Sunday, November 29, 2009



HaikuDelight: alongside our ship / drifting on the sea of love / pink tumbling dolphins #haiku

@apemanb: bouncing and riffing/ my favourite twittertime/ ideas are gifts #haiku

mthoodmeadows: Sun kisses mountain / mother nature shares her love / snow for Thanksgiving #haiku

@chadredden: Upstairs neighbor wakes / to squeak the floor boards, slam doors. / Room lit by clock light. #Haiku

@senryunectar: Poets like pebbles ~ bumping in the stream to glow ~ and shimmer brighter #senryu

@hermonhermit: in-between day / not sure if the moon / is half full or half empty #senryu #micropoetry

@carltonhalpert: The storm-filled sky sparks // my kite and I, looking for // electricity. #haiku #storm

@tiny_epic: Two hearts united /stumbling into ecstasy/ true love can do that. #haiku @senryunectar

@tiny_epic: Happy tears of joy/ fall whenever I'm grateful/ for all that I have. #haiku RT

@apemanb: the marmalade sun/ gave birth in cold orange fog/ to an outstretched hand #haiku

@senryunectar: I stumble grateful ~ loving arms, enfolding a ~ truly happy heart #senryu

@senryunectar: Light shimmers across ~ the stream of words, my soul is ~ open to us all #senryu to @lunaJune

@graffitipoet: The sky's a blanket/ Blanketing the ground in snow/ Bringing the season #haiku

@yearning4d_sky: torn between the known// and distant shores ~ back and forth // the tides go ~ I watch! #haiku #haikuchallenge

@lifeinoleg: Autumn wind / brings cold / to every crevice. #haiku

@apemanb: bare revelations/ all entrances uncovered/courtesy winter #haiku

@monkeybrigade: The steel gray paint chip, / The sun-bleached road and the sky / Kindred color souls. #haiku

@Adamfyre: If I could hold you ~ until your heart stopped weeping ~ I would, so gladly.. #senryu

@djolder: even late at night / my whole body glows for you / fire in a dark room #haiku

@quietlaughter: darkness over me/ rain falls outside the window/ I will be the sun #haiku

@haikubee: steamed up / night rain / against the glass #nanopoetry #micropoetry

@apemanb: cloud who hugged the earth/ found security in cities/ wanting to be smog #haiku

@Grenhilda: Lightening cracked the hills / your broken heart flayed open / cruelly exposed #haiku

@blackposimage: "I lied to my heart/ Did not let it know the truth/ I do not love you" #haiku

@twaikumama: The question of late / asks not for whom the bell tolls / but why so often #haiku #twaiku #poetry

@HikiMadwoman: bare branches in wind / fur close on back, nose held low / thin squirrel waiting #haikuchallenge #haiku

@lippy73: I would hold your hand / if I weren't so far away / so I hold your heart #senryu

@lippy73: Friends are our lifeboat / when tossed into stormy seas / and all else seems lost #senryu

@Tetsubishi: I'd be such a fool / to go back to trusting him - / hey, this hat jingles... #haikuchallenge 'back' #senryu

@djolder: I turn u around / make good all my promises / we rejoice as 1. #haiku

@cjoyen: when some things go bad / darkness is the world within / its great to have friends #senryu #haiku

@apemanb: O! the syllables/ and the superfluous words/ in this, this haiku #haiku

@Miridunn: I could hear your voice ~ before you gave it to me ~ and now it is mine ~ #haiku #hatiku

@haikubee: last night again / with our passion / setting the sun #micropoetry

@djolder: The river in me / Broke through and poured into / The river in you. #haiku

@forgottenworks: So, at first glance / if you forgive the imagery / an anti-tanka missile / with a pretension-piercing head / is what #kyoka would seem to be

@carltonhalpert: My plans for today // a short stroll, then a long walk // enough preamble. #haiku #senryu

@wqueens7: Competing desires/ Blend like oil and soiled water/ Making both useless/ #haiku

@haikubee: leaving / your shadow, / the last of the leaves #haiku #nanopoetry

@Jemfyr: Celestial sheen~ orbed rainbow~ glorious // #haiku #nanopoetry

@tclarkusa: The small of her back // awaits his exploration // longing for his touch #haikuchallenge #haiku

@LNBel: tears for black cat who --- found crossing THAT path unlucky -- now dead at the curb #west158thstreet #deadcat #haiku

@Jemfyr: Mercy sits between~ fickle vanity and earthly green~ Age of time. #micropoetry

@carltonhalpert: Cosmetic error // she regrets her purchase of // 'Kraft Mac & Cheese Gold'. #haiku #foodielipsticknames

carltonhalpert: Olive complexion // hidden in shade, with lips of // 'Kalamata Bronze'. #haiku #foodielipsticknames

@pita4l: moody angel tears/ the diamond heart/ into thousand rubies #senryu #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Her Cheshire grin was // tinted with a shade she called // 'Melted Edam Rind'. #haiku #foodielipsticknames

@dfy: Breakfast in a bag / dodging puddles in the rain / Thangsgiving homeless #Haiku

haikubee: through the lights / on amber - / setting sun #haiku #nanopoetry #micropoetry

@carltonhalpert: The owl left without // A backward glance. What a shame // He's so good at them. #haikuchallenge #haiku #owls

@Jemfyr: In my garden of / rose petal breeze, I kissed you / back under palm tree /// #haiku #haikuchallenge

@thesouthpole: Procrastination, a little boy kicks a rock, 'round your empty mind. #haiku

@lippy73: Memory a sieve / keep putting stuff in but it / slips right out again #senryu

@CliveM: It may feel uphill / at times a struggle ~ but worth / the view from the top #haiku

@CliveM: The road can be rough~ you can wonder why you are on it~ but this is the only path~ and I for one am going to enjoy it #micropoetry #life

@gavindecuir: A curbed recliner / stares back at its former home / watching rooftop birds. #haiku

@morganabag: now the shining / scarab crawls across / the sky #haiku

@dgdreamin: Anticipation / opening the window blinds / new gifts each morning #Haiku

@lippy73: Spending the morning / swimming upstream looking for / pearls tossed in last night #senryu

@AshiAkira: A half moon floating/ Trees lining the street naked/ Neon signs too bright #haiku #minipoetry #poetry

@AshiAkira: Brown leaves piling up/ off sidewalk, joyf’l puppy/ diving in and out #haiku #minipoetry #poetry

@sftmrtn: the great unknown will // nab you and gobble you up // and say mmm ! tasty ! // #haikuchallenge #senryu

@tavisbrunson: A #haiku: I love you more than/I should and sometimes I feel/I can love you more.

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "November night - the rotting shoes ... of forest." - #haiku #poetry

@Mamad: Each technique a dance,/moving with grace and power./Blows fall into void. #haiku

@catch822: I drink to forget / how stupid I act while drunk / oops, infinite loop #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Half-moon, half-mist - half-rotted stars ... of autumn." - #haiku #poetry

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "They stand and they dream - the dreams they remember ... trees of November." - #haiku #poetry

@haikubee: time passes / on the clock / a cat's forever #haiku #micropoetry

@chinakatz: Silky song » of heartbeats » lovers' song. #haiku #poetry #micropoetry

@haikubee: light up / one more - / again #nanopoetry #micropoetry

@KarenHAustin: roast chicken, ~ cake baking, wood smoke: ~ smells of home... #haiku

@gregmoodie: I'm building an ark / I'm rounding up animals / We're starting anew. #haiku

@gennepher: The heartbeat of spring / Primroses showing yellow / Flowers too early. #haiku #haikutherapy

@labisiffre: In a short poem the beginning is close/ 2the end; much like the birth/ & death of a star; easy/ 2 miss the life between #poetry #micropoetry

@Christwitery: Intersection of / chaos opposite fractal / mean reality /// #haiku

@coachcreative: come here, take my hand / and this will be our New Year / your wings, my wings, sky... #haiku

@Adamfyre: Quietest blossom ~ the wind tickles your petals ~ your secret remains. #haiku #blossom

@askmoltar: emo poetry / just defecates all over / the english language #haiku

@grhipe: Primero un ojo / Luego el otro / Primero sueño (First one eye / then the other / First sleep) #haiku

@Christwitery: The night sky is lit / by angels holding candles / to guide you homeward /// #haiku

@TryinOnANewLife: candle's flame flickers / sitting upon window sill / beckoning you home #senryu

@abidinglieux: #haiku... the air flickering ~ heaven heard sounds offers up ~ diamond bright solace

@chadredden: Couple caught in a / housetrap baited with children. / Separate bedrooms. #Haiku

@Daecabhir: Beneath the surface / Lava bubbles, awaits release / My demons frolic #haiku

@haikunut: Paperwhites blooming ~ precarious in pottery ~ grateful gift, new friend #senryu #thanku

@haikunut: "No momma, like this." ~ Lips puckered just so. Who knew ~ spitting was complex? #senryu

@gustoblusto: Don't get in the way // of this bear // around food #haiku

@gustoblusto: Sitting under fan // on this hot spring day in Oz // you poor, northern dwellers #haiku

@Rehfan: Snow would be welcome // here in Florida. No one // would shovel. Just play. #haiku #poetry

@TryinOnANewLife: the moon sits half full / lighting up indigo sky / stars singing background #haiku

@Alismcg: #haiku: peek not blue black sea / while those few stars skinny dip / tips his ha-lo moon #poetry #micropoetry

@blaynev: Each day we move on / We shed the weight from our past / Move toward the future #Haiku

@Yojinbo: The glowering sky / Unable to hold the rain / Lets it fall to earth. #haiku #fryku

@gustoblusto: Don't mess // with the bear // in the morning #haiku #sixwords #nanopoetry

@yearning4d_sky: Bulbs forsaken bloom again// when spring flutters her eyelids// hope awakens #haiku

@urbancrafter: weave reality // like a spider weaves a web // to catch what we want. #haikutherapy #haiku

@heavypennies: Elemental love, always freezing and melting, no charts mention this #haiku

@urbancrafter: night. shadows follow // me, looming, then swallowing... // I am shadow too.#haiku #senryu

@gardenbuddha: Yellow dragonfly // diplacodes bipunctata // female, says the book #haiku

@urbancrafter: fall leaves fluttering // spinning, twisting down down down... // dance like butterflies.#haiku

@urbancrafter: hiding in willow's // swaying hula skirt, silent // I watch her hips sway. #haiku

@Christwitery: Patio breakfast / in changing dusty landscape / birdsong seranade /// #haiku

@gardenbuddha: Dragonfly resting // on the bent-over bulrush // in the old bathtub #haiku

@urbancrafter: half moon half heart beats // in time with half-self, marching // in half tempo steps. #haikutherapy #haiku

@gustoblusto: Creativity // doesn't always come // in seventeen syllables #haiku

@gustoblusto: Flying is easy // just avoid // hitting the ground #haiku

@gustoblusto: I saw a haiku // of just // one word #haiku #nanopoetry

@Adamfyre: Talked to Tinkerbell ~ she said all us guys are jerks ~ all except for me.. #senryu #translationplease?

@gustoblusto: Neti, neti // not Buddhist, not Christian // just discovering #haiku

@gustoblusto: Jesus and Buddha // travel the way together // not Christian, not Buddhist #haiku

@gustoblusto: Jesus and Gautama // just two boys talking about // what is in their hearts #haiku

@gustoblusto: Jesus and Buddha // bouncing thoughts off each other // on the rocky way #haiku

@CliveM: my dreams are calling / from bedroom - they are waiting / on my pillows #haiku - goodnight.

@CliveM: Never give up on / yourself or your dreams - believe / if you do - we will #haiku

@jannagae: #haikutherapy Stark brown, black long limbs ~ stretch toward sapphire blue skies ~ waiting for renewal #haiku

@CliveM: With every breath / new, fresh opportunities / possibilities #haiku

@ianbran: on top of my house....there was a silver hippo....until i shot him....#haiku

@ianbran: did you bring butter?....are you wearing leg warmers?...ok don't let go...#haiku

@CliveM: Life is easier / with someone behind you / whispering go on #haiku #love

@urbancrafter: life is illusion; // a dream of a dream from where // our souls are sleeping. #haiku

@AshiAkira: Noise outside sounds like/ sparrows at war this morning/ Total emergency #haiku #minipoetry

@Christwitery: I'd lay beside you / hold you in the morning on / your bed of hot coals /// #haiku

@wqueens7: guts. "No guts: no glory"/ Says the tired old cliche/ Used to taunt the weak/ #haiku (pic)

@ernbrn: Turkey day cleaning/Family, beer, and pizza/September throwback #experimonth #haiku

@CDominiqueG: finger caught between.../waist band of her panties, he.../says "just want a taste" #haiku #senryu #cdominiquegibson

@Jemfyr: Hint of jasmine breeze / you only smell my memory / great escape artist /// #haiku #haikuchallenge

@CDominiqueG: tomorrow stretches .../like a road before me, yet.../look back...yesterday #haiku #cdominiquegibson

@gennepher: Was Robin Hood's Cave. / Waded through stream to get there. / Now a child's refuge. #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Great secret of the // dodo went with them into // man-made history. #haiku #haikuchallenge #extinct

@gennepher: A seedling planted / by child whose grave lay nowhere. / Great oak tree now stands. #haikuchallenge 'great' #haiku

@gennepher: Cat lies on his back / Greatly affecting indifference / Touch his tummy, then... #haikuchallenge 'great' #haiku

@senryunectar: Sun sinks in a rush ~ November cold welcomes stars ~ and luminous moon #haiku

@NYHaiku: outspoken in june, / tonight you weep a farewell - / come back soon great geese #haiku #haikuchallenge

@gennepher: Skeletons emerge / when least expected. A great / inconvenience. #haikuchallenge 'great' #haiku

@NYHaiku: moment of silence - / Basho's Great Frog requests peace - / "Ribbit!"...wait, that's all? #haiku #basho #haikuchallenge

@gennepher: River Medway fog. / Marshland, gallows, prison ships. / Great Expectations. #haikuchallenge 'great' #haiku

@morganabag: crow / created / the universe / dropping feathers / on the wind #tanka

@gennepher: Cats sitting in line / until I put great dollup / of cream on each plate. #haikuchallenge 'great' #haiku

@carltonhalpert: The spaceman wrote his // geosynchronous obit // across the night sky. #haiku #NASA #obit

@sandie2die: I'll always join you, Our secret Beach House, My only true love. #haiku

@simonscotland: There's no worse feeling / than being unable to / help a friend in need #haiku

@AndraNorris: Autumn leaves falling. // Offering infinite thanks // Distant jingle bells // #Haiku #Poetry

@gennepher: Moon lies behind cloud / tantalisingly briefly shows / her increasing girth. #haiku

@omewan: i'm throwing a party / no one else invited / just me and self-pity #itsnoonsomewhere #haiku #lowku

@morganabag: canyons / carved by the wind's / Wagnerian / tuba - runes from a/ crane wing flute #tanka

@pita4l: clear ocean tunes/ wave of my body closer/ to your purple cloud #haiku #senryu #fraglit #microsijo

@emmyludesign: Quiet clouded day / shrouded in a fog so dense / Making me feel calm #haiku

@morganabag: four yearlings / racing the wind / bluegrass backroads #haiku

@monkeybrigade: A glum, rainy mood /Settled like a vexed wet hen / Over this whole day. #haiku

@Tobuno: When I think of her/ the earth whirls like a dervish/ NOW, imagine that! #haiku #senryu

@morganabag: i dream the crocodile / life itself / I dream I am Hathor / in a sycamore tree / two hundred years old #micropoetry

@morganabag: pink stone / reeds in green water / flower of life #haiku #Egypt

@Tobuno: Soul over flowing/ Heart freed from entanglement/ love flew long ago, NOW. :)#haiku #senryu

@ManuElpielRoja: #HAIKU Un escarabajo / patas arriba sostiene / techos de cielo (A beetle / upside down holding / roof of heaven)

@ManuElpielRoja: #HAIKU La vida sigue / se desmorona el azúcar / sobre el café (Life goes / falls apart sugar / coffee on)

@zephyrquay: Ponytail, glasses ~ grown woman smiling sweetly ~ like a little girl #haiku

@morganabag: sing / with your back / to the stones / vibrations inside / the tomb #tanka #Egypt

@Tobuno: Skin soft as velvet/ breeze flirts with her hair ~ as she/ melts into my arms. #senryu

@morganabag: the sun / snake's great yellow egg / rising #haiku #Egypt

@38harmony: inspired by a poet ~ Soar like an eagel~overlooking~promised land~sighting love~ the dance begins :) #micropoetry

@jamesciriaco: Shadows in the leaves, / buzzing-- some junker's fan belt-- / are there cicadas? #poetry #haiku #poem

@CatCat23: In frantic moments / I take a really deep breath / and never exhale #Haiku

@Christwitery: today is all new /// #haiku #homeless #Adelaide missing bit

@Tobuno: In absence of mind/ ecstatic laughter of joy/ infinite wisdom @vajraland #haiku #Zen Buddhism

@baffled: We heard a pin drop / after Father Murphy cried / "Great thundering balls!" #haikuchallenge #haiku #senryu

@apemanb: poet , a door/ enabling or protecting/ currently unhinged #micropoetry

@AlistairK: Spinning beamy things / round and round and round very fast / large collider starts / #haiku #CERN

@haiQ: / Mind, drawing a blank, / sees such possibilities / in empty canvas. / - #haiku

@abbyalger: Oh AT&T. / Your ads lie. You I despise. / Reception? Never. #haiku #swornenemy

@Tobuno: the longer it lasts/ the further her scent will flow/ such roses are rare. @lisamarie20010 #haiku

@HaikuCurmudgeon: Christmas lasts twelve days / Starts December twenty-fifth / What's with the lights? #haiku

@City_Haiku: mantle down cliffs / into the precipice / just don't fall in love - #haiku

@urbancrafter: I'm a bird, needing :: to spread wings and fly away :: only to return. #haiku

@urbancrafter: love is metaphor: // trying to say in a word // feelings of the heart. #haiku #senryu

@Yojinbo: When your eyes are closed / Don't complain about the dark: / Just open your eyes. #haiku #zen

@apemanb: horizontal rain / rhomboid schoolkids get blown home / jackets for windsails #haiku

@juanlumora: atravesando / arterias de ciudad / somos su sangre (crossing / arteries of city / are your blood) #haiku #poema

@Tobuno: If you can’t talk of/ bliss, joy, wonder, light and love/ then, why speak at all? #haiku #senryu

@DrumSongStory: To ride up a hill~requires the willingness~to pedal slowly #haiku

@Tobuno: On a night like this/ forget the weight of the world/ smile with all your heart. @lisamarie20010 #haiku

@Adamfyre: Madder than hatters ~ from digital mercury ~ that we call Twitter.. #senryu

@Adamfyre: Bumblebees buzzing ~ noses of each other say ~ Good morning, my friend! #senryu

@InVinceWil: endless days measured / by stained coffee spoons and cups / browning paper cups #haiku

@miniorb: sleepy, cozy blanket, time to sleep #haiku #winter09

@twitwrit: the great haiku sits / enthroned on his lily pad / pond is his kingdom #haiku #haikuchallenge 'great'

@madhaiku: Got a tweet today / It said ENLARGE YOUR PENIS / It didnt say how #haiku

@monkeywillow: turning my back / on a world of dreams - / moonlit snow // (Ambrosia N3) #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@haikunut: I analyze your || insult under microscope: || 1/100th true. #senryu

@PoeticParallax: Rain curtains rush down/ Muskegs absorb the pounding/ Dwarfed pines sway and drink #haiku #haikuchallenge

@LesleyDewar: Above the cliff face -- a great tree challenges -- gravity herself #haikuchallenge #haiku #great

@lippy73: Food in the bowl stale / been there over ten minutes / cats demand fresh meal #haiku

@lippy73 Water in a bowl ~ is not fresh enough for Tom ~ must be 'live' water #haiku

@gennepher: Child thought it was great / she was ill in bed, off school. / She cloud watched all day. #haikuchallenge #haiku

@gennepher: Butterfly settled / on purple flower. Was wet, / I'd just painted it. #haiku

@gennepher: My keyboard playing / greatly improved if practice / every single day. #haikuchallenge #haiku

@apemanb: working out your tune/ sparkingly spare and haunting/ cat on the keyboard #senryu

@apemanb: who casts a hall's echo in my head? you..echoing the #micropoetry

@lippy73: I told you I do / thirty years ago today / seems like yesterday #thirtyyears #senryu

@apemanb: fragmented youth/ unforgiving shards/ umbilically held/ family bloodbath #micropoetry

@purelovenergy: naked soul rising ~ fear clothes lost in the passion ~ of the Love breath wind #haiku #LOVE

@Jemfyr: I must go now to / the forest green, leaves and trees / restore my soul, breathe /// #haiku

@StevieTrees: I'm dodging puddles / stepping with the momentum / you fall way behind #haiku

@PatrickSeguin: A Buddha forearm / soothes me with whiskey and beer / to sad rock 'n' roll #poem #poetry #haiku

@StevieTrees: I'll get out right here / you've taken me far enough / thanks for all the lies #haiku

@crhallberg: iPod buds in ear / Music only we can hear / We danced in the park. #haiku

@StevieTrees: hit me in the face / an elegant round-house kick / as sudden as lust #haiku

@lippy73: I will always see / the sweet boy that caught my eye / thirty years ago #thirtyyears #senryu

@StevieTrees: detach your pocket / wear it everywhere you go / the one I fit in #haiku

@StevieTrees: unplanned vacation / perfect fitting pair of jeans / scissors in the throat #haiku

@apemanb: computer keyboard/ or pen and paper. I'm more/ quill and parchment man #haiku

@StevieTrees: I posted a note / I asked you for assistance / your bed was empty #haiku

@StevieTrees: start in a new place / drag my journal behind me / sing the most shocking #haiku

@hvarfredriksen: And I will die / but not for long / because I fly / upon your wings... #Haiku

@chalkware: garland and tinsel / brighten up the old cupboard / with soft twinkle lights #haiku

@genewrites: : Learning slowly that// great days start on the inside// and then flow outward #haikuchallenge 'great' #haiku

@MalaCalania: #haiku Amor libre // Amor que acepta // hay cosas así... (Free love / / love that accepts / / there are things like this ...)

sergiozaragoza: Cuando pensarian / antiguos dictadores / dos dedos / una pantalla / poder en la palma de la mano (When you think / former dictators / two fingers / screen / power in the palm) #haiku

@lippy73: You walked in the room / and I just had to have you / got you and kept you #senryu #thirtyyears

@FarahDidi: Soft grey clouds parting/Sudden burst of fiery /Skies, evening dusk dawns #haiku #twiku

@Yojinbo: Namu Dai Butsu: / We honor the great Buddha / Found within ourselves. #haiku #haikuchallenge 'great'

@gennepher Silence, no one spoke / No need, their thoughts were enough / They knew, understood. #haiku