Saturday, November 14, 2009



@Christwitery: Spring whipped whirly wind / picks up leaves and dancing twigs / spinning shower of dust /// #haiku #Adelaide

@Alismcg: #haiku: spillin' out 'pon winds/ lap sift'd lift'd shift'd up 'cross trees/ clouds oceans sweetness #poetry #micropoetry

@ruinedXfinery: clouds recycling tears/ holding our tongues out like spoons/ capturing heartache #haiku NOT

@Alismcg: she drove a mean green porch glider that squeak’d and croak'd; her false teeth were stain'd yellow they’d float as she spoke ~ when she'd tell us scary stories 'bout ivory soap. But mostly i remember the brusque old bear hug she buried deep down in her throat ~ and her old fingers that tripp'd o'er chains & deadbolts when she heard my dad’s voice call her name. ~ Tribute to my aunt. ~ #poetry #micropoetry

@AshiAkira: Awoke to bright sun/ Sparrows came back and yakking/ Don’t know I’m listening #senryu

: Poetic flower ~ dripping Senryu Nectar to ~ grateful hummingbird... #senryu

@Jemfyr: Opaque moon drifting / blue mist creeps, trees shiver green / from my window sill /// #haiku

@Alismcg: #haiku: reflection strainin’/ darkness pick’d silence /out for hectic times #poetry #micropoetry

@urbancrafter: words fall like snowflakes :: upon this desert-dry heart :: quench and give me life. #haiku #senryu

@Alismcg: haiku: our feisty squirrel / no more chatter cherry tree / he lost his stuffin’ #poetry #micropoetry

@cjoyen: The whole sky hid the sun/ thick gray clouds shaped the ground / incoming snow storm #haiku

@researching: secrets of the moon / turns out it is not just cheese / now there's water too ... #haiku (expand)

@_Weava: I can't always be/ there; I'll try to kiss enough/ to last a lifetime #haiku

@carltonhalpert: 15 year-old kid // rhyming in front of Pep Boys // you are not Rakim. #haiku #wordsofadviceforyoungpeople

@moonflowernco: silently gently / in the stillness of evening / snowflakes start to fall #haiku

@bigjackbrass: Quality Street tin/Confetti wrapper sparkle -/I'm left with the creams #twiku #haiku

@LOD: An elderly man / a broken escalator / a hundred clogged lives. #haiku

@nicstrat: Windy in Wales,/must get a new hat-/Mine blew away. #twiku #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Snouts dig in the trough // hogs might have a leaner time // The Big Pig Cafe. #haiku #photo #food #pig

@lifeinoleg: Cricket replaced / by passing train -- / Sound travels. #haiku

@Tobuno: Thus spoke Zarthustra/ "think", "speak" and "act" positive/ leave doubts to Nietzsche #haiku #senryu

@simonscotland: Darkness approaches / but in the blackest of nights / you shine brighter still #haiku

@JDProuty: Appeared in a dream ~ but vanished as I awoke ~ fugitive haiku #haikuchallenge #fugitive #haiku #senryu

@senryunectar: He paused at her charm ~ he stopped at her deep green eyes ~ he gave her a ring #senryu

@lippy73: The earth would not care / if, like an annoying bug / life flicked us away #senryu #haiku

@Adamfyre: No more diet coke ~ I'm replacing it with wine ~ she slurred happily.. #senryu

@senryunectar: Purple sky, pink clouds ~ floating through sunset, grey gull ~ wings turquoise waters #haiku

@gennepher: Twisting cherry tree / Two sparrows sit on a branch / Painting on a wall. #haiku

@lippy73: Sepia surface / dry leaves on the ground waiting / for rebirth of spring #haiku

@lippy73: The house is quiet / and in the silence I hear / past, present, future #senryu

@lippy73: I saw a tree and / it was just a tree until / I wrote about it / then it became a lover / and then a heartache, and then… #tanka #poetry

@gennepher: A little robin, / just before my train came in, / flew over my head. / #haiku

@gennepher: Time had stood so still / Absolutely nothing changed / Never said goodbye. #haiku

@Alismcg: #haiku: her sips of coffee / didn't affect sleep patterns / curl'd beside me cat #poetry #micropoetry

@gennepher: Wings of passing birds / sear through red rowan berries. / White cat waits below. #haiku

@pita4l: rose pedals/ spread on snow/ of fresh linen #haiku #fraglit

@gennepher: Knocking at my door / As certain as trees shed leaves / I don't open it. #haiku

@morganabag: sweet grass / in my hand - the mare's / velvet mouth #haiku

@cyberbonn: soup fly / grasping / peppercorn #haiku

@mamasanta: Time to let it go,/this dress that no longer fits,/the one Gram hemmed/with the needle/she asked me to thread #tanka

Jemfyr: Thousand fireflies / never bright as your eyes when / watching you kiss me /// #haiku

tsuken: Animals abound/ Watch them play in the bright sun/... On a DVD #fb #twiku #haiku

@HikiMadwoman: pale fields fallow / full of foxtails and pheasants / tended by lone oak #haiku

@simonscotland: A passionate fire / flames of kindness, love and truth / setting hearts ablaze #haiku

@HikiMadwoman: broken in spirit / then a chance to slip the leash / fugitive dog flees #haiku #haikuchallenge

@Lou__is: The night is coming ~ Black flame of ~ My sorrow #haiku #twaiku

@Christwitery: Early morning gray / pillow on the horizon / bird song cresendo /// #haiku

@NatureSpirits: #Haiku Bluebliss of clear days, skies unwritten by contrails—space to write my dreams.

@Alismcg: #haiku: raftin' one blue patch / of sky humble craft a'drift / o'er night drinks ocean #poetry #micropoetry @AshiAkira ☼ today my friend

@yearning4d_sky: Thunder and Lightning // Sorting through~ dark rain clouds// satiating river n flesh #haikuwordgame #Haiku

@Adamfyre: @ me not into ~ temptation, Britney, I can ~ find it by myself. #senryu #spamola

@pianamon: fugutive outside / dog stares in with sad brown eyes / "please let me inside" - #haiku - #haikuchallenge "fugitive"

@Miridunn: Spooning is our talk // bodies curled apostrophes // with no words between #haiku #hatiku

Colo_kea: Final leaves quiver / gray breeze bent with heavy snow / strong coffee morning #haiku #HaikuChallenge

@ruinedXfinery: wrapped in plush terry/pink and glowing from shower/pony-tailed blondie #haiku NOT

@Colo_kea: dogs run, flash, wide-eyed / speed, fly across winter grass / leap past time, age, now #haiku #HaikuChallenge

@baffled: it is destiny / we're meant to be together / damn voicemail again #haiku #senryu

@johnniebgoode: #haiku #senyru Bow now and how wow / what a bow by Obowma / Now bow and fix jobs

ruinedXfinery: the fugitive frog/ escapes from twitter haikus/ refuge in Basho #haiku NOT #haikuchallenge

@Tobuno: I burnt intensely/ for you yesterday ~ today/ ember under ash. #haiku #senryu

@johnniebgoode: #haiku #senyru #poems Sat down to haiku / Wife shouts: Can't find lid to pan / Love my morning muse

@Etsujin_Haiku: Rise above sadness / know that you’re never alone / we’re in this as one #haiku

@thaleia: In this strange cold world / my heart is touched by angels / smiling upon me #haiku @dolbsterthepoet @iangoole @poetisk @poeticmindset @simonscotland

@Tobuno: Time slips away yet/ it is still here ~ tied to time/ I slip away too. #haiku #senryu @snowarcher

@carltonhalpert: Incense in censer // priests censor our sensors, we're // incensed by censure. #haiku #church #censorship

@Jemfyr: Knotted, wooden bench / holds sacred secret stories / lovers under moon /// #haiku

@Etsujin_Haiku: The butterflies wings / God’s artistic expression / in full detailed flight #haiku

@Tobuno: Orbiting your love/ gravity pulls at my sleeve/ “won’t you crash with me?”. #haiku #senryu

@CliveM: Her fugitive heart / was on the run - I wanted it / but it was long gone. #haikuchallenge #haiku #love

@Etsujin_Haiku: When darkness appeared / I looked it straight in the face / and sent it away #haiku

@Miridunn: Precious, sleepy thoughts // hidden in my childhood heart // stretch and yawn again #haiku #hatiku

@manydrums: / the north winds oboe / enfolds the snow: sleep now oh / country of my soul / #haiku

@baffled: turns out my journey / is to finish this poem / 'ere the blossoms fall #haiku #senryu

@simonscotland: The rain falling down / makes lots of tiny ripples / meeting each other #haiku

@Nina_M: A frog is a frog / You should never try to change / your prince or princess. #haiku

@gustoblusto: When beliefs go // out the door // religion walks in #haiku

@Jemfyr: I am unwritten / blank pages, fragrant color / poetically penned /// #haiku #poetry

@cyberbonn: raindrop / cascading cheek / diluting tears #haiku #senryu

@gardenbuddha: Time won't // give me time // said the sage #haiku

@taosdawn: up before first light / tea water, kindling, candles / predawn companions — #newmexico artist #haiku

@lippy73: Stretching like a cat / she purred in satisfaction / as he scratched her back #senryu

@carltonhalpert: Plague's getaway man // a fugitive parasite // a flea from the scene. #haiku #haikuchallenge #plague

KathyTroidle: Yellow dog escapes/ fugitive from daily jail/ White Dog understands #haiku #haikuchallenge

@Raine_OK: Black charred trees that are /Still against the dying light/Birds are quiet now #twiku

@Christwitery: Dragonfly buzzes / air conditioner rattles / spiders weave their webs /// #haiku

@AshiAkira: In raspberry bush/ you turned to me with soft smile/ Distant memory #poetry #minipoetry #haiku

@Christwitery: Twilight colors melt / into an endless ocean / turn to pale darkness /// #haiku

@gennepher: "You're twisting my words," / Big frog told all tiny frogs, / "I never said that." #haikuchallenge #haiku

@jazmatician: sweet syncopation / essential polyrhythm / the heart beats in twos #haiku

@CDominiqueG: as i go to bed .../tonight, wish upon star light .../ hold my pillow tight #haiku #cdominiquegibson #goodnight

@WeaselWhisperer: // a strong wind blows in ~ a bird takes off from the branch ~ to join the dance // #haiku for @Yojinbo

@Adamfyre: So I like this chick ~ but she's in love with a bot ~ (I'm calling Britney...) #senryu #botlove

@Adamfyre: My brother is free ~ my heart soars like an eagle ~ so happy for him. #senryu @yojinbo

@swimmerschant: The wind blow softly/ hissing sound from my backyard/ bamboo tree dancing #haiku

@senryunectar: guitarist strums, looks ~ out into the crowd, seeking ~ redemption by song #senryu

@Miridunn: I could hear your voice // before you gave it to me // it remains with me #haiku #hatiku

@Miridunn: Take my time machine // waste no moments on the past // come to tomorrow #haiku #hatiku

@Miridunn: Spooning is our talk // bodies curled apostrophes // with no words between #haiku #hatiku

@Adamfyre: Lists of #FF names ~ Tweet after Tweet, it all just ~ looks like spam to me... #senryu

@Adamfyre: Bruised and broken wings ~ fragrance from these crushed petals ~ smells so sweet to you.. #senryu

@Alismcg: #haiku: melting his armor /cold prison of his weeping / salty tears free him #poetry #micropoetry

@Alismcg: #haiku: ripples of her love / stretching outward 'cross heaven / arms holding all hearts #poetry #micropoetry

@Adamfyre: Skipp'd cross her heart's face ~ a pebble pauses to drink ~ ripples of her love.. :) #senryu

@Alismcg: #haiku: bows smilin’ warmly / “please you first” speaks the stillness / haiku grows large ear #poetry #micropoetry

@Adamfyre: Deep within my heart ~ I keep a quiet stillness ~ to listen to you.. #senryu

@carltonhalpert: The zombie lawyer // gave new meaning to the phrase // habeas corpus. #haiku #zombies

@Jemfyr: My heart tattoo blue / no doubt my words speak to you / eternal inks two /// #haiku

@Miridunn: I am still the shore // sometimes gently, sometimes not // the waves come and go #haiku #hatiku

@InVinceWil: I thought i wanted / to free you, but just ended / up freeing myself #haiku

@Miridunn: Oh My! Look at you // So beautifully hung! So big! // pale moon in the sky. #haiku humour :-))

@Christwitery: Stomp over my heart / crush it in tiny pieces / like leaves underfoot /// #haiku

@wqueens7: boston skyline at night.jpg. Boston's night skyline/ The lights' crystalline sugar/ (Empty calories call)/ #haiku (pic)

@Tetsubishi: heart twisted with rage / beaten smooth again, again, / in compassion's forge #haiku #haikuchallenge 'twist'

@oshum: Night rain gently falls - onyx blackness sings to me ~ watery moonface #haiku

@jannagae: #haiku #haikutherapy Forest green pine needles ~ jostled by blustery wind ~ firmly connected.

@Christwitery: At certain fixed times / stars dance but first take a bow/ round circles of stones /// #haiku

@jannagae: #haiku #haikutherapy Gray cloud covered morn ~ perfect circle bright white light ~ stationed amongst clouds

@carltonhalpert: To amuse your muse // go barefoot, and lose the shoes // any path you choose. #haiku #muse #shoes

@CliveM: Life is short - too short / but there will always be time / for love and cheesecake #haiku

@Alismcg: #haiku: that patch of blue my / raft adrift ‘cross skies to you / ahoy! twitter whale #poetry #micropoetry

@gennepher: So unfailingly / Our hunter of dragonflies / Relentlessly searches. #haiku

@ruinedXfinery: Mathilde rules over/a tribe--three from Eliot and/one haughty strumpet #haiku NOT

@gennepher: Moon sat on her bum / Turned her curvaceous back on sun / Sun rose magnificently. #haiku

@twitterhaiku: crazy stormchasers / drive right into a twister / back up!! BACK UP!!! AAAAAAH!!!!!! / #haiku #haikuchallenge (twist)

@darpoke: Windows rattle on,/The wind outside is blowing/All my sleep away. #twiku #haiku

@morganabag: moon water / discovered beyond / our dreams #haiku #senryu

@gennepher: Circling clothes, hat, sticks... / Mini twister in cornfield / Child watched fascinated. #haikuchallenge #haiku

@Christwitery: Froggy on a log / blogging to the big wide pond / but no one comments /// #haiku

@Alismcg: #haiku: breathe in breathe out - / wait let kindness unpack first / she'll dress up your tongue #poetry #micropoetry

@Thehumblepie: Sun on horizon, Bare feet and murmuring surf, A hand softly held. #haiku

@makeit2double: A mast fixed on the / ship of the world – fated to / sail over your edge #haiku #twaiku #poetry

@slatterish: Today I waited By the underpass a while. And smelt the roses #haiku

@hermonhermit: autumn storm / a tributary runs / down the main road #haiku

@Adamfyre: She makes my sandwich ~ while I stand here and try not ~ to stare at her boobs.. #senryu

@lisamarie20010: Water turned to ice/ A reflection turned to stone/ Her mind turned to him #haiku #fraglit

@Alismcg: #haiku: playin' hide'n'seek / shafts of light discover me / cower'd in shadows #poetry #micropoetry

@HikiMadwoman: snowfall in dim night / sounds of snowflakes spark'ling down / faint bells all around #haiku

graffitipoet: Navigate basements/ Wander the urban valleys/Tracing your way home #haiku

@urbancrafter: silence must be heard :: with the ears of beating hearts... :: it is here soul speaks. #haiku #senryu

@jbridgman: hidden heart buried // deep in the cold castle keep // stone bricks of the mind #haiku

@zephyrquay: Eye on the window ~ looking at a lit candle ~ reflections of warmth #haiku

@jimlegge: welcome to the zoo / that is life, fun and much strife / ready, breathe deeply / #haiku #haikai

@NotOneNotTwo // takes her out ~ to their favorite restaurant ~ one last time // #haiku #senryu

@Rehfan: Sucks to be trapped here // while there, sun suns, breeze breezes // birds bird and trees tree. #haiku #poetry

@EliznMaeve: open the doors to/ the dark night of the woodstove/ the sun is inside #haiku #twaiku

@picklefishpaste: Red balloon floats off/ Takes her broken heart with it/ Suddenly it pops. #Haiku #Poetry #Bored #Emo

@Grenhilda: Bye bye mum bye bye / echos of a future truth / from my two year old #haiku

@senryunectar: working from my heart ~ that has made the difference ~ how I see the world #senryu