines for all // to see. A gold veneer of // untarnished blame. #haiku #cheerfulexpressionofdismalselfesteem

@birdfeeders: Two catbirds sitting/ on a watermelon rind/ eating sotted bugs. #birding #haiku

@WalkingHorse: The neck of a horse / secrets and dreams buried deep / how sweet the smell and release. #haiku