Saturday, October 3, 2009



@MeeAugraphie: Faded blooms limp home ~ throw themselves across leaves' bed ~ pull up earth's covers #haiku

@alotus_poetry: middle of the night / I wake to see the shadow / of a branch / clawing my lover's back / until I cover him with a blanket #tanka

@carol_red: the last dance -- / her cheap perfume / don't matter #senryu

@urbancrafter: Voyeuristic moon; - watching the lovers as she ~ peeps through their windows. #haiku

@alotus_poetry: full moon tonight / I am overflowing / with little poems #senryu

@haikuoftheday: cracked porcelain bowl / sun breaking through / the broken clouds -sek #haiku

@tinkhanson: All shapes and shadows / drenched in friendly, knowing light / brilliant spotlight moon. #haiku #gnight

@urbancrafter: the moon is kissing ~ every lock of your hair; ~ silky seduction. #haiku #senryu

@urbancrafter: Same old moon, same stars ~ putting on a show, like it's ~ their first night on stage. #haiku

@Bill312: fair day! / barn dog snarfles / the fallen sausage | #makeupaword #haiku #senryu

@papercutlet: chilly autumn night/ molting trees in silhouette/ silent surrender #haiku

@urbancrafter: full moon, parading ~ herself across the nighttime ~ sky, leading lovers. #haiku #senryu

@urbancrafter: I could be this stone ~ I hold in my hand...or is ~ the stone holding me? #haiku #senryu #zen

@haikunut: Using many words I / find a path of right words to / lead me to one word/ that will answer this chatter/ with a silence deeper still. #tanka

@haikunut: I sense your presence ~ ubiquitous mosquito ~ me beneath blankets. #haiku #senryu

@alotus_poetry: after the rain / feet-deep in mud / white ducks / sloshing / towards a sunlit ground #tanka

@BleedingHaikus: The silver strands glide / Across the indigo sky / The waves push forward #twaiku #haiku

@pita4l: blue light shines/ hop pebble stones/ feet stomp silent drum #haiku #poetry if you get it what it means;)

@michelleshy: Let’s hit Joe’s Stone Crab // I’m indifferent to dinner // I want key lime pie // #senryu #Chicago

@carol_red: pushy as ever — / at the séance they hear / from Aunt Maggie #senryu

@Yojinbo: You don't love someone / For their better qualities / But despite their worst. #Haiku #love

@DigitalSalon: poking around the corners / looking into the deepest recesses / seeking answers / to unasked questions #micropoetry

@DigitalSalon: soaked in rainwater / fallen leaves lie everwhere / a busy squirrel #twaiku #haiku

@carltonhalpert: Ahab must learn that // the big blubbery tease is // playing hard to get. #haiku #moby

@SourdoughOh: Hunched over a pre-/ Historic bug, dead in my/ Shadow. Inspecting. #513umf #Haiku

@carltonhalpert: One hundred eighteen // elemental tastes, plus time. // Pie a la Sagan. #haiku after @NotOneNotTwo "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe..." -Carl Sagan

@Yojinbo: Alas, my mission / A failure, I return home / Beaten but unbowed. #haiku #GeoDefense

@carol_red: anniversary gift — / filling her old sweater / with new cleavage #senryu

@Juliasnz: I'm taking a ride. / Sea, I hope it never ends. / Never let me drown #haiku #drown

@urbancrafter: deep beauty speaks truth ~ in a present way without ~ the insult of words. #senryu #haiku

@bonshaiku: Rickety old rocker / swinging back and forth / Mick Jagger was here. #senryu

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Aha! A little mud - a little print ... a little late for the cat." - #haiku #poetry

@urbancrafter: My sexiest part ~ is the invisible space ~ that lives in my heart. #senryu #haiku

@haiku_andy: Daily Haiku - \\ blue morning, the sun \ not yet over the ridge. cat \ crouched on fence. waiting. \\ #haiku

@0355user: Jumped over a snake. / My thoughts go out to bereaved. / Woods, own gentle self #haiku #mountain

@mamasanta: Married a year / and she swears / she never / heard him / fart. #kyoka

@jimpenny: Harvest moon rising. / Moonglow filters through the pines. / I could use a walk. #haiku

@NotOneNotTwo: // deep into twilight ~ sitting in a grape juice sky ~ vanilla moonpie // #haiku #fullmoon ~

@jimpenny: Hott chicks in skivvies / cannot outrun the bad guy. / Will they ever learn? #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Maybe this beetle - knows what's meant ... by dry old leaves." - #haiku #poetry

@wqueens7: chix & root veggies. Dinner at good friends/ Home cooked meals cures what ails us/ We wish you were here/ #haiku (pic)

@alotus_poetry: at the mall / caught in a thick web / bungee jumping customer #senryu

@SirWumpus: night's silence / hidden thoughts / eons apart #haiku

@alotus_poetry: at the mall / a girl asks her mother / if ghosts go up / the escalator / if no one shops after hours #tanka

@labisiffre: He keeps four volumes of Sylvia Plath / But reads Bukowski and clips / His toenails in the bath | #culture #poetry #micropoetry #verse

@NotOneNotTwo: / overhead, while I drive ~ I watch the clouds follow me ~ I stop, they head west / #haiku Quiverymoments

@carltonhalpert: Towering canyons // each turn is fraught with peril // how I hate Costco. #haiku #haikuchallenge

@alotus_poetry: after I mow the lawn, / a flock of wrens descend / on my backyard, / and after finishing dinner / I rake up their feathers #tanka

@alotus_poetry: after Halloween / we try not to think of / cavities #senryu

@alotus_poetry: center of attention / the drama queen had no words / for her mother's death #senryu

@alotus_poetry: lunar eclipse-- / a beetle's shadow / enclosed / within the mouth / of a bird #tanka

@alotus_poetry: upon switching on / the back porch lights / I enter my garden / a startled cockroach / receding to its shadow #tanka

@dengary: tender tangled limbs/now languid, flushed, slow-moving/exhausted by our love/our bodies draped in soft light/we lie in sunset silence #tanka

@NotOneNotTwo: the sane ~ look to the mad for spark ~ and when they have their fill ~ the mad are locked up ~ with wringing of hands // #micropoetry

@dengary: roasting alive / high sun in Tripoli / the meat market air / shattered by bellows / from the camel du jour | #tanka #micropoetry #poetry

@dengary: mayflies / you swarm and die / in days / I will not pity you / I am the childless one | #tanka #micropoetry #poetry

@dengary: Pagliaccio,/you came so close/but topsy-turvy! /take agony for granted—/then laugh in its bloody face | #tanka #micropoetry

@makeit2double: Kiss me if you must / but I will leap from your arms / into the old pond #haiku #twaiku

@alotus_poetry: picking up / the loose bones / from the ground / a girl in her skeleton costume / pops and cracks her joints #tanka

@dengary: my fingertips / sting again with paper cuts / as I count out bills / paying today's price / for loving you | #tanka #kyoka #micropoetry

@alotus_poetry: while washing my hands / I read scratches / of names and hearts / on the girls' bathroom walls / more dirty thoughts #tanka

@NotOneNotTwo: // the heart in my chest ~ ignored, abused, and broken -- ~ suddenly attacks! // #haiku #cardio

@dengary: rye whisky / burns my gut, so, cheers! / I've lived so long / an enemy of death / I know pain is proof of life | #tanka #micropoetry #poetry

@wqueens7: thing 1, thing 2.jpg. i thought the older/ 2 kids were far enough through/ puberty to cease/ [#haiku] doing the... (pic)

@alotus_poetry: the day / when you died-- / crows assembled; / one cawed in the birdbath / and drowned #cinqku attempt #tanka

@alotus_poetry: family reunion-- / sisters recount and compete / for the worst stories / of dating college guys / in front of their daughters #tanka

@askmoltar: so he spoke and his / woman up so we can use / mine if i have the #haiku

@mamasanta: Visit to Sicily / to heck with the Greek ruins / cousins take us / to visit / Uncle Charlie's tomb #kyoka

@Tobuno: Nonduality/ Zen, hindu, tao, know it all/ go f*ck yourselves, NOW. #haiku

@dengary: Hey, Pandora! / Quit screwin' with us! / Try thinking outside the box! | #senryu #micropoetry #poetry

@bonshaiku: Lavender thread / crochet hook of blue / a dilly of a doily. #senryu

@mamasanta Lexus dealership / the drinks and sandwiches / no longer free #senryu

@CliveM: Run away quickly / grab your clothes, my love, and fast / can you hear his car? #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Old road - but not to that ... Somewhere Else." - #haiku #poetry

@bonshaiku: Plumes of smoke / escape neighbor's chimney / first frost is here. #senryu

@CliveM: I watch from a far / My true love laughing, waiting / Standing in the sun #haiku

@JH_poetry: /The pen flows easily /warm blood rushes/ from a hand /as ink burst into tears/ #senyru #micropoetry #poetry

@KrisLindbeck: Fridge broke again / we're sharing the artichoke / this afternoon | #senryu #haiku

@Tobuno: Love bites to protect/ we’re so dented by the teeth/ that mark the markless. #haiku

@alotus_poetry: in Texas / everything's bigger / even a 38KKK boob job #senryu

@Grenhilda: The day has ended / rides ridden and work complete / words said and shoes worn #haiku

@alotus_poetry: every mid-autumn / black strands of silk hair / on my pillow #haiku #senryu

@mplardie: I'm in the Kitchen/ Sweating Onions. A Classic / "Not What It Sounds Like." #haiku

@bunnirice: Comfortably seated / we vicariously watch / as the world crumbles // #haiku

@dengary: Charlie P. / my favorite grandparent / dead before my birth | #senryu #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@alotus_poetry: with a patient / I mention today's clear blue skies / while we overheard / another pair discussing / a patient's prognosis #tanka

@Bill312: doorbell -- / the cats' eyes / from under the bed | #haiku #senryu

@dengary: grandpa Charlie / known only / for his chalk outline | #senryu #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@alotus_poetry: winter-- / my next door neighbor's / graying hair / still with no job / and still lives with his parents #tanka

@bonshaiku: Invisible and quiet / spider hunters / methodical and automated / crawl the web / searching organic optimization. #tanka

@mamasanta: when is your birthday / my mother asks / before they turn brilliant / the trees of autumn / fade #tanka

@mamasanta: VIneyard villa / our drunken friend / moons the gardener #senryu

@alotus_poetry: everything to hide / the patient's leg scars / but not her urges to cut #senryu

@CliveM: I want to escape / this prison of life and pain / Walk free in the clouds #haiku

@CliveM: Focus on the grass / Lush, green, full of life and Sun / Her grave never seen #haiku

@wqueens7: mixed format lunch. Rainy-day lunches/ (Grab food that's in the ice-box)/ Make the most of it!/ #haiku (pic)

@alotus_poetry: every time / I lose a pen / I find another / part of myself #micropoetry

@Adamfyre: I was made for her ~ Created for her pleasure ~ How can I say no? #haiku

@bryanhansel: first snowflake | the last dandelions grow | out of the firepit #haiku #draft

@bonshaiku: PQRST / alphabet waves of love / song of the heart. #senryu

@AJ4DG: Rustle of palm fronds / Calm bay speckled with sailboats / Under bright blue skies #haiku #sarasota #poetry #florida

@NotOneNotTwo: // spending my whole life ~ accepting impermanence ~ to die in one day // #haiku #senryu

@tiny_epic: Feeling frustration/ fraught with anxious yearning/ to break free from here. #haikuchallenge #haiku

@mamasanta how can they do it/ these ladies who walk around/ showing off their breasts / my closet filled / with turtlenecks @kyoka #tanka

@alotus_poetry: under the bridge / the bum tends his garden / with beer #senryu

@CharlieClose: one on none / echoes slap / the schoolhouse wall #haiku

@alotus_poetry: job security-- / the oncologist buys / cigarettes for bums / and goes to sleep each night / thinking he has helped the poor #tanka

@purelovenergy: the pull of the soul ~ align with the universe ~ be guided by Love #haiku #love

@twitwrit: fair weather friends / six couples dinner party / ride out storm solo #haiku #haikutherapy (inspired by an open, honest, caring friend)

@purelovenergy: paradoxical ~ in infinite emptiness ~ abundant pure love #haiku #love

@alotus_poetry: going organic / the trash can / now heavy / with maggots #micropoetry

@CDominiqueG: Inhale... let go of... /the past. It should be behind.../ you. Better? Exhale #haiku

@NotOneNotTwo: // the missus asleep, ~ sneak out with wine and french bread... ~ affair with the birds // #haiku

@alotus_poetry: living by lines / my friend starts each day with tea / and a fortune cookie #senryu

@haiQ: / Foreground golden light; / midground trees of leafy green; / background grey storm clouds. / - #haiku

@carol_red: sushi bar - / all eyes fixed / on the Pisces #senryu

@carol_red: waiter! / call the branch manager / there's a twig in my soup" #senryu

@alotus_poetry: bathing / in the birdbath / autumn leaves #haiku

@mamasanta even the most charismatic / of us / will be reduced to/ one word / corpse #kyoka #tanka

@alotus_poetry: yesterday's autumn chill / my friend chirps / to wake the crickets #haiku #senryu

@purelovenergy: Open in freedom ~ there is nothing left but love ~ don't wait to let go #love #haiku

@mplardie: Really, soccer moms? You / Named Your Three-Year-Old Kids' Team / "The Flaming Demons?" #haiku

@alotus_poetry: redder than sunsets / Chinese lanterns / in the Saigon marketplace #haiku #senryu

@mamasanta: dinner party / at the villa on the hill / the host excuses himself / and returns / in his birthday suit #kyoka

@mamasanta Even the dog / looks away--/cake with blue icing #senryu

@NotOneNotTwo: // past summer nights ~ hearing millions of crickets ~ seeing none of them // #haiku

@mamasanta river a sentence that goes on and on #haiku

@carol_red: after she died,/ sorting through pieces / of mother's life / the shoebox filled with cards / why hadn't I sent nicer ones? #tanka

@alotus_poetry: mid-autumn's full moon / it wanes / as we wash down / each piece of mooncake / with green tea #tanka

@alotus_poetry: today's Moon Festival / I peel a lantern / from the stars #senryu #haiku

@TrinaMb: crystalline structures ~ released from above, melting ~ too soon to be seen #haiku #2121

@alotus_poetry: 10/02: 4 AM nightmare-- / I wake up to / a roaring downpour #haiku #senryu

@Adamfyre: She comes and sits and ~ shows me my heart so I will ~ write poems to her. #senryu

@IPDog: Smell dances around / aroma of the market / both acrid and sweet #haiku

@JDProuty: Thousands of puzzles ~ in this jigsaw paradise ~ each tweet a new piece #haiku #senryu #twitter @yojinbo

@mamasanta The trout / finally arrives steaming / its guts still inside #senryu

@Adamfyre: If you could touch me ~ In one place, make it my heart ~ Nothing else matters. #haiku

@CDominiqueG: stood lost in the crowd... won't you shine like the beacon ... you are?, shine for me #haiku

@wqueens7: - "Superior sleep/ Services" the doctor in/ Queens opens too late/ #haiku

@wqueens7: - x-beam. Once we built things strong/ Railroad infrastructure makes/ Strong community/ #haiku http://z ..

@HaikuDelight: the wind lends a hand / in blowing the leaves away / and bringing me home #haiku

@wqueens7: - mountain dew. Creative litter/ Squeezed in cracks in the cities/ Where people walk, LIVE/ #haiku ht ...

@PenPaperPause: - There is beauty all over / Until ugliness infects / The eyes of a beholder #poem #haiku

@a4ist: cemet'ry of trees ~ sunset blows a goodbye kiss ~ pot-pourri mem'ries #haiku #senryu #poem #poetry #micropoetry

@mamasanta: Saturday morning--/men limp in / and out / of the hardware /store #tanka #kyoka

@cyberbonn: Tall dark and handsome / asparagii jealous of asparagirl / with herb. #senryu (:D)

@JH_poetry: Withrawals / icy cold/ sweaty hot/ throbbing headache/ hesitation/ #twihaiku #micropoetry

@wqueens7: I'm grading papers/ and learning all about how/ students learn to write/ #haiku

@jziraldo: For her, the Spartans / and for me, the Wolverines. / Tonight, no kisses. #haiku

@urbancrafter: you are perfection, ~ as flame is flame, and could be ~ nothing but itself. #haiku #senryu

@edoowado: ants' metropolis _ / on their master plan my house / is but a suburb #haiku

urbancrafter: You mesmerize me, ~ like a moth flirting with flame, ~ a bee to the rose.#senryu #haiku

@thaleia: Us, you and me, we / full of love, pure and intense / blessings of the heart #haiku

@twitwrit: pink blouse / belies / black mood #micropoetry #mentalhealth #endstigma

@catwaldron: Day fraught with danger / Bead and gem show, 12 o'clock / Back away, slowly... #haiku #haikuchallenge (fraught)

@researching: my mother would say / what's seldom is wonderful / and then she would laugh ... #haiku

@wqueens7: - Political talk/ In this gerrymandered land:/ Allways "GO TO HELL!"/ #haiku (pic)

@Etsujin_Haiku: When the moon is full / Angels dance in the meadow / while the flowers sing #haiku

@DavidRoe01: ~ tangy and sweet ~ the taste of apple ~ your kiss ~ #haiku

@urbancrafter: your heart's a pillow ~ where I can rest my weary ~ soul in its softness. #senryu #haiku

@lastsurvivor: An eye for an eye / Wall image catches illusion / Absorbs one by one #haiku

@gavindecuir: Extinguished campfire / surrounded by food cartons- / river sweet river. #haiku

@Jemfyr: My October morn / kissing the tip of my nose / driving country roads /// #haiku #haikutherapy

@coachcreative: - the curve of truth falls / like the sky's light at sunset. / hold on to the beads. #haiku

@urbancrafter: Oh! soul sparrows come!~ alight upon this heart, fraught ~with indecision. #senryu #haiku #haikuchallenge

@JH_poetry: stealing my sunshine /you burnt your fingertips/ hopped around/ as it fell/ to your feet/ #senyru #twitpoem #micropoetry

@ianbran: #haiku ....buick driving a three ton cloud....with a big engine...

@haikunut: Family sleeps in ~ I soak up the sweet silence ~ like a dry sponge. #senryu

@twitwrit: eleven years old / knew by the look on your face / something had happened #haiku

@DavidRoe01: ~ you are the sun to me ~ warming nurturing loving ~ hands and face towards you ~ #haiku

@JH_poetry: give it to me simple/I'll make it complex/ bending corners/ cutting holes/ what a mess/ you made/ #senyru #twitpoem #micropoetry #poems

@twitwrit: fraught with deepest grief / mom collects backpack from school / son has given up #haiku #haikuchallenge 'fraught' #endstigma #mentalheath

@johnniebgoode: #haiku #senyru AHA Haiku hint / Haiku a subject and then / Spammer start spamming

@onlyhaiku: emptyheadedness / on a saturday morning, / the best time for it #haiku

@wqueens7: In weeds by highways/ Sleep-sights are hidden from view/ Drunk nights of day-work/ #haiku (pic)

@dersh: Twas a morning full / of fog, two hills burned my legs / sweaty brow at end // #haiku

@JESeanachai: Autumn trickles down / parched window panes, melting like / snow on timid tongues. #haiku

@wqueens7: cheap (50c) belts. "Here" we make "content"/ Words & images that sell:/ "There" all else is made/ #haiku (pic)

@rasplemjelly: burning summer nights/ loom beyond this fragrant spring/ stirring restless girls #haiku #poem

@Mamad: Feet tread the pavement./ Thin mist envelopes the hill./ Lone sound -- car speeds by. #haiku

@tinylittlepoems: They faced each other over the river / hard-drawn stares, long memories // #poem #poetry #micropoetry

@haikunut: Tortoise shell kitty ~ stretches paw to touch my nose ~ so gently, “Wake up!” #haiku @alismcg

@AshiAkira: After rain, the far/ end of the road is sunlit/ Hope through cracks of clouds #haiku #poem

@AshiAkira: Walking through cool air/ I sensed a fragrant olive/ But no tree around #haiku #poetry

@twihaiku: White egret wading / Among the lush green mangrove / No cares or worries #haiku #poetry @AJ4DG

@ChritonS: #haiku: Gaps in the dark clouds, a finger of light shines through, a beautiful world.

@DKF2009: A flap of wings// A stirring of dust// Then nothing// A thought remains// A feeling soars// Love #poetry #micropoetry DKF

@wqueens7: free tibet. Freedom for tibet/ will not come from a sticker/ On a prius car/ #haiku (pic)

@onestringcello: the bite of beauty / artful sting of furry thing / hiding in garden #haiku #haikuchallege

@misteranono: I'll be watching you - as your tunnel of power - collapses to dust (gold digger #haiku)

@apemanb: chisel of pen/ carving/ ideas in stone eternity of web-page #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@smooocha: clamour of thunders//as the sky turns into night//then comes the rainfall #haiku

@taewony: Hey Moon, / you are fully full with / all of wishes ( of Koreans ) #haiku She might know my wish too...I guess^^

@apemanb: a small poem/ butchered/ chopped/ pared/ chiselled/ perused/ searching for diamonds #haiku #micropoetry

@Sleepyhed: alone on the plate / eggs will drown its crunchiness. / large english muffin #haiku #breakfast

@JimDoley: Strewn with lost summers leaves/Lines of rail removed/Septembers light reflecting #haiku see the image to go with it:

@CliveM: A baby's cry / echoes along the hallway / life begins - renews #haiku

@CliveM: We are all dying / why be mean, unkind, cruel / before you go... love. #haiku #philosophy

@concisionflux: Turtledove Lullaby: / in the silent yard / a mourning dove softly calls / as morning grows old / #haiku /

@papercutlet: out of base desire/ arises light transcendent/ the lowest made high #senryu

@MeWriteWords: once bitten, twice... as / likely to turn into a / vampire or werewolf #haiku :P

@SirWumpus: night whispers / dreams and confessions / dark honesty #haiku

@Dragonflae // lost in memories, ~ behind those beautiful eyes ~ she is somewhen else // #haiku #newideas

@ianbran: #haiku if i die tonight....and will smith tries to save me....does that make me gay?

@twitwrit: nighttime ablution / Basho's old pond splash haiku / mercurial frog #haiku #haikuchallenge 'mercurial' #haibrowku 'ablution'

@urbancrafter: In secret places, ~ hidden in the depths of soul, ~ only you know me. #senryu #haiku #love

@morganabag: shadows / on the ceiling / voices of stars #haiku

@CDominiqueG: random letters... align like the cosmos to... create language... speak #haiku #senryu

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "We must ask the winds - where the leaves are going ... chickadee." - #haiku #poetry

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Have no fear - of the burning trees ... chickadee." - #haiku #poetry

@Jemfyr: Purr wearing Prada / velvetty paws clawing red / posh polished evening /// #haiku #fashion

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "In the burning clouds - a great grey horse ... swelling." - #haiku #poetry

@CDominiqueG: Ronald McDonald... just left the building before... I could ask why #senryu. #haiku

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Snug in the meadow - an evening ... with sharp teeth." - #haiku #poetry

@urbancrafter: movement of the heart ~ pulling on me, relentless ~ as moon pulls the sea. ~ #haiku #senryu

@Jemfyr: Melancholy path / stumble, autumn fallen leaves / tripping in the rain /// #haiku #haikutherapy

@Tipperay: Just drank vegan juice ~ I think there was a mistake.. ~ it was a crackhead.. #senryu

@Jemfyr: Ethereal wove / fragrant hours, sleeping elves / silent nymphs prepare /// #haiku #haikutherapy

@story8: fall out of myself ~ and into the mystery ~ the center of you. #senryu

@MeeAugraphie: Bowl cereal milk ~ his breakfast of champions ~ dessert before bed #senryu

@CDominiqueG: Turquoise sea of blue...limestone rock, blanket of I miss you...Home. #haiku

@urbancrafter: I feel like a kid, :: sitting near a lake, looking: for your reflection. #haiku #senryu

@CDominiqueG: tingles from granite...the past flows through me, tears for... ghosts of the headstones #haiku

@TaoWizard: #haiku "Breathing through the soles, drawing on ancient essence, the fountain flows forth"

@CDominiqueG: "Hush" he whispers..."this.../ will only hurt a while".../ I felt only bliss #haiku #love #poetry #life

@urbancrafter: Anticipation. :: Fluttery butterflies need :: out of my tummy. #haiku

@ianbran: #haiku ...worn out gorilla....why don't you leave me sister hates you

@dragonheartsong: Giddy with purpose // my heart sings, afloat in joy // loving all of you. #haiku #joy

@blaynev: The least expected / May often strike the weary / And yes, the prepared #Haiku

@0355user: Typhoon wind exceeds. / Primal pressures left on course. / Breath escapes the earth. #haiku #Babuyan islands

@Bill312: brisk morning -- / driving along / to his favorite song | #haiku #senryu

@jimpenny: Psycometrician. / Now there's a new word for you. / Think your worst nightmare. #haiku

@poeticmindset: In the subtleties / Of eyes and brush of her hand / Answers understood #poetry #senryu

@apemanb: nice/ cuts both ways/ like hot ice/ sincerely cynical/ nice is NOT nice #haiku #poem

@DavidRoe01: Here's one I prepared earlier || ~ japanese maple ~ a copper shadow ~ meditates ~ #haiku

@DigitalSalon: across the table / a flash of blue-eyed beauty / our destiny sealed #twaiku #senryu #courtship

@DigitalSalon: a city sidewalk / rushing, you walked right past me / I caught up to you #twaiku ##senryu #courtship

@stitchsarah: watching the raindrops / flow down the glass. they wash / away more than dust #haiku

@miladylibrary: "Reminder" ~ My talents are not / so important as the soul / which burns behind them. #haiku

@lippy73: Mired in "have to"/ always craving "I want to"/ there is no escape #haiku

@mamasanta: Why don't you get / a hearing aid / she screams / he just smiles / sweetly. #kyoka

@morganabag: if I am / the only one / who remembers / this moment / does it exist? #tanka

@morganabag: my therapist's / office - this old house / was once a convent #senryu

@haiku_andy: Daily Haiku - \\ tourists and workers \ line up for lunch truck tacos, \ chat in the sunshine \\ #haiku

@dragonheartsong: cold Autumnal winds / whisper through dry leaves, saying / time for Earth to rest. #haiku

@Adamfyre: Bicycle Tai Chi ~ weaving through traffic to have ~ afternoon Chai Tea.. #haiku #senryu

@haikuoftheday: the evening breeze / is barely enough to sweep / sand through the tallgrass -sek #haiku

@Adamfyre: Gentle eye contact ~ pupils mirror blackness and ~ all of creation.. #haiku #senryu

@MeeAugraphie: humbled by nature ~ strengthened by weathering storm ~ man can only kneel #haiku #catastrophe

@ldwilkinson: Tired of being told / that he never listens— / God bless you / he says / after she coughs. #kyoka #micropoetry

@mouseofzen: ºoº these stunning showers | remind of poems in clouds | raining on parades ºoº мσυѕє σƒ zєη #haiku #disney

@Jemfyr: Autumn tradition / shedding your leather and skin / deciduous soul /// #haiku #haikutherapy

@ldwilkinson: In the waiting room, / nothing to read / but his sweaty palms. #senryu #micropoetry

@Tobuno: Awaken to love/ soft solace of surrender/ thorns harden, scent flows. #haiku

@Adamfyre: I don't know if she ~ likes me, or what she thinks, but, ~ I know she loves me.. #haiku #senryu

@SenryuTuesday: Your sweet, tender cheek / Exchange kisses & secrets / My heart's unabashed #love #senryu

@Adamfyre: She has never said ~ "I love you" with her mouth, but ~ her eyes never lie.. #haiku #senryu

@Adamfyre: In the quietness ~ of prayer, I realise ~ I'm being prayed through.. #haiku #senryu

@HappiForever: One molecule is / a universe of teaching / words never will grasp. #haiku #Shobogenzo1

@Naumadd: Naumaddku: "Since spring rains - the moss has held ... a rabbit sleeping." - #haiku #poetry

@omewan: to create the world you want / you have to know what you want / that seems pretty simple, right? #haiku

@SaadiaOnline: : there are secrets that / mothers in miniskirts know / but would never tell #senyru #haiku #micropoetry #twaiku

@wqueens7: @wqueens7 - Parental guilt weighed/ in sugars and transfats all/ measured precisely/ #haiku

@wqueens7: - Diversity has/ Only four syllables, but/ Infinite classmates/ #haiku

@mamasanta: Tea house / a tourist / stretches out / on the tatami / and yawns #kyoka

@dengary: the fault in the glaze / on the rim of the cup / reminds my lip / that this is no concept-- / this is a cup | #tanka #micropoetry #poetry

@TezMckittrick: Little ginger cat / has stolen my chair again / pretending to sleep #haiku

@mamasanta: in a monastery stone / the fossil / of a fish #haiku

@makeit2double: Since I fell for you / my sonnets are unfinished / and my skin is pale #haiku #twaiku

@ldwilkinson: I ask if she knows / just how many animals / were killed to make her coat— / “forty!” she exclaims, / proudly. #micropoetry #animalrights

@anyothercity: rushing out the door the blood orange and your lips #haiku #monoku

@ldwilkinson: Noticing her fur coat, / he tells her he’s not ready / for a commitment. #animalrights #senryu #micropoetry

@TezMckittrick: Funk upon a time / when the funkopuss roamed free / all was funkatized #twaiku #haiku #funk

@monkeybrigade: Here it is again, now wearing a hashtag: Nothing is moving. / The details are all too keen. / Life's a matte painting. #haiku

@mamasanta: the puppy / breaks wind / then tries to bite it #haiku

@JiminAlaska: Alaska, from here/ Look west on a fine clear day/ And see tomorrow #haiku

@dengary: hurricane / screaming in the streets / emergency sirens | #haiku #haikunoir #micropoetry #poetry

@dengary: I cross the path / of the black cat— / its startled eyes | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@haiQ: / Golden glowing sun / mocks me as I hide indoors / rubbing aching feet. / - #haiku

@haiQ: / Trees scatter raindrops / which tap on my umbrella / asking, "Are you there?" / - #rainy #haiku

@antlechrist: gremlin storage bin \ dog slow hat-wearing install \ jiminy biscuits #haiku

@dengary: fireplace flames / glint in mouse eyes— / cat’s soft snore | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@dengary: field of ripe pumpkins— / the black cat catches / a mouse | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@dengary: dead cacti slumped / in a moldy clay pot— / rusty garden tools | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@pita4l: open road spreads/ panorama of city lights/ fill the empty street #haiku sending you light to your heart

@dengary: cattle clatter down / the frozen pasture path— / clanking cowbell | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@dengary: budding hyacinth— / how lovely, dressed / for her first formal dance | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@gavindecuir: Freshly manicured, / the lawn watches the sun set / and plots future growth. #haiku

@ldwilkinson: If cats could talk / ours / wouldn’t. #senryu #micropoetry

@dengary: bitter stillness / steam rises and twists / from the cowpies | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@dengary: after the storm / the wet fields / smeared with moonlight | #haiku #micropoetry #poetry

@hermonhermit: october rose / one red deeper / than the valley #haiku

@CliveM: The brook where we met / Now catches my falling tears / I won't forget #haiku

@ldwilkinson: “Who the hell is Bob?” / I ask / our parrot. #senryu #micropoetry

@mamasanta: Grand Central Station / under a dome of stars / the homeless / the glitteratti / the you's and me's #tanka #kyoka

@TezMckittrick: Fallen leaves gather / shelter in unused doorways / shops are closed today #haiku #twaiku

@mamasanta: Lover's Lane / the blackberries / covered with dust #haiku

@haiQ: / Almost halfway there, / moving slower with each step: / I'll never arrive. / - #haiku

@purelovenergy: golden leaf falling ~ dance into oblivion ~ kisses my window #haiku

@mamasanta: sheep / chewing / fog #haiku

@urbancrafter: My buoy heart rides :: the swells and cresting waves of :: your torrential love. #haiku #senryu

@purelovenergy: it's deep and it's wide ~ in truth love is everything ~ got your heart round that? #haiku #love

@Adamfyre: In the name of the ~ Mother and the Daughter and ~ Divine Feminine.. #senryu #haiku

@urbancrafter: Slippery satin. :: Firelight fingers tickle :: chiseled bronze bodies. #haiku #love (this is what I think of while I run LOL)

@wqueens7: red-hot utz's.jpg. A bengali girl/ Brought some red-hot utz's to share/ That made others cry/ #haiku (pic)

@urbancrafter: eye catches movement; :: Excited I look for you. :: just moving shadows. #haiku #senryu

@EliznMaeve: if you cannot speak/ wait till dark till night till moon/ float in warm water/ rest quietly let love breathe/ someone faraway will hear #tanka

@Grenhilda: Driving through the night / lights loom and glow colours pop / the road remains dark #haiku

@wqueens7: classroom potluck. The classroom potluck/ Was a trans-fat intensive/ Affair: let's home cook!/ #haiku (pic)

@Christwitery: Waves crash on the beach / grasping for purchase on land / rushing back to sea /// #haiku #water

@Barnam: Rise - mellow evening / Capture me and teach me peace/ embrace all of me #haiku

@BruceStewart: Steal, steal, steal some more / Bail me out; my boat needs work / I'm too big to fail. #haiku — I think this says it all about the bailouts

@Christwitery: Balcony breezes / fresh from a full moon ocean / late night phantoms roam / #haiku

@DavidRoe01: ~ wet kisses ~ body wagging and blurred tail ~ welcome home ~ #haiku

@Yojinbo: Don't waste a moment: / As your heart beats a tattoo / Death dances closer. #haiku #death #existentialism #getoffyourassanddosomething!

@TezMckittrick: Empty space fills up / with time-saving devices / Time and space both lost #poetry #haiku

@bryanhansel: empty hammock | a leaf rides autumn's | last breath #haiku

@haiQ: / I don't understand / why I seem to not know what / I don't understand. / - #thesis-inspired #haiku but applicable beyond it

@twitterhaiku: giant floating orb / loud flaming blasts of propane / wee wicker basket / #haiku #hotairballoon

@bryanhansel: empty stoop / midnight gale knocking / our door #haiku #draft

@Dragonflae RT // just before the dawn ~ the stars cease their shimmering ~ so the night can sleep // #haiku #newideas

@Etsujin_Haiku: The old wooden bridge / sits hopeless in solitude / with thoughts of the past #haiku

@Etsujin_Haiku: The brisk morning air / has filled my lungs with fresh life / and peace for the day #haiku

@urbancrafter: I am a compass -- and he is magnetic north -- pulling me to him. #haiku #love

@KarenHAustin: Expectant mum scanned; ~ baby floats, mercurial ~ sleeping, dreaming, loved #haikuchallenge #haiku

@mamasanta: On the other side of the world / tsunamis and quakes / and you're pissed off / because a light / won't work #KYOKA

@mamasanta: morning / the white cat comes in / from her secret life #haiku

@KrisLindbeck: Thinking of haiku / folding laundery / inside out | #senryu

@HappiForever: Debate all you want, / talk will not bring you closer / to buddhahood. Sit. #haiku #Shobogenzo1 Note: Dogen referring to study as sole path

@Yojinbo: Her kiss so sublime / It's a moment on her lips / In eternal bliss. #haiku #love

@Tetsubishi: mercurial? I? / I am constant as the sea / riptides, sharks and all #haikuchallenge #senryu

@Dragonflae: // the battery chirps ~ but I do not plug it in ~ waiting for last rites // #haiku #newideas