Thursday, November 12, 2009

Firefly Shining On: @Yojinbo

Today we are celebrating Mr. Yojinbo's (aka Felonious Monk) freedom. He has been released and is now a free man. I and all his Twitter friends wish him the very best. In real life, he is an IT tech, or as he says, a "computer geek." He is also a Twitter haiku poet.

In his own words (from an interview he did with C. Dominique Gibson): "I'm completely inspired by others, and by the world around me. I read other tweeps' tweets and an idea will pop into my head or I'll be listening to a song and a turn of phrase catches my ear. Those are the seeds of haiku..." (You can read more of the interview at Ms. Gibson's blog).


Mr. Yojinbo's haiku collected by the Dragonfly Collection


The teacher’s footsteps— Eight steps to Awakening— Echo within me… —In memory of John Daido Loori Roshi, Thank you, sensei. #haiku #memoriam


(my favorite haiku by Felonious Monk)

Ask my religion / And my tired eyes reply: / Life is suffering. #haiku #zen #buddhism

Ask my religion / And I'll reply, "When frightened, / It's your hand in mine." #haiku

Ask my religion / And I'll reply, "When lonely, / Your arms around me." #haiku

Ask my religion / And I'll reply, "When hungry, / It's a bowl of soup." #haiku

Ask my religion, / And I'll reply: "When tired, / It is a soft bed." #haiku


Arisen in mind. / Falling away in no-mind. / I have no idea... #zen #haiku

Life is like a ship / We board the day we are born, / That sinks mid-voyage. #haiku #zen

Did you see me there, / watching the two of you kiss? / Tasting betrayal. #haiku

Dog days of summer / Make me wish for winter's cold; / Is the A.C. on? #haiku

Bang the drum slowly / As we sing the dirge lowly, / Lamenting our dead. #haiku

The source of my pain / is the silence between us: / Heal me with a sigh. #haiku #mushy

Words are like colors / painting with thought and feeling / Indelible truths. #haiku #writing

Immortality? / What is the worth of a life / Without its limits? #haiku #philosophy #immortality

"The heaviest chains / Cannot imprison the truth. / Only ignorance." #haiku #chainedverse

With a pearl in hand / One loses the moon above: / Stumbling in the dark. #zen #haiku

Waiting for the bus / There is opportunity / To make some more change. #haiku #zen

While our knowledge speaks / And our wisdom will listen, / Ignorance judges. #haiku

Words are my only weapons. / Yet they are sharper than any knife: / And cut much deeper.

'Abandon all hope' / Reads the sign above hell's gate; / But no hope IS hell. #haiku #dante #hell

What is charity? / It's really very simple: / Just open your eyes. #haiku #charity

Seeds of injustice / Grow best in the quiet shade / Of a fearful heart. #haiku #speakout!

Love is a keen blade / Whose cut we rarely notice / until it's too late. #haiku

You think you hurt me / By building walls between us: / Fortress or prison? #haiku #love

It takes two to tweet: / One person to write the tweet, / And one to read it. #haiku

Love is walking home / In the middle of a storm / And not noticing. #haiku

In the writer's craft / Hope resides on each blank page, / Along with despair #haiku #writing

With the hard patience / Of a headman's chopping block / One can persevere. #haiku

Music is my god. / It fills my soul with beauty: / A savior of sound. #haiku #music

I'm wearing a hole / In the middle of my soul. / May I borrow yours? #haiku

Hardships follow me / Like a farrago of thieves / follow a rich man. #haiku

It's a long hard road / That goes nowhere in the end: / But what a great trip! #haiku

Nothing offends prudes / More than sensuality / Wrapped around a brain. #haiku

The true samurai / Feels no hunger when starving: / You gonna eat that? #bushido #haiku

The devil, they say, / Speaks truth more often than not: / Lies don't hurt as much. #haiku

You can buy your friends / But never your enemies: / Hatred is priceless. #haiku

Autumnn in the air / Making summer's angry voice / A gentle whisper. #haiku

The truest measure / Of one's life is not its length, / But, rather, its depth. #haiku

Caffeine is my god / Giving me life each morning / One cup at a time. #haiku

You are what you did / And will be what you do now: / Act accordingly. #haiku

As my mind races / I grab on to a loose thought / And hang on for life. #haiku

When we get our wish / We also destroy our dream: / Existential angst. #haiku

Existential math / Has only a single rule: / Death cancels out life. #haiku

When nothing changes / Everything stays just the same / When nothing changes. #haiku

Pigeons at my feet / Scurrying after morsels: / Feathered cockroaches. #haiku

In my brain's crawl-space / My fears wiggle past the spot / Where logic's bond breaks. #haiku

The Way of the sword / And the Way of the buddhas: / Both slay the ego. #buddhism #zen

What love promises / Is not a happy ending / But a sad farewell. #haiku #love

You don't love someone / For their better qualities / But despite their worst. #haiku #love

Alas, my mission / A failure, I return home / Beaten but unbowed.

Don't waste a moment: / As your heart beats a tattoo / Death dances closer.

Her kiss so sublime / It's a moment on her lips / In eternal bliss. #haiku #love

I liked Obama / When he was the underdog. / Big dog? Not so much. #obama #sellout #haiku

Meow meow purr / purr-purr meow meow *hack* / meow *hack-hack* purr. #cat-ku #haiku

Experience Life / As you would a hearty meal: / Grateful—and tongue first. #haiku

Madness brings with it / An untroubled certainty / The sane never know. #haiku

Like a wagon wheel / Following the ox's tread / Time draws us onward. #haiku #now&zen

We buried the dead / In the fields of spring clover / And said nothing more. #haiku

Immortality? / What's the point of such a thing / When THIS life bores you? #haiku

Want eternal life? / Don't ignore the pearl you hold / For the moon you don't. #haiku

Be he a sinner / Or be he a saint, all pass / Through Death's darkest gate. #redraft #haiku

Like a fresh apple / Autumn air has a crisp bite / Other seasons lack. #haiku #nature #autumn

Reckless abandon / Makes an excellent lover / But a lousy spouse. #haiku

Like creatures of light / We float upon a black sea / Carried by the tide. #haiku

Born in ignorance, / We spend the rest of our lives / Pretending we're not. #haiku #zen

Just as the cool rains / Quench a desert's burning need / Let your love sate mine. #haiku

When we do evil / We sow a garden of hate: / Bitter fruit, indeed. #haiku #zen

When I fell in love / I hoped she would never change. / And she hoped I would. #haiku

A flirtatious glance / And my heart is a tangle / Of hope and despair. #haiku

Life is a tangle / Of tears, giggles and sighs / Of hellos and goodbyes. #haiku

Is your faith so weak / That the beliefs of others / Challenges your own? #haiku

Sometimes we see things / But never really see them / Until it's too late. #haiku

Was there enough time / To say the things we must say / Before our goodbyes. #haiku

Held fast in the jaws / Of this hungry existence / Soon I'll be swallowed. #haiku

Our dreams slip away / As we look for something else / Yet we find nothing... #haiku

My inspiration / Is a Muse who seems to think / I do this for fun. #haiku

When you grab the tail / Of the tiger, remember: / You can't let it go. #haiku

Don't carry the dead / Nor bury yourself with them: / Life is for living. #haiku

What good is a mask / when there's no one to hide from / Except for yourself. #haiku

When we ride the waves / We don't know where we're going / Only that we'll go... #haiku

When I left prison / I thought I would be free, but... / The prison IS me... #haiku

Share your pain with me / And I'll share my joy with you: / We'll both benefit. #haiku

Crows gather on tombs / Where the dead patienty wait / For you to join them. #haiku

Spurn not your lover / Lest you find your own heart spurned / When it comes your turn. #haiku

Take my hand in yours / And we will dance through this life / Like Fred and Ginger #haiku

The stream of your life / branches into all the streams / Of every life met. #haiku

The Calling of Man / Is suffering; of Woman? / To feel all his pain. #haiku

Across the desert / Of your broken promises / I whisper goodbye. #haiku

This technology / Usually works for me. / now works against me. #haiku #fryku

Have good enemies: / They reflect your true nature / Better than your friends. #haiku

An ocean of tears / Won't cover a single sin / Without some remorse. #haiku

Where there is greatness / One feature is always found: / Unyielding effort. #haiku

Cherish this moment / This precious gift life gives you / We call The Present. #haiku

There are as many / Poets as there are People: / Life is poetry. #haiku