Monday, August 17, 2009



@Grenhilda Heartland of contrasts / rife danger and perfect love / sublime confusion #haiku

@simonscotland Dark roast aroma / hissing into glass carafe / life support system #haiku #coffee

@bpende: A pinned butterfly / scares the jeebers outta me. / Set the beauty free. #haiku

@gavindecuir: Ivy peers through slats, / breaching the privacy fence— / uninvited guest. #haiku

@mckra1g: Coffee: sweet nectar / imbues my cells with life. / Thank God its legal. #haiku #poetry *FOR HOW LONG

@midtoad: By dawn's first glimmer / Venus salutes crescent Moon / and greets the new day. #haiku

@Paiku: Now the swifts have gone / I’m relying on the swallows / To keep summer here forever / #haiku #senryu

@ChrisTwitery: Coffee, surging through / me like a raging river / hell bent on its course / #haiku

@Tiny_Fiction: A natural pose / becomes awkward over time / ask any statue #haikuchallenge pose #haiku

@ChritonS: #haiku : I'm working too hard, being the slacker that i am, I need a tea break. :o)

@jimpenny: Orange juice. Veranda. / Clouds parting before my yawn. / Sleepy day coming. #haiku

@spamku: O Terrible SPAM! / You're not a carcinogen. / You're cancer itself. #haiku #spam #cancer #oncology

@melancholyroot: mermaid carved in tree / her tale swimming in the bark / sea of land exposed #haiku

@HiKuNews: ADVERTISEMENT Purchase my products / Here! Haikus this good won't last! / Oh, wait, they are free... #haiku

@Christwitery: Take one pummeled heart / herbal seasoned marinade / serve on a skewer / #haiku #zombiehaiku

@verycosmic: 24 hours / tween my last tweet & this tweet / just sleep interim. #haiku #sleepdisfunctionhaiku #goodmorning

@Grenhilda: Beauty and outrage / desperation and great love / screaming impatience #haiku

@franscud: This abetting night / spills out an indigo stain / my sins smudged inky // @poetwist's Mon word prompt "stain"

@Christwitery: Steel eyed, in shadow / unsmiling, cold, pouty lips / oblivious pose /// #haiku #haikuchallenge

@emilybee: who turned the heat up? / who shrunk all my clothes again? / this isn't so funny #haiku #pregnancy

@ChainOfWords: I drink cold water /from a white bone china mug /and wonder whose bones #haiku

@mouseofzen: ºoº the world, a painting | we all live inside_ drowning | in many colors ºoº мσυѕє σƒ zєη

@Christwitery: Startled starlings stalk / white waves of weary insects / surfing on the wind / #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: Tall green maple - heavy with seed ... autumn angels. #haiku #poetry

@simonscotland Dog starts to gurgle / gums begin to puff and bleed / zombie dog is born / #zombiehaiku #haiku

@ChrisTwitery: Salmon clouds breaking / before the night claims the skies / sunset paradise /// #haiku

@subwaywriter: sensitive topic / present in my pauses i / search for the right words #haikuchallenge #haiku

@KolayOtuNdE: Eyes met // hands met // bodies met // minds met // skys wept // heaven's felt // we melt // #Haiku

@davemosk The southerly blasts / Of divisive rant are foiled / By warm words of hope #haiku

@bigmattyh: One-hundred-forty / Characters can't express much. / Twitter is stupid. #haiku

@jimlegge: Lascivious, I / spy her curvaceous green shapes. / Soon, green fig compote. / #haiku #haikai

@monkeybrigade: Gray blanket of clouds / Warm, wet rain like beads of sweat / On the window pane. #haiku

@stitchsarah: to blessed coolness / from the place of hot silence / finding my way back #haiku

@PolarBear_: It's too hot outside / Best to just remain indoors / Air conditioner #haiku #senryu

@haiku_andy: Daily haiku - \\ on the bus, a man \ drops his coffee, everyone \ sighs, sweet aroma \\ #haiku

@Metalvince: Of my followers/ how many are just porn bots/ no message in that #haiku

@kjgormley: sometimes maine bores me/ then I go to the lighthouse/ remember the awe #haiku

@Tiny_Fiction: do zombies have dogs / to eat the leftover bones? / Are they undead too? #zombie #haiku

@Christwitery: Following flowers / florid foliar fragrances / floral fantasy /// #haiku

@carltonhalpert: The chameleon // Pauses before paisley. This // Poses a problem. #haiku #haikuchallenge

@AshiAkira Cool caressing air/ Distant chirping of crickets/ Summer is over #haiku #senryu

@haikulover: Moon lit sparkling eyes / blacker than the dark night sky / seducing all souls #haiku #pagan #magic #truth #life #hope #love #beauty #woman

TheGrinningFool: graceful mantis pose / insectile efficiency / intruder beware #haiku #haikuchallenge (pose) #mantispic

@tinkhanson: Kitty's snuggled in / threat level: periwinkle / sleep soundly tonight. #haiku #gnight

@poeticmindset: in a crayon mind / sixty four colors to dream / and slip on rainbow #haiku // I look forward to my dreams every night.

@Christwitery: When I was younger / picked some bruised peaches, put them / deep in my pockets /// #haiku #haikutherapy~